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Why Merch Informer is Every Amazon Merch Sellers’ Best Friend

Generating a whopping $280.5 billion in revenue in 2019, Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer. A survey shows that 89% of US customers trust Amazon than any other eCommerce website. And with its popularity comes a surge in the number of sellers, with more than 2.2 million active sellers last year. For an Amazon Merch seller, the task of competing against that colossal number can be daunting. You will need all the help you can get. The good thing is, there is a tool that can help you with your business, it’s called the Merch Informer.


What is Merch Informer?


A Merch by Amazon software made by merchants, for merchants, Merch Informer is made explicitly for Amazon Merch sellers. It is an all-in-one module for organizing, inspiring, and helping you with researching new ideas.

It allows sellers to perform keyword research to help them get in front of the right customers. Experienced Merch sellers will understand how difficult it is to do that. What’s even more difficult is to find keywords that thousands of other Merch sellers aren’t using yet. 

Merch Informer will show you keywords that are only starting to trend, so you’ll be one of the firsts to use them. It also provides valuable insight to help you see what kinds of t-shirt designs sell well and what doesn’t. You’ll get a good understanding of what designs similar to yours are selling and get inspiration for new ones. 

To put it briefly, Merch Informer is a great tool to help Merch sellers research ideas and keywords and get new t-shirt design inspirations. It shows you what to sell and how to sell it.


How Does Merch Informer Work?

merch informer

Designing t-shirts that you love is way different from making sales on Amazon. What you like doesn’t necessarily mean that people will like it, too, enough to buy it. You can research what the bestsellers are, or do yourself a favor and use Merch Informer.

If you have little to no idea of what to sell, the first thing you should do is go to Merch Hunter. It will show you Amazon’s bestselling t-shirt designs. This will help you discover what people are buying and create designs that fit the bill. 

Once you get an idea of what’s hot in the market, you need to research the most appropriate keywords to use. There is a Product Search module where you can search based on your niche. This will up your chances of customer search visibility and get your products in front of paying customers.

Its Social Hunter tool allows you to search Pinterest, Etsy, and other social media platforms for the exact tags to use for higher visibility. For newbies in the business, these features will help you get started by helping you know what’s selling and what market to go into.

merch informer

Merch Informer’s Advanced Competition Checker lets you check five keywords at a time. It will give you a score based on how easy it is to rank on the first page of Amazon search for that particular keyword. Its score of A to F, A being easy to rank while F means high competition.


Merch Informer Pricing

The monthly pricing for Merch Informer is composed of two plans, the Newbie and the Professional. The Newbie costs $9.99 while the Professional plan is at $59.90. If you’re still unsure, they offer a three-day free trial plan to give you a taste of what you can expect. 

For those just starting their Amazon Merch selling journey, the Newbie plan is the best. It includes the basic features plus 50 trademark tracking. It also comes with 24/7 customer support and Merch Academy and Merch Designer as bonuses.  

The Professional plan consists of full features and quite a number of product, keyword, and trademark tracking. Aside from the Merch Academy and the Merch Designer, it also has the Merch Graphics Vector Pack and free access to the Single Upload Interface Automation feature.


How Merch Informer Helps Amazon Merch Sellers

Everything you need as an Amazon Merch Seller is in Merch Informer. Overall, it has made a Mercher’s life easy and convenient. It’s a great time and money saver as it cuts your work by more than half, which you can better use for more important things.

Since you no longer have to go to other websites to check for the perfect keywords or what’s trending, you save some precious time and energy. You also know what designs sell so you won’t have to list products and hope people will like them.

Researching for the best keywords also helps your exact target audience see you. The Favorites lets you mark your favorite designs for later viewing. You won’t have to create a spreadsheet or catalog of designs that sell. 

Overall, what used to be a long and dragging process of selling on Amazon Merch has been made easy with this software. Set-up is simple and easy, and the explainer videos are extremely helpful. Their customer support assures you that you can get help anytime you need them.


How Design Doctor Can Help Amazon Merch Sellers

Although Merch Informer has made selling easy for Merch Sellers, there’s still something you can do to create the best t-shirts to sell. Getting an on-demand graphic design service such as Design Doctor can get you the most awesome t-shirt designs for less.

Design Doctor is an unlimited graphic design service that allows you to submit as many t-shirt design requests as possible. Our monthly subscription rate of as low as $349 provides unlimited t-shirt designs with unlimited revisions. We won’t stop until you get the designs you want and need. 

You can use the search functionalities of Merch Informer and tell our designers what you want on your shirts. We’ll take care of designing for you. This will leave you more room and time to focus on your business or get more free time to enjoy the fruits of your Amazon Merch Seller success.

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