What to Post on Facebook When You’re Out of Ideas

Businesses or start-ups should always stay active on social media. You can get real-time comments or reactions from your customers or followers. You can interact with them by replying or asking for content through campaigns. Facebook is one of the biggest platforms where you can do those.

However, sometimes, you experience some blockers where you’re uncertain on what to post on Facebook. Perhaps, you’ve used photos way too much, or you don’t get as much engagement with only text. You’ve even looked at how your competitors make a post. 

That’s normal. 

It just means you have to level up your content game and find new ways to keep your content fresh and exciting for your target audience.

In this article, we discuss 12 post ideas you can publish on your page and some examples. Before that, we give you a brief overview of best practices so you can execute new campaigns or publish new content better.


Facebook Best Practices

Before you choose an idea on what to post on Facebook, here are some best practices to make sure you create engaging posts while following Community Standards:

  • Post regularly
  • Remember your target audience
  • Create engaging and valuable posts
  • Craft a content calendar
  • Learn from your analytics


User-Generated Content

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Marketing experts would always recommend publishing user-generated content (UGC). One of the main reasons to post UGC is to boost authenticity. Stackla finds that 79% of consumers, in their report, believe that seeing UGC influenced them to make a purchase.

A tried and tested way of getting UGC is to use hashtags for a campaign. Check out how Crown Resorts (with the help of Stackla) used the UGC campaign on their Facebook page. 

Make sure to get permission when utilizing UGC, so you don’t get in trouble.


Contests or Giveaways

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Excite your customers by doing a contest or giveaway. Think of it as promotional content so you can engage more customers and get loyal ones in the process.

You may even combine UGC with giveaways too since that’s also a common practice.

To get an idea of how to conduct a giveaway, look at how Colourpop did it. As you can see, they created a palette bingo. There, users will encircle the palettes they have and get freebies, which are the palettes they’re missing. The giveaway had over 1,200 reactions, 951 comments, and 35 shares.


Typography Art

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As an alternative to posting high-quality photos on your Facebook feed, typography is an excellent idea on what to post on Facebook. If you have a knack for calligraphy or someone in your team does, that would be excellent!

You can create typography art through graphic design software. Canva and Snappa are two famous examples.

An inspirational or marketing expert quotes are two examples of what you can create as typography art. If quotes aren’t your thing to make typography for, you can use statistics as an alternative.

Think of it as a mini infographic, but it shows off one key statistic. It doesn’t have to be something aesthetically pleasing. It can be something simple like this one from Mailchimp.

As you can see, they used a Serif font on the graphic. They added a simple illustration and even a source. The post had 64 reactions, plus four comments and seven shares.


Recycle Old Posts

There’s nothing wrong with reviewing your past posts and reposting them. It’s a common practice by marketers because old posts can still provide value (if relevant, of course). 

You can update old posts by posting a new social media graphic on your status update. Try adding an infographic too since you can reach audiences through numbers. Don’t hesitate to republish content, so long as it’s evergreen content that your audience will love, then go ahead.


Tips & How-Tos

Another common practice on what to post on Facebook is to give out tips or how-tos to your target audience. It demonstrates that you’re knowledgeable about the industry you’re in or about your products or services.

There are a couple of ways to share a tip or how-to post on your Facebook page.

For one, you can write your how-to guide or tip as a status message. To amp it up, add some graphic designs so it doesn’t look dull. If that isn’t your thing, then you can put the copy in a visual and post it.

You can post an instructional how-to video, so people can easily follow instructions.


Trending Topics

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Many marketers find value in publishing “trending topics” in the industry or what’s new on the internet. You want to make sure that you’re always updated. That way, you’re not lagging behind your competitors.

Use the latest meme, for example, and associate that with your brand or company. Here’s how Social Media Examiner hopped on the “Laurel” and “Yanny” audio meme back in 2018. Social Media Examiner used simple typography and posted it on their timeline. It generated 215 reactions, 15 comments, and 22 shares.


Blog Post Links

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What better way to drive traffic from Facebook is to post links from your blog page. It’s a common practice by companies on Facebook because you also want people to visit your website and learn more about your product or service.

If you want to optimize this type of Facebook post, you should prepare an image that would look good on the blog and platform. That way, it doesn’t look outstretched or pixelated. 

Check out how the Wizarding World page optimized the illustration on the Facebook post. In the illustration, you’ll see characters from “Tale of the Three Brothers.” They used the same image as their featured blog post image on the website.


Holiday Posts

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Make your Facebook page a little more festive during the holidays. Change the graphics on your cover photo, for example, or regularly post social media graphics with a festive theme

Get in the holiday spirit by running an advertising campaign. If you want, you can just post a simple graphic for celebrating Thanksgiving or Christmas, for example.

Get inspired by how Godiva published a post for the holiday season in 2019. They posted the available Cocoa drinks for the holidays. They added simple text on the photo to add descriptions of personalities. The post garnered 308 reactions, 9 comments, and 17 shares.


Awards or Commendations

Show off your awards on social media. It’s an idea of what to post on Facebook because it’s how you can show your expertise, legitimacy, credibility, or reputation. An illustration is an example to add as a graphic such as a team celebration (in the form of a drawing) or the community you’re serving.



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Don’t forget to announce any event you want your target audience to attend. You can create a simple graphic that would put all the necessary details like when you’re conducting the event, how, where, who can attend, and whatnot. Remember to add hashtags too so people who follow specific hashtags can see your posts.

If you’re inviting people to a more significant event, post a well-designed invitation on your Facebook feed on the event page. That way, it seems formal too. If you have a flyer or poster, then even better. You don’t have to worry about writing a copy on your Facebook post. Let the poster design or flyer speak for itself.

Look at how Ted used a graphic to promote their Ted Connects series. To invite people to join in, they added the time and date of the event. You also get a glimpse of the next speakers for the whole week.


Behind the Scenes

Shine the spotlight on your company. Post photos about your employees or share how you work. You want to make your company seem human. Celebrate the little wins in your office. Publish photos or posts of what you do in an office or outing.

Say you’re preparing for a conference to attend, you can show what your team members are doing or photos of them posing for the camera. 

If you’re preparing for a trade show, for example, you can show how you worked on some designs for the booth or show off the freebies you’re giving away to the attendees.


Tell a Story

Let your customers get to know you by telling a story. Divert from the usual status updates and write a story instead. 

Make it interesting for your target audience. You may write it down on your Facebook feed or a note. Then add supporting high-quality images that would increase views. If you’re not too shy, you can record a video and upload it.

Example stories you can post on Facebook:

  • Business or personal journey
  • Career
  • Product’s or service’s inside information
  • Employees’ stories
  • Customers’ stories


Final Thoughts

You’re not limited to what to post on Facebook. Make sure to follow a content calendar so you can publish the types of posts listed here. You’ll never run out of content to post. It’s important that you make it engaging and high-quality so you can get impressions, shares, and likes.

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