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5 Elements of a Memorable Online Store Logo

Once you’ve researched and figured out your eCommerce ideas, your next move is to think of your name and logo. Maybe you’ve thought of a name already, that’s great! You, then, need an online store logo that fits your eCommerce site name and branding. In doing this, you need to find a logo designer that will meet your design criteria. However, you need to remember some key aspects that will influence your logo design. This way, not only does it look good, but it will become memorable for you and your customers. After all, in 0.4 seconds, first-time visitors of your site will process your logo. So, you need to make a good first impression. In this article, I discuss the five elements of an eCommerce logo design. Plus, learn who can design your online store logo.


1. Stick to Simplicity

Don’t over complicate your online store logo design. You don’t want to stuff too many graphic design elements on it. This will confuse your customers.

For a better understanding of simplicity, here are the types of logos you can consider for your online store.

Types of Logos:

  • Wordmark
  • Lettermark
  • Pictorial
  • Abstract
  • Emblem
  • Combination

The wordmark and lettermark logos are only text. Make it pop by adding color or use a font that matches your eCommerce messaging or brand.

A great example of the wordmark logo is FedEx. As you can see, they use two contrasting colors to distinguish the abbreviation of Federal Express on the logo. Plus, it has a hidden meaning too! It’s the arrow found between the E and x. It’s to signify precision and speed.

online store logo

Another example comes from eBay. As one of the most popular eCommerce sites, eBay tapped Lippincott for the rebrand. The refreshed wordmark symbolized modernity. Plus, they wanted to translate it into a “cleaner and consistent experience” for all users.

online store logo

Pictorial and abstract use photos or symbols on logos. Nike is one of the most famous examples of this type of logo. The swoosh (not a checkmark, as most may misinterpret) depicts speed and motion.

online store logo

Of course, there’s also the combination and emblem logo design. They’re similar, but combination tends to be more flexible in terms of graphic design elements. Emblem logo designs, meanwhile, blend both text and pictorial or abstract together, making one cohesive logo.

online store logo

Check out this example from Mockingbird. It’s a combination logo, using both pictorial and text to depict their eCommerce website.


2. Keep It Versatile

For any online store logo to make a mark anywhere, you need to have different logo sizes or versions. In most cases, big brands would have a vertical or horizontal version of their logo. This depends on where the logo will appear.

You could upload a smaller version that appears at the top of the homepage or on your header on your eCommerce website. You could upload a vertical version of your logo on your social media profiles.

Make sure you have different sizes for scale. You don’t want a horizontal logo stretched out or pixelated on a website or print.

Another way to keep it versatile is to give it a variety of colors. It’s common to see eCommerce sites change the color of its logo because of the website’s overall look.

online store logo

online store logo

Check out this example from Fitbit. As you can see, on their website, Fitbit appears as white, but as you hover on it, the logo appears as the original color. On their Twitter page, you’ll see they used a vertical version of the Fitbit logo, so it fits on the circular Twitter logo specifications.


3. Stay Relevant

Your logo should be relevant to what your branding is all about and how you want to communicate with your customers. If it’s something too distant from your purpose, branding, or stance, your customers won’t get your logo. They might have difficulty connecting your logo to your eCommerce company.

online store logo

The Shopify logo is an excellent example of a relevant logo. The green paper bag is a nice touch because Shopify is associated with shopping. Plus, green in color psychology represents growth. So, anyone using Shopify could grow their business with them.


4. Become Timeless

As you operate your online store, you should have an online store logo that would stay recognizable across different times and generations.

If you have a timeless logo, you won’t have to spend too much on a rebrand.

online store logo

One of the most famous examples of a timeless logo design is from Coca Cola. In the late 1880s, Frank M Robinson, the bookkeeper for the beverage company, created the script for the famous logo. Up until today, it’s still in use.

online store logo

Target is another great example of a timeless logo. In 1962, we saw the first iteration of the bullseye, but it uses three rings and a white bullseye. However, in 1968, the Target we know today appears. It’s still relevant, and it works for the brand.


5. Make it Distinct

If you want your logo to stand out from other online store logo designs, you need to make it unique and memorable.

The thing is, to make it distinct, you need to be original. Something that isn’t complicated, but would stick in someone’s memory. It can be difficult to craft a unique online store logo design. However, that’s what you want to get or receive. You don’t want to get embroiled in a legal battle with another brand or eCommerce site for having a similar logo.

online store logo

Amazon has a memorable logo design. They use a swoosh that points from A to Z. It represents they sell anything on the site. Plus, the swoosh (a smile, for most) depicts the experience of any online shopper.

If you want to make it memorable, you should hire a logo designer that will do that job.


Online Store Logo Designers

The easiest way you can create an online store logo is through a Do-it-Yourself (DIY) solution. They’re free or cost less than most freelancers, professional designers, and agencies. Even if you want to save up on logo design, you might encounter copyright issues. Plus, you don’t want to get into any legal trouble.

That’s why most companies would hire graphic designers to get an original design.



The next affordable option for most companies is to hire a freelance graphic designer. Big brands have outsourced work to freelancers for graphic design projects. They’ve gotten more recognition, not only just of their fees. There’s no long-term commitment to working with a freelancer. This means they can work on one project and hire another specialized freelancer.

In some cases, though, freelancers may not be as reliable. Some may face challenges with communication before or during a project. That’s why some opt for a more trustworthy alternative to freelancers.


Design Agencies

Design agencies have cemented their reputation as one of the go-to design services for most brands and companies. They’ve gotten recognition for making intricate branding and logo design projects. Plus, have a team ready to take on any challenge once a client works with them.

Small businesses, startups, or eCommerce sites can reach out to boutique design agencies since big-name design agencies charge higher fees.

However, even with different agency choices, it might break the bank. So, businesses and eCommerce sites would search for a much more affordable alternative.


Graphic Design Services

Aside from the DIY graphic design service, you have two options to choose from.

Some design service marketplaces would offer design contests. As the client, you initially request a design. From there, designers will submit their designs to you. Once you have a design you like, the winning designer will give you all the files.

Even if you get more options for logos, depending on how much you paid for the design brief, some criticize this method. It’s deemed unethical because those who don’t win won’t get paid for their work. Luckily, there’s a reliable and affordable solution that’s made headlines in the past few years.

Unlimited graphic design services have popped up over the years. Their business model allows for more flexibility in terms of payment and design requests. One of the advantages of opting for subscription-based design service is unlimited revisions. 

For example, you request a design. If you’re not fully satisfied with the drafts, you can ask for revisions until you’re happy with the design. Plus, once you receive all collaterals, you get ownership of it.

Design Doctor is an example of an unlimited graphic design service that you should consider for your logo design.


Why Design Doctor?

Through Design Doctor, you can receive a logo design that will meet all your expectations. You’ll get a logo that meets all the elements of solid logo design.

Plus, Design Doctor is a subscription-based unlimited graphic design service. You can request any other graphic design asset you’ll need for your eCommerce site. The designers can create landing pages, marketing collaterals, social media visuals, and so much more! 

Subscribe to the Professional Plan for only $599. Other graphic design options mean you’ll only get a logo for that price. You’ll save up so much time and money with Design Doctor. That’s why many have made the switch to unlimited graphic design services. Sign up for a plan here today.

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