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How to Choose the Right Format for the Best Online Ads

Digital marketing is becoming commonplace in every marketer’s arsenal. There are way too many features that benefit the company in terms of time, money, and efforts. Aside from specific targeting, online advertising is also extremely cost-efficient. When the best online ads cut through the noise, brands undeniably experience an all-time high. 

But if you don’t know where to start, here are different online ad formats that you MUST look into.



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Otherwise known as Pay-Per-Click, PPC is the opposite of organic traffic. Instead of attracting visitors organically, PPC costs accumulate every time a visitor clicks on the ad. Although the costs might turn new brands off, the ROI is staggering. 

For instance, if the cost is $2 per click, and the visitor ends up buying a $200 purchase, that means you get a $198 profit. The most common channels where PPC is applied are in search engines. 

Through keyword research and compelling copy, your brand can leverage PPC to increase website traffic. Companies that want exposure for their new offerings can use PPC for expedited success. 


Facebook Ads

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Facebook accounts for 19.9 percent of the total U.S. digital ad spend. And it’s no surprise why marketers have their Facebook advertising in place. However, choosing how to use the best online ads and formats on Facebook is crucial to your campaign’s success.

Facebook Ads can appear on your desktop and mobile News Feed and on the right side of Facebook on your desktop. Choosing the correct Facebook ad formats means you’re one step closer to reaching your marketing goals. You must select the right format according to your advertising objective. Here are the types of Facebook ad formats:

  • Image (Use this to feature your products’ benefits visually)
  • Video (Use videos for product and service tutorials and guides) 
  • Carousel (Apparel brands can use this if they want to feature many products simultaneously)
  • Instant Experience (Use this to highlight your bestselling products and services)
  • Collection (Use this if you want customers to explore your products immersively)
  • Stories (Use Facebook Stories if you want to showcase behind-the-scene snippets)


Twitter Ads

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Twitter ads are mostly text-based. If you want to gain new followers or let your tweets reach more audiences, you can invest in Twitter Ads. 

There are several kinds of Twitter Ads, and you can engage with them the same way you do on organic Twitter content. The only difference is the “Promoted” icon on Twitter Ads. Here are the different types of Twitter Ads:

  • Promoted Tweets (Text, Image, GIF, Poll, Account)
  • Video (Amplify Pre-roll, Amplify Sponsorship, First View, Live Video, Periscope)
  • Cards (Website Card, App Card, Direct Message Card, Conversation Card)
  • Brand (Branded Emojis, Brand Reminders, Promoted Moments, Promoted Trends, Trend Spotlight)

Make sure to use the right specifications, format, dimensions, file size, and more. If you want to know more, check out this comprehensive guide on using Twitter advertising


Instagram Ads

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Nowadays, 69 percent of digital media time is spent via mobile phones. That said, marketers should whip up the best online ads to get their brand out there. And Instagram is another social network that rakes in followers and sales. 

Since Instagram is a visually-centric platform, marketers should bank on compelling and quality graphics to boost their brand’s online presence. Whether you’re aiming for brand awareness or sales increase, you can use any of these Instagram ad formats:

  • Stories Ads
  • Photo Ads
  • Video ADs
  • Carousel Ads
  • Collection Ads
  • Ads in Explore


YouTube Ads

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YouTube is the biggest video networking platform to date. In 2019, the platform made over $4.96 billion in advertising. Moreover, 78.8 percent of marketers can also attest to why YouTube is the most effective video marketing channel.

The advantage of using YouTube advertising is that you have several options on how you want your ads to appear. This channel also offers several targeting options and various ad formats. Here are the three most common ones:

  • TrueView Ads – standard video ads on YouTube
  • Preroll Ads – non-skippable in-stream ads
  • Bumpers – shortest YouTube video ads that play before a chosen video

If you have a complex business offer, concept, or structure, video marketing is your best bet. Videos are an excellent way to explain your products or services in a digestible manner.


Google Search Ads

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Google Search Ads is the most common type of Google ads. These ads appear on SERP (search engine result page) after a user types in keywords that match the ad copy. The cost of these ads is typically on a bidding basis, similar to how PPC works. Advertisers will have the power to control how much they pay by bidding on keywords and setting budgets. 

Moreover, advertisers must do everything on their Google AdWords platform. When your ad’s keywords are similar to a user’s query, it can appear on Google search sites and search partners. Some of the sites are Google Shopping, Google Images, Google Maps, and Google Play. 


Retargeting Ads

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After you’ve created the best online ads that resonate with your audience, you want to ensure you don’t miss those who’ve engaged with your site but didn’t make a purchase. In digital marketing lingo, this is called “retargeting,” 

Retargeting ads are a more personalized ad type that corresponds to users’ web browsing history. A cookie is attached to the user’s system. And the moment the user leaves your website, these ads appear on other sites to remind them to revisit your site. 

There are two kinds of retargeting ads: Pixel-Based Retargeting and List-Based Retargeting. The former displays your ads to anonymous site visitors. Meanwhile, the latter displays your ads to users in your contact information database. 

Retargeting is an excellent strategy to never miss a sale opportunity. Sometimes, users can be distracted, especially with their declining attention span. Use retargeting on any of your marketing campaigns, and you’ll maximize your ROI.


Banner Ads

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Banner ads or web banners come in all sizes, designs, and media types. They can either be static or animated and can be in .JPG, .PNG, or .GIF formats. 

If you’re browsing online and notice a square or rectangular ad on the side, top, or bottom of the website, those are banner ads. The main goal of a banner ad is to entice users to click on it. 

Once users click on banner ads, they then end up on the company’s landing page. This is where they either schedule a demo, join a newsletter campaign, purchase a product, or subscribe to a service.

The best online ads are those that grab users’ attention. That said, ensure that the marketing graphics on banner ads can make them stop dead on their screens and click. 

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