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The Best Websites to Turn to for Graphic Design Help 

Ask any seasoned marketer, and they’ll tell you how critical creating visuals is for the success of a business. A 2017 Content Marketing Institute study found that 51% of them prioritize visual assets for their marketing strategies. If you still haven’t paid attention to graphic design yet, now’s the best time to do it. Many business owners think that graphic design is expensive, the reason they forego having them made. But a little research will tell you otherwise. There are many resources you can go to for affordable graphic design help, here are the best: 



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From graphic design to photography, Behance is a great website to get inspiration from. It is a platform where graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, or anyone in the design industry can showcase their art. You can see what’s trending from creatives all over the world. 



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If you need illustrations of people but aren’t blessed with high-level illustration skills, Humaaans is the graphic design help for you. It has vector illustrations of humans that are ready for mixing and matching however you want it. You’re free to use them, whether commercially or for your personal uses. 



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For your stock photo needs, there’s Pexels. This website is an excellent source of still photos and videos for your content marketing requirements. The platform houses hundreds of images that are free to use, and more are added each day. 



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Typography plays a big part in making your visual assets stand out. Dafont is a website that provides free, downloadable fonts that you can use for personal or commercial purposes. Their library contains thousands of font types for every type of design you can think of. 



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If you need to do some image editing and manipulation, GIMP is an excellent graphic design help. Short for GNU Image Manipulation Program, it is an excellent alternative to Photoshop. It’s free to use for all your retouching and photo editing tasks. 


Mockup World 

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Want to see how your brand looks like on a billboard? A mockup is what you need, and Mockup World is the best place to get it. They claim to have the biggest archive of free photorealistic mockups online. These mockups come from all over the internet and are ready to use for all your projects. 


Life of Vids 

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Research shows that video content is in demand because of its effectiveness in engaging customers and building brand awareness. If you want to use videos but aren’t capable of creating your own, Life of Vids is a great resource. Their extensive library of videos is ideal for advertisers, agencies, web designers, and many more. 


Noun Project 

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Icons are a good way to communicate visually. Noun Project offers royalty-free icons from designers all around the world. Boasting of 2 million curated icons, you can get them for every project type you have. The website also gives you the option to customize an icon to make it your own. 



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Got inspired by a design and want everyone on your team to see it? Take a screenshot using Collabshot. This free web and desktop application allows you easy screen grabbing and sharing. You or any team member can capture all or parts of the screen and draw over the image.



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Level up your design skills or learn a new image editing trick with tutorials and classes from Skillshare. You’ll have access to thousands of classes to improve your skills or learn a new one. It has free or paid options to help you learn book cover design or digital photography. 


Adobe Color 

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Get a thorough understanding of color with Adobe Color. Getting the right color scheme for your design projects can be difficult, especially if you’re a non-designer. This graphic design help is an excellent source of color inspiration as it can guide you through creating the ideal palette. It can also help you determine the most suitable color to use or the current trend in colors. 


Joe Schmoe 

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Need avatars? Joe Schmoe is a great website to get illustrated avatars and more for website placeholders or profile pictures. You can also use these avatars for design mockups. You can create a unique avatar that you can associate with your brand and use them in your designs. 


Smashing Magazine 

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Keep updated with graphic design news through Smashing Magazine. One of the most reliable news sources, it has articles, guides, and books for designers and developers alike. Even business owners can benefit from reading their news, tips and tricks, and blog articles. 



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To help you create impressive designs, Pikbest provides ready-made templates that are editable and printable. From PSD files, videos, presentations, to posters, Pikbest has high-quality templates that you can use for free. With over 270,000 graphic design solutions, this platform can help you create design assets that you can customize to make it your own. 



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Another platform to create professional-looking graphic design, Canva, is easy to use. Non-designers can create ads, posters, presentations, and many other designs within the website. It’s free to use but offers premium images, fonts, and other assets for a minimal fee. 


Design Doctor 

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For a steady supply of exceptional graphic design, Design Doctor is a solid choice. It offers unlimited graphic design with unlimited revisions to help you get the best designs possible. For a flat, monthly subscription rate, you can submit as many design requests as you can. 

We have a team of professional graphic designers that can create anything from logos to UI designs. And since the designs are made specifically for you, you won’t have to worry about having the same designs as the competition. For as low as $349 per month, you can have access to affordable graphic design. 


Final Thoughts 

Having good resources of graphic design is equal to having good graphic design. These resources provide graphic design help to improve your design assets. Great graphic design plays a significant role in moving your business forward to growth and success. Check out these websites and get graphic design that’s impressive and impactful.

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