2020 Facebook for Business Tips that Actually Work 

With a whopping 2.41 billion users worldwide and growing, it’s no surprise that entrepreneurs use Facebook to advertise their brands. In 2019, 86.8% of US marketers used it for their social media marketing strategies. For 2020, social media design marketing is expected to rise, and Facebook will still be a top contender. Facebook has made it easy for business owners to market their brands. However, stiff competition requires you to think out of the box for your brand to get noticed. Here are Facebook for Business tips that you can use this year to differentiate your brand from the rest and increase sales while you’re at it. 


Gather Analytics 

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As a business owner, you need to understand that every business is different. You can see a lot of strategies working like magic for someone. But, don’t think that following their lead will reap you the same benefits. This is the reason you should gather insightful data from analytics as these can help you customize the ideal strategies for your brand. 

Understanding your audience and their behavior is crucial to creating the best strategies. Facebook Ads Manager should be your best friend. You’ll know precisely what Facebook posts are effective and what you should ditch. 


Schedule Your Ads and Posts 

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Thorough research about your target audience will show you the ideal times to schedule your ads and posts. Know when your market is online. Although you can set your Facebook campaigns to run 24/7, it’s best to understand when the conversions happen. This will help maximize your budget as well as make good use of your paid time. 

The performance data you’ll get from Facebook Ads Manager reports will allow you to discover the best times to advertise. You can now set up a schedule to reach your prospects on days and hours that outperform the rest. 


Use Quality Graphic Design 

This is a tip that doesn’t go out of style whatever year you’re in. This is because it’s a known fact that graphic design truly elevates your marketing strategies. You might be wondering, if everyone uses social media design to get noticed, how can you stand out? The answer is: High-quality graphic design. Not templates, not stock photos, but graphic design straight out of a professional designer’s workspace. 

It doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money, unlimited graphic design services such as Design Doctor is affordable and accessible. You can submit design requests for all your marketing plans at a fixed monthly rate of as low as $329. 


Consider Retargeting 

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A recent study shows that before making purchases, 81% of consumers do online research and compare prices. When prospects visit your website or Facebook page, this is probably the reason they look and then leave. You know that these visitors are ready to buy, you just need to remind them about your brand and why they should do business with you. 

Setting up a retargeting campaign on your Facebook page will remind them why they considered you and lure them down into the sales funnel. If you’re unfamiliar with this strategy, remember the time you searched for mattresses on your desktop, only to find the same ads on your mobile phones? That’s the power of retargeting, and why you should consider it this 2020. 


Optimize Likes and Shares 

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Your Facebook posts’ likes and shares are superb testimonials to your brand’s quality. You can use them as social proof to show potential customers your trustworthiness and reliability. Online scamming is on the rise this year, and shoppers need reassurance that they’re safe and secure with you. 

For this reason alone, using Facebook’s Use Existing Post feature when creating ads is highly recommended. This allows you to get all your campaign’s post engagement in one ad. People will see that many, like them, see your brand as someone they can trust. 


Invest Wisely 

A budget set aside for advertising on Facebook is a good investment, but using it wisely definitely pays off. Paying good money for an ad will bring little to no results if your following is minimal. What you need to do first is to gather more fans before spending your precious budget on ads. 


Get More Followers 

It’s quite obvious why you need to have more followers on Facebook. More followers mean more likes and shares, which means more prospects that you can convert to customers. Here are a few Facebook for Business tips to generate more followers for your page: 

  • Keep It Interesting 

Create Facebook posts that are specifically targeted to your audience. Topics that are proven to grab their attention and get them to read your posts or lead them to your website. Compelling graphic design will help you achieve this as well as engaging content that is well-thought-of. 

  • Promote on All Your Social Media Channels 

Cross-promotion can help get you more likes. Prospects who aren’t on Facebook will still see you, and posting about your Facebook Business page on Instagram or Twitter will surely help. 

  • Share Your Good Reviews 

Be proud of all the reviews you get, whether it’s positive or negative. Positive feedback can prove that you’re a quality brand, while negative reviews are an excellent opportunity to dispel rumors or wrong thinking about the brand. 

  • Use Facebook Social Plugins 

Use Facebook’s Social Plugins (previously called the “Like” box) on your other social media platforms or website. This is effective in boosting the likes on your blog articles. 

  • Offer Good Value 

You may not know it, but there is psychology on what people love to share on Facebook. Simply put, people love sharing posts that offer good value to them. When you create quality content, you’ll quickly get people to share your Facebook posts, which can significantly help in spreading the word around. 

Final Thoughts 

Even if you have the most amazing social media design posts on Facebook, if no one sees them, your hard work will go into waste. This is the reason that as simple as Facebook may seem, strategizing is still something you need to put your efforts on. These Facebook for Business tips are helpful and relevant to this year, 2020.

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