How a Design Subscription Service Compares to a Freelancer

Are you torn between hiring a design subscription service or freelance designer? Does your business need continuous design projects, or do you only need one at this time? Are you looking for a long-term graphic designer, or are you searching for a project-based commitment?

Dive in as we give you the lowdown on the pros and cons of committing to a graphic design subscription service or hiring freelance designers. Plus, we’ll tell you how a subscription-based design service works and how to choose or hire both types.


Freelance Designer

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Did you know that there are almost 200,000 employed freelance graphic designers in the United States? The quantity implies that freelance design is a cutthroat field, and businesses shouldn’t find a hard time looking for one. However, entrepreneurs should be cautious when hiring freelance graphic designers as selecting the wrong one wastes time and money. Here are the pros and cons of hiring a freelance graphic designer:




Targeted search for skills

When hiring freelance designers, recruiters already have particular skills in mind. This makes it easier to find designers with specialized skills. Recruiters can visit freelancing job sites such as:

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • FlexJobs
  • Craigslist
  • Dribbble
  • Behance

Excellent feedback and communication

Since you’re working closely with the freelance graphic designer, it’s easier to give feedback on their work. You’ll have several ways to communicate with them as well. For instance, you can talk to them via Skype, Zoom, or other audio and video calling apps.

Flexible hours

Freelance designers’ work hours are dependent on the clients’ preferences. When you hire freelancers, rest assured you won’t have to wait for their responses, especially if both of you are on different timezones. 





The major drawback when hiring freelance designers is their unreliability. Every freelancer’s lifeblood is its clients. And most freelancers work with a handful of clients simultaneously. Of course, the more clients, the more income. Expect freelancers to go MIA, especially when they have other long-term clients. 

Tedious training

With the number of freelance graphic designers increasing, hiring managers can be oblivious to unskilled ones if recruitment isn’t rigorous. Some are neophytes and would need proper training. And when you’re no longer happy with the work, recruiters will go through the same recruitment process and training again. 

Limited capabilities and equipment

Newbie freelancers don’t have enough skills to cater to the various business design needs. Even the experts focus on specialized skills, which can be a problem for companies that need design varieties. Additionally, freelancers have limited design tools and equipment to make for the best design outcome. 


Design Subscription Service


The graphic design industry holds a $15-billion market share in the United States. This staggering amount is indicative of how fundamental graphic design is for business. And with that fact, we know companies will likely have a myriad of design projects in place. This is where a design subscription service is handy. 




Vetted graphic designers

Graphic design subscription agencies take pride of experienced graphic designers they hire. One underperforming graphic designer puts a dent on the entire agency’s reputation. This vision ensures that design subscription services only hire the best ones in the field.

Service availability

Design agencies work in teams. If one isn’t up to par with the team’s goals, a team leader foresees it right away. This ensures clients that a team leader is always on top of every design project. If the assigned graphic designer is not pulling his weight, rest assured another expert is at your disposal. 

Varied skillset 

Undeniably, design subscription companies have designers with a plethora of services to offer. Instead of one focused skill, clients can request for designers who are experts in logo design, UX design, 3D, illustration, among others. 

Streamlined process

Most agencies have considerable clientele. Because of the workload, agencies invest in the best applications, software, tools, and equipment to streamline processes. This ensures clients are getting every bang for their buck. 

14-Day money-back guarantee

Agencies offer a 14-day money-back guarantee — a benefit that freelance designers don’t provide. This gives recruiters peace of mind knowing they can get their money back if they don’t like the work.




Price unworthy for a single project

I could rack my brains of design agency disadvantages, but I can only come up with the price factor. The monthly fee for design companies isn’t worth it if you only have a single design project. 


What is Design Subscription Service?

There is a reason why more and more companies are leaning toward design subscription businesses. If you have several design projects in line, the costs will come out cheaper. But what is a design subscription service by definition?

A subscription-based design model is similar to other cloud computing services widely used in the market today. After subscribers sign up for the service, they will be billed the first month in exchange for unlimited designs. 

Moreover, clients will have access to a user-friendly platform where requests, feedback, and revisions take place. Another significant advantage of signing up for this type of service is how clients can request unlimited revisions until they’re 100 percent satisfied. Compared to other design models, revisions may require additional costs. However, graphic design subscription agencies don’t ask for additional revision fees. 

Last but not least, while hiring freelancers involves a contract, design subscription companies don’t. This model is perfect for business scalability. Companies can cancel when the slow business season arrives and resubscribe accordingly.


Step-by-Step Process in Hiring Freelance Graphic Designers


  1. Sign up to freelance job sites as a client. 


  1. Post a job on each online job marketplace.


  1. Review the submitted proposals and check their portfolio.


  1. Choose one which fits your skill requirements.


  1. Submit a design request and negotiate for as many revisions as a paid trial.


  1. Sign a contract if you’re satisfied. 


Step-by-Step Process in Subscribing to Unlimited Graphic Design Agencies

design prepping

  1. Choose a plan from the design agency’s website. 


  1. Sign up.


  1. Submit design requests and revisions in the agency’s platform.


  1. Cancel and get your money back if you’re unsatisfied. 


Wrap Up

When putting both types of design services side by side, a subscription-oriented model is preferable. Not only does it give clients a fair deal through a money-back guarantee, but it’s also a worthy investment if you have several design projects. 


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