Best Healthcare Ads of the Past Decade

Do you find health marketing a challenging task on your plate? You’re not alone. Producing the best healthcare ads entails combining marketing principles with science-based facts and package it creatively. In short, digital health marketing requires a marriage of research data and an artistic way to express that info. And as any marketer may know, it’s not always that simple.


Marketing In Healthcare Industry

According to statistics, spending on pharma and health ads were projected at $3.62 billion last year. 

Without a doubt, many players willing to spend a ton on getting their slice of the market. So, it’s crucial to stick to healthcare marketing techniques and ad graphic design that will hook your audience the first time they see the image. 

However, creating good health ads in the US isn’t all about creativity. In fact, it’s critical to adhere by legal guidelines, including those set by the following:

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  • Food and Drug Administration
  • Federal Trade Commission

Whether you’re planning to place health ads on TV or launch Facebook ads for healthcare, take the time to review what a good ad looks like. Doing so will help you guide healthcare design agencies or your marketing team to create the best healthcare campaigns.


10 Best Healthcare Ads

We’re counting down the most creative healthcare advertisements that made waves over the past ten years. Take note of how these brands made the most out of creative ad design to spark audience attention.  


North Ottawa Community Health System (2010)

Healthcare marketing example

Thanksgiving is a crucial ad period of ventures in various industries. According to recent stats, some brands even spent 63 million US dollars in ads over the holiday season. Without a doubt, launching a holiday ad can make a brand relevant during the spending season. This Thanksgiving ad from the North Ottawa Community Health System is simple yet catchy. The image shows an X-ray of a turkey wishbone broken in two. The plain blue background is somewhat akin to the hue usually used for healthcare scrubs.


Sankara Eye Hospital (2011)

Healthcare marketing example

This creative ad for Sankara Eye Hospital in India is genius as the concept aptly combines the topic and what is expected of supporters. With the copy, “Sign to give vision to the blind,” the image shows signatures formed in the shape of a pair of eyes.


Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (2012)

Healthcare Advertisements example

Another black and white poster, this ad was designed to reflect “9,000 painful needle pricks.” Likewise, it’s an apt image of the constant insulin shots and sugar-level tests a child patient with Type 1 diabetes needs to endure every day. The ad calls for donations to find a cure.


Walgreens (2013)

Healthcare marketing example

This ad for the second-largest pharma store chain, the US is surely eye-catching. The image uses the store’s various drug store products to form an image of a woman. As a result, the poster looks like a modern piece of art.


Canada for Council of the Nova Scotia College of Chiropractors (2014)

Healthcare Advertisements example

The audience for chiro services might be too broad to be effective. Because of that, this ad campaign targets niche segments and talks about chiro issues specific to certain professions. Aside from chefs, the campaign also features ads for teachers and mechanics.


Johnson & Johnson (2014)

Healthcare Advertisements example

This poster for Johnson & Johnson is not only eye candy but is also witty at the same time. The top part shows an array of gifts people give recovering patients. On the other hand, the section below shows the contents of a medical kit meant to make a patient “Get well sooner.”


Color al Cuadrado (2015)

Healthcare Advertisements example

This ad is a part of the campaign for the group’s 50 years of service in reproductive health. The campaign uses balloons to illustrate various health issues, such as fertility and cancer. In this case, the campaign shows the benefits of healthcare marketing, including spreading awareness about health and wellness matters.


Safepoint (2015)

Healthcare marketing example

This ad for Safepoint displays how a good public health marketing strategy should combine a strong image with a solid copy. As seen in the poster, syringe reuse mortality was compared to that of Malaria. Aptly, the illustration combines a picture of a mosquito and a syringe. 


VLCC Diet Plans (2017)

Healthcare marketing example

This ad for VLCC Diet Plans was designed to tell the audience about how to turn to healthy eating with a few tweaks in one’s diet. The venture offers unique diet plans that replace unhealthy diet components with better and more wholesome options. Thus, the orange replacing the egg yolk. 


Monmouth Medical Center (2017)

Healthcare marketing example

According to a CDC study, people in the US who got less than even hours of sleep every night were more likely to suffer some health issues. These problems include being physically inactive and obese. Likewise, another study says one out of ten adults in the US doesn’t get enough sleep every night. Thus, Monmouth Medical Center was on to something when they focused on healthier sleep for their 2017 campaign. This image seems to have taken inspiration from the idiom, “sleep like a baby.”


Council for Health-Safe Telecommunications (2018)

Healthcare Advertisements example

Did you know that Denmark has a committee dedicated to research about the health effects of telecom signals? One of their ads delves into how radiation from cell phones can cause health issues like brain cancer. As seen on the web graphic, the image shows a message notification sign that can also be interpreted as a brain tumor.


Clinica Pedro Cavalcanti (2019)

Healthcare Advertisements example

In Brazil, self-medication kills over 60,000 people every year. This ad shows how a good grasp of graphic design basics allows for a simple image that creates a visual impact. It aptly shows the issue tackled by using simple graphics that tell a story at a glance.


Wrap Up

To conclude, reviewing what worked well over the past decade can help you predict healthcare marketing trends as you plan your campaign. Here’s a summary of the things you’ll need to keep in mind as you start your campaign:

  • Be aware of healthcare ad guidelines
  • Look at healthcare ads that have worked in the past
  • Have a good grasp of your brand and let it shine through your image
  • Review analytics to guide your next campaign

Though there’s no fixed formula for good health advertisements, being well-informed as you take on the task will up your chances of creating the best healthcare campaigns for your business.

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