The Best Online Ads of 2020 Explained

As we enter 2020, the world will once again see the most ingenious advertising campaigns from brands worldwide. Those that will not be the talk of the town by the end of the year means not a lot of effort was poured into it. The best online ads, however, will gain more mileage for brands, and in turn, they take home a massive slice of the pie. 

If you’re rolling your sleeves to develop advertising design campaigns or videos for your brand, do what these companies did. These famous brands have rocked the boat even more in an already fickle consumerist culture. Read on as we dissect eight of the best online ads in the first turbulent part of 2020. 


Why are Online Ads Essential in Marketing?

Before we give you seven of the top online ads, try to grasp the significance behind online advertising. 

Did you know that 93 percent of human communication is nonverbal? We rely on visuals instead. This is why a compelling advertising design is critical in your marketing strategy. Here are a couple of statistics that will make digital marketing worth your while:

  • 84 percent of users expect consistent content from brands
  • 45 percent of B2C marketers say visuals are vital in content creation
  • Social media advertising expenses have doubled from $16B to $31B from 2014 to 2016. Imagine how much companies are spending now.
  • Small business marketers pay $9000 to $10,000 monthly for Google Ads
  • 89 percent of consumers read product reviews on their mobile phones
  • Google and Facebook account for the biggest US digital advertising spending
  • Videos are shared up to 1,200 percent more than texts and links

If these figures don’t persuade you to amp up your online marketing, maybe the psychology between ads and consumer’s purchasing decisions will.


Psychology in Advertising

Humans process advertising in two ways, namely, CPM (Consumer Processing Model) and HEM (Hedonic, Experiential Model). In layman’s terms, the former deals with thinking while the latter deals with feeling. 

Online campaigns that are based on CPM let customers rationally process the ad. Brands use this strategy to present their products’ features and benefits. For instance, a restaurant business wants to leverage CPM psychology in advertising. The advertising designer ensures that the images, copy, and elements appeal to a consumer’s needs. In this case, a hungry stomach and a curious palate. 

HEM, on the other hand, entails digital advertising campaigns that bank on emotions to drive customers to act. And experts say having an emotional connection toward an ad compels consumers to do something. For example, if people are amidst a fearful situation, they can automatically activate their fight-or-flight instinct. If they lack confidence, some turn to material things to bring up their self-esteem.

Let me give you an example. Dove is a brand that uses emotional advertising to connect with its target audience, which is mostly female. Dove’s branding centers on women empowerment, and you can see it on their ads. Although they don’t highlight their products on some of their ads, the brand connects with their audience nonetheless because the message motivates them. 


7 Best Online Ads of 2020


1. KFC’s “Will Delive-roo be my Valentine” Campaign

KFC graphic design example

KFC and Deliveroo tied up to give some hungry Singaporeans a surprise on Valentine’s Day 2020. Anyone who pre-orders a KFC love meal combo and has it delivered gets a delectable chicken meal and a ring. Yes, you got that right. It was a limited edition KFC ring shaped in a bucket. It’s the perfect campaign on an occasion where gift-giving is eminent. And the ring is the perfect symbolism for love, that’s why it worked!


2. LEGO’s #LEGOCityPolice

For LEGO’s new City Police set, the big toy company ventured into IGTV to show kids how powerful this toy can be. They created a fun storyline that is based on kids’ wild ideas while playing on their LEGO City Police set. This is one of the best online ads because the movie trailer resonated with the brand’s target audience. Although the first part had a more serious tone, the musical in the end made the tone more cheerful. Also, 88 percent of marketers say video marketing offers favorable ROI.


3. Prada’s “Coming Home” Campaign

Prada online ad example

Lunar New Year means Chinese are coming home to their loved ones. And Prada filmed top Chinese model Chun Jin in this documentary about spending memorable moments with family. This is one example that dwells on emotional advertising as people celebrate an important annual event. 


4. Gucci x Disney Collection

Gucci video marketing

Who says haute couture should be serious all the time? Gucci, the high-end fashion brand, tied up with Disney to release a capsule collection inspired by Mickey Mouse. Here’s a video of fashion models having fun on Disneyland rides. This online ad stands out because the brand, even though in a casual setting, doesn’t deviate from its brand identity. Lastly, the brand presented its limited edition collection in a fun and compelling way.


5. Apple’s “She Creates” Campaign

Apple graphic design example

Apple has always found a way to go against the grain. This time, for International Women’s Day, Apple gathered the top female creatives, developers, and entrepreneurs to empower each other. Additionally, Apple says the entire month of March means putting more female app and game developers on a pedestal by featuring their work in the “App of the Day” or “Game of the Day” highlights. Brands that give appreciation to the underappreciated will truly gain the same appreciation from their audience. Plus, the graphic design in caricature style has a lively tone and captivating appeal.


6. Vodka’s #SexResponsibly 

Vodka social media ad example

Another campaign for love month this year has sparked “consensual” awareness among men and women. In an effort to promote healthy and consensual sex, Vodka spread the #SexResponsibly campaign online and offline. The beverage company clarifies that “Only a yes to sex is a Yes” is considered proper consent. Buying someone a drink, binge-watching, and chilling, and even kissing don’t account for a Yes. This is one of the top online ads because of its straightforward copywriting, emotional impact, and brand positioning. 


7. Domino’s Pie Pass App

While Domino’s delivery orders buzz all day, walk-in cravings also never stop. To give consumers a seamless Domino’s buying or dining experience, they created the Pie Pass App. Regular customers would have to download this app and pre-order their pizza there. Then once they’re outside the Domino’s store, they can click the “I’m Here” button that prompts a name recognition system. This allows staff to prepare the customer’s pizza and consumers to go in, grab the pizza, pay, and leave. This is the perfect example of video and macro influencer marketing, which features Norm Peterson from the American TV show Cheers. 

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