Tips to Finding the Best Graphic Designer for Your Startup

In today’s age, a lot of people have taken the graphic design path. Most of them will naturally claim that they are the best graphic designers. Maybe they really are. However, their words shouldn’t be your gauge when hiring graphic designers for startup companies. You need to find the best graphic designer who can work specifically for your industry needs and can deliver right on time. Remember, you might have the best products and services but without good graphic designs for your logo, business cards, and for whatever marketing materials you need, your business will unlikely thrive. 


Graphic Design as an Investment

Product or service improvements are not the only thing that you need to focus on when running a startup. It is necessary that you also invest in good graphic designs. We’ve heard a lot of stories about startup companies closing down even with a strong potential to grow. And not surprisingly, their lousy graphic designs are to blame. 

Bear in mind that people naturally ‘buy’ using their eyes. Imagine if you have a bad logo representing your business. Or what if you have a mediocre poster? Whether you like it or not, your startup graphic design ideas can influence people. And that is why you need to hire a good one even at the initial phase of your business. Quite frankly, it’s one of the most common mistakes of startup founders. 

The question now is, how are you going to find the best graphic designers for startup companies? We have some practical yet effective advice for you. 


Find the Right Graphic Designer 

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As we’ve said, many people claim that they are good graphic designers. In fact, even those who do not have ample experience in the industry believe that they can work on great graphic designs. Thanks to all these free apps and software where you can build your own logos and whatnots. But honestly, tools aren’t enough if you want to have the best startup graphic design ideas. Experience, expertise, and constant knowledge improvement are the ingredients to become the best graphic designer. How can you ensure that you will pick the right one? 


Identify Your Graphic Design Needs 

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First of all, you have to know the reasons why you need a graphic designer. Is it for your logo, for your posters, for your website, for your social media, or for your merchandise? You see, there are graphic designers with specialties. Some of them are good with websites but aren’t equipped to work on logos and even email signatures. And then there are graphic designers for startup companies that can address all your design needs. Of course, it is more logical to look for these types of designers instead. It’s easier to communicate your needs and you are likely to finish the project on time because you don’t have to coordinate with different teams.

Why don’t you check out Design Doctor? It is the perfect team for your startup graphic design needs. Design Doctor has a number of graphic designers already exposed and experienced in different industries. That alone is already their leverage.  


Recommendation From Your Network

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One of the ways to find the best graphic designer is to ask your network. Most likely, some of them already worked with one and were satisfied with the deliverables. At least by going to your friends, colleagues, or families, you can ask more questions not just about the quality of the design, but the work ethics as well. As a guide, we have a few questions you can use:

  • Do they submit designs on time? 
  • Are they familiar with your industry and market? 
  • Do they give multiple options? 
  • Can you easily reach out to them for questions and issues? 
  • Do they give their own perspective? 
  • Is their professional rate reasonable? 

There are actually a lot of questions to ask but let’s focus on the last one – your budget. As a startup, it would be impractical to spend thousands of dollars on graphic designs. But who says you have to?  There are teams of graphic designers for startup companies that will not leave a huge dent on your cash flow. Take, for example, the Design Doctor team. They are one of the best companies that can give you startup graphic ideas. And the best part is, working with them is economical. 

Design Doctor works on a subscription-based model. If you don’t need their services as of the moment, you can easily unsubscribe and use the money for other aspects of your business.   


Search Online

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Just in case your network doesn’t have any recommendations, then you can always resort online. It’s not hard to spot the best graphic designer on the internet. You can find their website, check forums, and read online reviews. You can even join startup communities and ask from there. With that huge circle, it’s not hard to find multiple options. 

Speaking of options, how can you narrow down your choices. Again, working with just one team means efficiency. We have a number of tips to help you. 

  • Look at Their Portfolio. It is crucial that you see some of their final graphic design projects. Ask for multiple samples as you would want to see if they are using different styles or if they are just following a pattern. You see, if a graphic designer isn’t using different approaches for his or her client, then you might want to find another one. Good graphic designers for startup knows how to adapt and change their style dependent on the industry and market.
  •  Check Their Process. You also need to probe on their process. Is it complicated? Do you need to do a lot of things before sending your design requests? How are you going to get your source files? These are important factors to consider because as a startup company, every second counts.

This is where I can truly recommend the Design Doctor team. Sending a request is easy and downloading the final products is just a breeze. 



Working with the best graphic designer has a huge impact on your business. It matters because that’s how you are going to introduce yourself to the market. Plus, you need designs that are long-lasting. Learn how to choose the right one that can give you amazing startup graphic design ideas. Again, you can either ask around or do your own research. 

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