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Top 10 Feminine WordPress Ecommerce Themes for Your Site

When you’re checking out a product or service online, what’s the first thing that impacts your impression about the brand? If you’re like most consumers, it would probably be the look of the website. The look of the website will affect your decision on whether the venture is trustworthy or not. In the same vein, it also lets you know what the brand is all about, what it stands for and what it values. That said, a WordPress eCommerce site’s theme is undoubtedly one of the most crucial factors that can make or break its lead generation and sales rates.

Stats tell us that it only takes 50 milliseconds or 0.05 seconds for people to form an opinion about a website. That means you must make the most out of that short amount of time to hook your audience. 


What to Look for in an eCommerce Theme

Before we look at the top designs for feminine websites, let’s review some of the elements you should look for in a WordPress theme.



Though it’s tempting to base your decision on web graphics and aesthetics alone, you need to consider functionality when choosing a theme. That said, the functions should match your venture needs depending on the products or services you offer. 

For instance, are you offering physical products? Or are digital products also part of your collection? Also, what features do prospects need to see to be convinced of purchasing? Consider these factors as you weigh WordPress eCommerce pricing options and aesthetic choices.



Even if you choose the best-looking theme created by the top graphic designers worldwide, it won’t do you much good if it isn’t responsive. In short, the theme should look great not only on a computer screen but also on other devices.

That said, it’s crucial to note that most online shoppers use their mobile phones to browse online shops. So, if your website only looks good on the desktop and not on mobile, you could miss out on a lot of sales.


Look and Color Options

Most themes allow the user to incorporate its visual branding assets, such as custom logo design. It’s also vital to find a theme with a wide range of color palette options to find one that suits your branding.   

The right theme should allow your brand identity to shine through. Every typeface, layout, and widget should work to tell your venture’s unique story.



One thing you won’t get from WordPress eCommerce free theme options is online support. It may not seem important at first, but getting support offers benefits such as:

  • Help with bugs and issues
  • Author’s availability to answer questions
  • Assistance with 3rd party assets

Once you’re in the middle of operating your business and you need help to fix a glitch, you’ll be glad you got a theme with support included.


10 Best Feminine WordPress Ecommerce Themes 

Here are ten of the best WordPress eCommerce themes you might want to check out if your brand identity is leaning toward femininity.


1. Zonex

Wordpress ecommerce

This theme, named Zonex, is one of those WordPress eCommerce website examples that look minimalist and feminine at the same time. The negative space works well to make the design look modern and allows the design to breathe. As a result, the theme looks interesting without being visually overwhelming.


2. Hestia

Wordpress ecommerce

Hestia is a superb theme to use if you’re looking for a layout that will instantly highlight your products. It also features a lively color palette, making it a great choice for a shop that sells nature-related products. 


3. Satiné

Wordpress ecommerce

If you’re looking for a theme that exudes French sophistication, Satiné is an excellent theme. The main typeface is a modern serif font, but it also comes with a stunning elegant font pack. The sample website would make you want to munch on macarons, sip champagne, and listen to La Vie En Rose. 


4. Floral

Wordpress ecommerce

If you want a theme that’s feminine but also looks classy and formal, consider Floral. It features clean lines and fresh color palettes, making it a great one for wellness and health niche websites.


5. Neve Shop

Wordpress ecommerce

Instead of the pink and soft look, this theme called Neve Shop is more strong and femme fatale. That said, it still has a playful charm that’s perfect if your brand’s color palette is more on the dark, neutral side.


6. Feminine

Wordpress ecommerce

You can’t get any more womanly than a theme called Feminine! Despite the name, it gives the user options other than the warm, blush colors. In fact, the demo site shows an energizing teal accent perfect with reds and pinks.


7. Miss Sunshine

Wordpress ecommerce

This theme, called Miss Sunshine looks chic and fabulous without even trying. It’s a fitting theme for a blog or portfolio within the beauty and fashion niche. It offers full design integration and support for WooCommerce, making it easy for users to offer products.


8. Beauty Shop

Wordpress ecommerce

If you’re looking for a  theme that will work great with a cosmetic or makeup line, check out Beauty Shop. Its clean layout and solid frames look relaxed, laid back, and posh without looking snobbish.


9. Simple Blog

Wordpress ecommerce

Simple Blog features a minimalist and clean layout that showcases every post’s cover image. It’s an ideal theme for a lifestyle blog that also offers merch and other products.


10. Beaux 

Wordpress ecommerce

Everything about this Beaux theme is girly, sophisticated, and luxurious! It’s a great option for eCommerce stores offering makeup, cosmetics, fragrance, and other related products.


The Bottom Line

Without a doubt, graphic design basics are crucial when creating a WordPress eCommerce site. By choosing the right theme, you reiterate your brand’s identity and unique selling proposition. It can also make your job easier; you won’t have to hire a developer to modify the codes.

The right theme will take care of your site’s overall look. Once you have it figured out, all you’ll need is a reputable graphic design service provider to create your blog cover graphics, landing pages, and other website visuals to complement your selected theme.

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