EBOOK: How to Use Unlimited Graphic Design to Your Advantage

Are you struggling to keep up with your business’s design and marketing needs? Are you torn between outsourcing or insourcing your graphic design projects? Fate must have led you here because this eBook will tell you everything you need to know about using unlimited graphic design. 

This ultimate guide to using an unlimited graphic design service is beneficial if you’re currently:

  • A startup with a limited graphic design budget
  • Looking for diversified graphic designers with various expertise
  • Cutting costs on graphic design infrastructure, maintenance, and professional fees 
  • Tied up handling other business aspects and departments
  • Looking for customized and professional graphic designs
  • A business with tons of graphic design projects lined up

With these factors in mind, any business should consider a graphic design service that gives every bang for their buck. Read on to know the benefits of hiring an unlimited graphic design company, and why businesses should use one ASAP. 


What is an Unlimited Graphic Design Service? 

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Graphic design is an essential part of every business. Nowadays, merely relying on superior products or customer service won’t work. Companies need to go the extra mile to amp up the connection with their audience through graphics. By nature, visuals account for 93 percent of human communication. That being said, graphic design is not only to create aesthetically pleasing materials. However, it’s vital to convey your brand principles and promote your products and services. 

But what are unlimited graphic design services?

Simply put, an unlimited graphic design service works like cloud computing. It allows subscribers and users to access software and applications to collaborate, change, manipulate, or store data — in this case — graphic designs.

And as with any cloud-based service, an unlimited graphic design company follows a subscription-based model. Likewise, users follow a pay-per-use scheme, which means they only pay if they use the service. 

Most of these companies require a one-time, flat rate in exchange for unlimited graphic designs and revisions. There are no additional or hidden fees, even if you request 10, 20, or 30 designs in a month! 


Who Can Take Advantage of Unlimited Graphic Design Services?

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According to Adobe, companies that prioritize designs over anything are more likely to succeed than those that don’t. Additionally, businesses that foster creativity, especially in their marketing approach, get a higher market share. 

So who can avail of unlimited graphic design services? Hire an unlimited graphic design company if you are a/an:


  • With a shoestring budget for graphic design
  • That hasn’t figured out your branding
  • Who wants to make a name in your niche through graphics


  • Struggling to stand out in a competitive industry
  • With not enough workforce to handle hiring and facilitating in-house graphic designers
  • With a limited budget for online and offline marketing and advertising collaterals
  • Who wants consistency in their marketing approach
  • Looking for a dependable graphic design team
  • With many design projects in the next few months/years
  • With a few in-house designers who can’t keep up with design projects


  • With various clients who might need different graphic designs
  • That has no space and infrastructure for hiring in-house graphic designers
  • Catering to more than one client per month
  • Who needs constant marketing materials 


  • Who doesn’t want to manage graphic designers 
  • Who wants a fast turnaround for design projects
  • Looking for creative ways to diversify your advertising tactics
  • With no experience in the use of color psychology, typography, and other graphic design elements


  • Who continually needs a steady flow of graphics daily
  • Struggling to keep your designs competitive and engaging
  • Who sells various products like t-shirts, caps, pop sockets, mugs, and more


  • Who handles a couple of clients with design needs
  • Who needs images for their digital marketing materials
  • Trying to gain traction in your niche
  • Who operates remotely and cannot accommodate an in-house designer


14 Benefits of Using Unlimited Graphic Design Service

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If you’re still not sold on using an unlimited graphic design company at your disposal, here are 14 benefits that might change your mind:


1. Saves Time

As a business owner, handling every aspect of the company can be physically and mentally demanding — overseeing the production department, working with suppliers and partners, acquiring customers, managing employees, to name a few. Developing and promoting your brand might be taken for granted and might be put on the backburner. However, when you outsource your graphic design needs, they can take care of brand promotion as you focus on expansion.


2. Customized and Unique Designs

Sure, startups and small businesses can make use of free stock photos or templates. But ask yourself this: Would using these images make your brand stand out? Will you be able to capture your audience through these stock photos and templates? Are these designs solely for your brand alone? And do these images speak your branding, principles, and vision? 

There’s a reason why these photos and templates are relatively free. And while startups or small businesses don’t have to spend a dime for these images, their business does get the short end of the stick in the long run. In the world where graphic design reigns supreme, it’s becoming increasingly hard to catch your audience’s attention. This is the reason why businesses need to make their designs stick out by letting the experts create quality and unique graphics.


3. Unlimited Revisions

While some graphic design companies charge extra for revisions, an unlimited graphics company doesn’t. Aside from getting unlimited graphic design requests, you can also request for iterations until you’re 100 percent satisfied. Graphic designers ensure that their clients are happy, so they revise the designs until they’re improved to your satisfaction.


4. Affordable 

No doubt, subscribing to an unlimited graphic design service is more affordable compared to hiring in-house designers. When getting graphic designers onboard, there are many financial factors to consider. While this might work for huge corporations, this option can pose financial hurdles to startups and small businesses.

Companies should take into account the monthly salary. According to Glassdoor, a graphic designer’s annual salary could amount to $45,677. But that’s not all. Hiring in-house graphic designers means companies are mandated to offer benefits and bonuses according to the contract. 

On the contrary, using the services of a graphic design unlimited team means you’ll be paying a fixed rate monthly. Regardless of the number of design requests, you don’t have to worry about touching on the budget allocated for something else. For as low as $329 per month, you get unlimited graphic designs and revisions. Now, how’s that for kickstarting your marketing campaigns? 


5. Branding Consistency

Staying consistent in all your social media channels, websites, landing pages, print collaterals, billboards, and whatnot is crucial. Your brand identity and image are what gives your brand an upper hand over your competitors. Your branding is also what defines you as a business, and it’s how customers gain their affinity towards your brand.

Therefore, it’s imperative to stay consistent in all your platforms, so you appeal to customers instead of turning them away. When hiring an unlimited graphic design service, a pool of experienced designers not only do the graphics for you. They also get to know your branding and incorporate the right colors, typeface, shapes, and icons to establish branding consistency.


6. 100 Percent Ownership

Unlike other graphic design firms that don’t give copyright to users, hiring unlimited graphic design companies means you get 100 percent ownership. Once design projects are done, feel free to download and use the designs wherever, whenever, and whatever way you want. This makes businesses risk-free of any copyright infringement issues that might cause brand reputation damages.


7. Collaboration with Internal Teams

If you think that outsourcing your graphic designs means limited collaboration with the internal teams, think again. Most of these companies employ user-friendly cloud-based applications that allow internal teams to comment, approve, or monitor projects. You can even invite team members and assign them to different design projects to make sure everything is orderly.


8. Stress-Free Billing

Because you are billed monthly, there is no need for other redundant processes for paying graphic designers. If you used a credit card upon signup and continue to use the service, it automatically deducts the flat fee. As mentioned, you can have peace of mind knowing there won’t be surprising fees on your bill.


9. Flexibility 

The great thing about cloud-based services is that it is set up for flexibility and scalability. For instance, an unlimited graphics company doesn’t bound its subscribers with a contract. That means, there is no long-term commitment compared to locking in an in-house designer with a contract. This also means if you’re no longer happy with the service, you can unsubscribe and try another design company.

Another reason why unlimited graphic design companies are all the rage these days is scalability. Startups and small businesses might experience a “slow season.” This might mean it’s time to put the breaks on design projects. Companies can either cancel their subscription or downgrade to lower plans, so they don’t add up to unnecessary overhead expenses.

And when a gush of design projects comes pouring in, businesses can resubscribe or upgrade to higher plans. Having the flexibility to toggle between different packages is a luxury for startups and small businesses. 


10. Quick Turnaround

Most of these on-demand graphic design companies swear by a quick turnaround for all design projects. Typically, after submission of brand guidelines and project specifications, drafts are ready in 24 hours. For more complex designs, it might take 48 hours to submit the draft. Nonetheless, expect to get a steady flow of efficient, quality, and unique graphics.


11. Different Source Files 

You might need designs for different mediums, which makes downloading different source files convenient. There is no additional fee for having the designs in various formats. And you can choose between these design formats:

  • PNG
  • JPG
  • PDF
  • EPS
  • SVG
  • AI
  • PSD


12. Cancel Anytime

One apparent benefit of using this type of designing service is the freedom to cancel anytime. Subscribers don’t have to worry about contracts upon signing up. Users can cancel their subscriptions anytime they want, with no questions asked. There is no need to fill up a form, no need for justification, and no need to submit anything. Hit cancel, and you’re good to go. 


13. Easy Signup 

Signing up for this type of design service is as easy as pie. There is no need for a hiring and interview process. All you have to do is visit the company website, input your details, and choose a pricing plan. After receiving a confirmation email and setting up the app, you’re ready to submit a design request!


14. 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Last but not least, users and businesses can try this type of service for 14 days with a money-back guarantee. If in case they’re not happy with the service, a full refund will be given. It’s entirely different from hiring in-house designers only to realize later on the designers’ work ethic, and practices aren’t in line with the company’s. Because both parties are already contract-bound, this might cause issues leading to unhealthy working relationships down the road. With on-demand graphic design, you’ll have the chance to see if both you and the designers are the right fit.


How to Use Unlimited Graphic Designs to the Fullest

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Companies that are design-driven can work with different marketing channels to boost patronage. Whether you’re a small- or medium-sized enterprise, graphic design is undeniably an integral part of business expansion. Most importantly, hiring an unlimited graphic design service is a worthy investment. Here’s how you can use an unlimited graphic design company to the fullest: 


Corporate Branding

Your branding is what separates you from your competitors. As a business, you want to radiate the principles and vision to your audience. This is one way you can connect with them on an emotional level. And we all know how emotional branding can make your customers patronize your brand for the long haul. Here’s where a graphic designer’s expertise can be applied to branding design projects: 


Digital Marketing

The advent of technology, combined with the power of the internet, opens up an important marketing tactic — digital marketing. If you haven’t strategized your online advertising yet, it’s high time that you do. While using stock images is also another option, customizing images gives your brand extra brownie points. Unique images and designs also give the impression that you mean business. Here’s how to use graphic design in online marketing:

  • Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads, etc
  • Social Media posts, cover images, profile photos, etc.
  • Landing pages
  • Banners
  • Blog images
  • Infographics


Print Media Advertising

Businesses will never stray from print media advertising because outdoor marketing will continue to thrive over the years. According to Arbitron, Americans spend more or less 20 hours driving their cars weekly. Additionally, 71 percent of travelers also check out roadside billboards. This makes out-of-home advertising still a very efficient and extensive brand promotion approach. That being said, ensure that you don’t let outdoor advertising slide. Here are ways you can make the most of graphic design services for your print collaterals:

  • Billboards
  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Books and book covers
  • Magazines
  • Promotional items
  • T-shirts



Although not all graphic design companies offer UX or UI designs, some of the good ones do. And this is also one factor you should consider when choosing one. Websites serve as your company’s first line of offense, ensuring your web designs are topnotch is pivotal for conversion. Typically, hiring web designers would cost a fortune. However, when subscribing to an unlimited graphical company, these will be covered in the flat monthly rate. Here are ways you can use graphics in UX/UI:

  • App designs and images
  • Illustrations
  • Websites 


How to Communicate with Your Graphic Designer 

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Communication is key to a productive and long-lasting partnership with graphic designers. Although designers are experts in their field, they’re not mind-readers. They won’t be able to come up with a design that’s unique to your brand if you don’t give them details. 


Identify Branding

During the initial phase, introduce your business and set your brand guidelines with your graphic designer. This will tremendously help them in picking the right colors that adhere to color psychology in marketing. Additionally, graphic designers will also determine what typefaces and fonts to use that emanate your branding. Last but not least, setting branding guidelines ensures that designers will stay consistent in all design projects. 

For new businesses, it can be difficult to pinpoint what your brand identity is. To help you whip up a strong brand identity, here are some questions you and your staff can answer: 

  • Why did the owner start this company?
  • Who are our customers?
  • What are their demographics and psychographics?
  • Who are our competitors? 
  • What is our competitors’ brand position? 
  • What products and services do we offer?
  • Can we identify our customers’ pain points?
  • What do our products and services resolve?
  • What is our unique selling proposition? 
  • Do our products and services offer customers benefits? What are they?
  • How should we make people feel when they think of our brand name/products/services?
  • How do my employees feel working for my company?
  • What should be our brand personality? 
  • What is my brand promise?
  • Mention three adjectives that describe our company best.

These questions should help you shape your brand identity. Discuss these with your internal team as well as your graphic designers. Having a strong branding enables you to market to the right audience, appeal to like-minded employees, produce the right products, or offer appropriate services. Lastly, having a distinct and relevant branding guides you to the right strategic direction for brand growth and success. 


Discuss Design Concept and Specifications

The next step is to discuss the overall objective of the design project. For example, what outcome do you want from your billboard designs? Are you creating landing pages for increasing your email list, or are you expanding your followership? Are your flyers for brand awareness or an invite to a product launch?

Your graphic designers must know the overall goal and objective so they can create the designs accordingly. Once you lay everything on the table, it’s now time to discuss the design specifications. Give them what file dimensions you need. If you don’t have an idea, tell them what medium these designs are printed or uploaded on.

Pro Tip: Gather the most relevant design examples for inspiration and show them to your graphic designers.


Wrap Up

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This ultimate guide on how to use unlimited graphic design to your advantage will hopefully make you turn over a new leaf. If you’ve been struggling to make your marketing designs on point, take that leap of faith and subscribe now. 

The fast and seamless process takes a massive load off your shoulders. Typically, these services have a four-step process from requesting to downloading designs. Here’s the step-by-step process:


Step 1: Request Designs

Subscribers will be using a cloud-based application that’s easily accessible from anywhere as long as there’s interconnectivity. In this step, you specify the concept, type, colors, and even submit some design examples. 

Step 2: Designers Assigned

After designers are assigned to a particular design project, graphic designers start working on it. Most drafts are completed after 24 hours. For more complicated designs, however, expect a turnaround time of up to 48 hours. All the communication will be done in the same application, which makes it convenient. 

Step 3: Discuss Revisions

After the first draft, you can request your graphic designers to revise the design if you’re not satisfied. This won’t cost you anything. Add comments and suggestions on the image itself and communicate with your designers.

Step 4: Download Source Files

Once you’re completely satisfied with the design, hit the Download button. You can keep the design file, including the source files.

Using an unlimited graphic design service is easy and affordable! If you want to scale your business, but don’t know where to start with your graphics, this is the perfect solution. Ensure that you put several graphic design companies side by side, compare each company’s pricing, features, and benefits. Check online reviews if you have to and get those graphic designs ready for the next campaign.

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