What Are The Uses of a Design Subscription Service?

We all know that graphic designs are important for the business. It strengthens the brand message to your market, builds credibility, and it helps your company stand out from the competition. While it looks simple at face value, effective design is usually complicated to finish. It’s not just about adding different elements and looking good. As we always say, a good design for business needs science and logic. That said, it is encouraged that you work with a professional graphic designer or with a company that offers design subscription service. 


Hiring the Right Graphic Design Services

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There are different graphic design services to choose from. This depends on your needs and budget as well. But which type of service is ideal for your requirements? Look no further as we help you decide by providing the pros and cons of each service. 


In-House Graphic Designers 

Hiring an in-house graphic designer is recommended if you have recurring and bulk design needs. But if your business does not require tons of visual aids, then there’s no point in hiring one. Here are some of the few industries that do not heavily rely on graphic designs.

  • Food
  • Career Coaching Services 
  • Medical 
  • Transportation

It makes no sense to hire someone full-time to do graphic design in these industries. However, we are not saying that they do not need design services at all. At some point, they will need promotional materials, social media images, or maybe a revision on their logo. 

If your business is similar to the aforementioned in terms of design needs, you might want to choose either freelancers or an on demand design service instead. The reasons are stated below. 


Freelance Graphic Designers 

If your company seldom requires graphic designs, then perhaps working with a freelancer on a project-based arrangement will work best for you. For example, you just need to work on your logo and nothing more in the upcoming months. Hiring a freelancer to finish it is actually quite sensible. This saves you money as you only need to pay the designer once. 

But you have to be careful when dealing with freelance graphic designers. Be thorough with your contract and read the fine print. 

Ideally, the full ownership of the design must be yours. If this is not clearly stated, then the designer can actually ask for additional payment whenever you use the design in the future. Trust us, you wouldn’t want this type of unforeseeable cost. 


Design Subscription Service

The best option right now is an on demand design company with a monthly subscription model. This is perfect for small and medium companies that are yet to establish a fluid cashflow. This type of graphic design service is also ideal if you need bulk graphic designs for a short period of time. 

In the next section, we will explain further the advantages of choosing a design subscription service.   


Benefits of Design Subscription Service

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For years, we noticed that companies would rather work with on demand design teams than with a full-time employee or a freelancer. The sudden switch is not surprising and here are the reasons why:

Saves You Time 

According to business owners, choosing an on demand design company saves them a lot of time. If you must know, graphic design startup companies like Design Doctor have made it extremely easy to complete a project. You just need to follow four steps to complete your graphic design requirements. 

  • Send your design request
  • Wait for the assigned graphic designer
  • Review the draft and send revisions
  • Download source files

This process eliminates unnecessary email communication. No more back and forth messaging from now on. 


Maximizes In-House Resources 

When you outsource to an on demand design company, you maximize what your in-house team can do for your business. Without graphic design-related tasks, they can focus more on income-generating activities.

By now you probably know that doing graphic designs for business must be learned and practiced. This entails time and effort. You can’t just simply assign one of your team members to work on this assignment. You see, while they might be naturally creative, it doesn’t necessarily mean their ideas will work for your business needs. 

Remember, the principles of business graphic design are far more different from plain art. 


Cost-Efficiency and Consistency 

Another reason why companies choose design subscription services is that it is economical. Think of all the money you can save by not hiring an in-house graphic designer. Bear in mind that a full-time employee must be paid every single month, regardless of the workload. 

Some of you might ask, “How about the freelancers? Isn’t that a better option?”

In terms of money, such can be true. But have you ever thought about the consistency of the design? That’s where the challenge comes in. 

Remember, your trusted freelancer will not always be available for your graphic design projects. What if their hands are already full? What are you going to do? Perhaps, you would hire a new one. But that means you need to brief them with all your business needs. That’s going to eat up a lot of time again. And truth be told, this doesn’t guarantee that they can deliver the same quality provided by your previous freelance designer.  

What will happen if you are not satisfied? You will then look for another freelancer, waste more time, and lose more money. It’s a chain reaction most people do not realize.

A graphic design startup company like Design Doctor is usually on a monthly subscription model. If you don’t need their services as of the moment, you can easily cancel your subscription. Your company can use the money for other activities that can improve its operations.


Multiple Options  

And lastly, on demand design companies can provide unlimited options. They will not stop until you are happy with the designs. Providing unlimited designs is beneficial for your company as it allows you to choose the best visuals according to your business objectives. 


Find the Right On Demand Design Company 

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To date, there are a lot of companies offering design subscription services. Unfortunately, these are not created equal. As always, quality matters. And this is what the Design Doctor team truly believes in. They are one of the few design companies that have a stringent application process for graphic designers. The company only hires the best designers and those with a proven track record.



Choosing a design subscription service is the smartest choice for your company. You get quality designs without the burden of paying an in-house designer every month. However, it is crucial that you only work with a reliable company such as Design Doctor. 

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