10 Best Tech Industry Ads

The tech industry continues to grow through innovation. In this ever-changing world, tech companies should blaze a trail that would make them stand out against their competitors. By doing so, the tech industry develops and improves its products and services not only for ease of use but for overall functionality. For some tech companies, they want to show off the power of their brand by advertising the best features of their latest products and services. It’s a way for them to get ahead of the game. As such, advertisers create tech industry ads that make them stand out from the crowd.

In this article, we discuss some of the best tech industry ads from different brands.


1. Samsung 

samsung ad campaign

South Korea’s tech giant Samsung created an ad campaign to promote the Samsung Galaxy S8. The print ads for the Samsung Galaxy S8 presented the smartphone’s best features:

  •         Infinity Display (a rounded smartphone screen)
  •         Bixby (Samsung’s AI)
  •         Biometric Identification
  •         Mobile Processor
  •         Samsung DeX
  •         LTE and Wi-fi

On one of their print ads, they featured a body of water showing a huge whale in the ad. The ad campaign even had an accompanying video campaign showed on Times Square. The ads’ design comes from photos, which promotes the photo quality of Samsung’s new smartphone. Samsung doesn’t complicate its design and uses its assets to show they’re one of the best in the tech industry.

It’s one of the best tech industry ads because it showed off the phone’s best features. The copy further explains how their features would compete against other phones too. It may have even used the camera to take photos of the ad background. It’s a great way to demonstrate the phone’s power against other smartphones in the market.


2. IBM

IBM ad campaign

In the ever-growing digitizing world, IBM is showing its prowess and support towards smarter functions. In its ad campaign, IBM showed that it eased several processes needing acceleration. 

The designs of their ad campaigns focused on illustrations matching their accomplishments towards a smarter function. In one of the examples, it helped an Indian telecommunication company reduce carbon footprint. The company uses only about 30% of energy for its cellular masts. As another example, a German clothing retailer’s customer satisfaction rate went up to 18% by using IBM’s technology.

Some of the illustrations may look eerie due to the nature of the function expedited by IBM, but it manages to capture the essence of IBM’s accomplishment.


3. Sony 

sony ad campaign

The Japan-based tech giant, Sony, wanted to advertise their latest music devices (headphones and earphones). Los Nojos was the creative agency responsible for one of the best tech industry ads on this list.

On one of the print ads, one man was listening through the headphones. Additionally, the ads showed some musicians that could indicate the man’s taste in music. The same goes for the other print ads in the campaign.

It’s one of the top tech industry ads because of its creativity in featuring its product. It aims to flaunt that because of the quality of their headphones, which is how the user is listening to his favorite artists clearly. The design wanted to portray the idea of clarity. Plus, it also uses color to display variety in music and listeners.


4. Adobe 

adobe ad campaign

Creativity is at the core of Adobe. As a tech company aimed to enhance design functionality, they need to showcase their products that would contribute to further design. Part of their ad campaign to celebrate creatives is promoting the new generation of creatives using their software.

As Adobe developed its software like Photoshop to cater to creatives, it’s allowed creatives to maximize their talents by using their software applications. Adobe wants to show there are new up-and-coming creators in the creative world.

According to Rich Silverstein, their rationale for the design of their “New Creatives” campaign was to celebrate collaborations between professionals and up-and-coming talents. It gives up-and-coming creatives a way to display their talents onto professionals. 


5. Intel

intel ad campaign

Intel’s ad campaign is much like IBM’s. The tech giant’s ad campaign focused on using AI to “Signal the Noise”. There are four different designs. All of which Intel says they’re using AI to identify agriculture issues, medical problems, and even crimes. 

While the ad designs are different, it’s consistent in one thing: to help identify the issues within the ad. Intel turns to AI in identifying problems some manual functions or processes can’t. For the viewers, they’ll have to find an outlier. It’s as if they’re playing “Where’s Waldo”.

Intel showed that AIs can detect things better than the human eye, and it’s exactly what Intel wants to prove.

TBWA created Intel’s ad by using out-of-home advertising. Due to the messaging and design of the campaign, the ad campaign even won a bronze in the 2018 Clio Awards. 


6. Facebook

fb ad campaign

Facebook ran an ad campaign through Internet.org. It’s an initiative by Facebook with other tech companies to provide free access to the platform for developing countries.

The tagline “have yet to get online” is present in some of the print ads of their Internet.org ad campaign. Facebook aimed to ensure that creators, students, and programmers from developing countries have an avenue to get connected to the internet.

The ad design is simple and it focuses on the type of creator or audience to capture their attention. So for example, if the creator is a storyteller, they used a book. If the audience was the student, it was the graduation cap.

Facebook wanted to give the audience a voice or a platform to search freely. 


7. HP

hp ad campaign

Hewlett & Packard (HP) is one of the most well-known brands in the tech industry. HP manufactures different electronic devices that provide convenience for both home and office.

HP promoted one of their printers and tapped Original Eighty for the campaign. On their print ads, it shows people that using their printer assists small businesses. In the background, you’ll see a print-out of what the small businesses do in a nutshell.

It’s a creative way to promote the quality of HP printers. Not only that, it seems that HP is helping boost small businesses’ productivity and revenue through the use of their printers.


8. Google

google ad campaign

In wanting to show the way people search and optimize it, Google published an ad campaign in 2012 thanks to M&C Saatchi. It was to let people know the difference of searching on the site.

The ad design is simple and straightforward. It’s a simple illustration of how people tend to search, but Google added a suggestion and a link on the copy on how to optimize their searches. Not only that, but Google also disclosed that by using their search service, your data and browsing is secure. 


9. Upwork

upwork ad campaign

Upwork, the site that hires freelancers, promoted the idea that companies should look into employing freelancers for their work. It’s their way of showing that Upwork is dedicated to making freelancers get opportunities.

In one of their print ads, it even joked that Elon Musk should hire freelancers for Tesla. It goes to show that freelancers can get the chance to work for big companies as well. Upwork wanted to let companies know that freelancers bring something to the table and can even become a great resource during projects.  

As for their print ad design, they used animation and a limited number of colors that still catches the eye of many. According to Upwork, they aimed to mix pop culture and business to make their ads stand out.


10. Salesforce

salesforce ad campaign

Salesforce is a B2B Tech company that aims to provide sales and marketing software to its clients. To further understand Salesforce’s products and services, the B2B company decided to run an ad campaign to enlighten potential clients as to how their processes work. 

The print ads show two different institutions or entities. Salesforce wants to show its potential clients the collaborations or business transactions it helped forge.

On the print ad, there’s even the Salesforce mascot Astro. It shows how Salesforce acted as what seems like a middleman to create that connection between entities. The ad is consistent with Salesforce’s branding and their message is clear.

Salesforce’s colors were integrated into the design of the ad, which may help in recognizing the company for potential customers.


Key Takeaways 

Some tech companies rely on creativity to capture their customer or client’s attention. Meanwhile, some tech companies use messaging to make their points. Most of the ads aim to express innovation, which some tech companies have done to get ahead of their competition.

Most ads don’t need to be complex. Tech industry ads are more straightforward due to the nature of their industry. Most tech companies would want to simplify how their products or services work. That way, they’re able to communicate and promote their brand better, without compromising creativity for their ads. 

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