Before You Hire a Logo Designer, Check Out These Tips

A logo is an important part of the business. It’s your identification and it sets you apart from the competition. However, it isn’t easy to create one. If you are going to do it on your own, it can take a lot of time and there’s no guarantee that it will work. If you must know, logo designs must have a science behind it. The colors must be precise, the shapes, and all other elements must be logical. This is the reason why most companies would hire a logo designer. They need a professional to create the most appropriate logo for their brand. 

If you consider getting one, then this post can help you. Finding a logo designer is not as easy as you think. While there are a lot of people claiming they are one, you can carefully assess their skills before getting them on board. Others might not have enough experience to create professional logo designs. That being said, we have a guide for you when hiring someone to do your logo designs. 


Why is it Hard to Create Logo Designs? 

Even expert graphic designers have a hard time creating a logo. You need to think about the typeface, color psychology, and even the shapes. Now, the challenge here is that you need to practice minimalism even with a number of elements required. It’s because no one is really fond of a cluttered logo. You would want to send an impactful message without overdoing it. And that’s a technique only a professional graphic designer can handle. 


Reasons Why Your Logo will Fail  

You’re still not convinced that logos are hard to make? Well, there are a number of reasons why your logo will fail and we will state the common ones. 

  • Too simple or too complicated designs
  • Unprofessional tools that could not deliver quality logos
  • Not translating your brand image to your logo
  • Similarities with other company logos


Hiring a Logo Designer 

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Before you sign a contract, here are some of the things to consider before working with a logo designer. 


The Portfolio 

As always, you need to check their past and current logo designs. This is to give you an idea if their style will fit yours. You also have to consider the variety of logo designs. Are they all the same? Can you see a pattern? Or is there an apparent style for each? This is crucial because you would want to hire a logo designer that can work with different industries and niche. 

Remember, you can’t use the same approach across all industries. A logo in the food industry is unlikely to work for a law firm. 


Years of Experience

But looking at the portfolio isn’t enough. The years of experience must have a weight in your decision as well. Experienced logo designers are well-knowledgeable about the techniques. That means they can work faster than a newbie. And as someone who wants a logo for a business, you wouldn’t want to waste a single second, would you?  



When looking for a logo designer, you must also probe a bit on the tools they use. This is to ensure that they can deliver quality logo designs. Here are some of the tools a graphic designer must have:

  • Own Computer 
  • High-Resolution Monitor
  • Creative Software
  • Antivirus Software
  • Monitor Calibrator to show real colors 
  • Hard Drive 
  • Graphics Tablet 

Bear in mind that a serious logo designer will invest in good equipment. 



Find a logo designer with good communication skills. Are they prompt in answering your calls? Can they efficiently address all your concerns? You see, it isn’t just about the technical skills that you have to take note of. You need someone that you can easily work with. 


Professional Rate 

And this, of course, is vital when looking for a logo designer. If you are just building your company, then spending too much for a logo design isn’t practical. Why don’t you work with an on-demand logo design team such as the Design Doctor? They have amazing logo designers with impressive credentials under their belt. The best thing about working with the Design Doctor team is you only pay for a fixed monthly rate. Get all your graphic and logo design needs for a fraction of the cost. 


Client Testimonials 

Lastly, look for client testimonials. You see, a graphic designer might be showing a good portfolio and they might even have great communication skills. But the real question is, can they deliver? Are they on time? Were they able to satisfy their clients? 

If you want to hire a logo designer, a little bit of research can go a long way.

The tips above are what you need to find the best local designer for your logo. Or better yet, skip all the hassle and just work with Design Doctor.  


Red Flags When Finding a Logo Designer 

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What do you have to watch out for before working with a logo designer? 



As much as possible, make sure that you get the full ownership of the design once your logo designer is finished. This allows you to use the material in the future. If not, then you will have to pay your graphic designer for years to come. And obviously, that can create a dent on your cash flow. 

In addition, when you hire a logo designer, reconfirm that you will get all the source and raw files and not just the PDF or JPG versions. 


They Don’t Understand Your Business 

Generally, your graphic or logo designer will ask about the recommended colors, elements, and shapes. However, it takes more than that to be called a legitimate graphic designer. One must understand your industry, your business, your market, and even your personal preference. This makes your logo or graphic aids more sensible, and it will not look like random works of art. 



Hiring a logo designer might not be as easy as ABC. But if you do this properly, your logo can bring you more business. Big companies spend thousands of dollars on a logo. And that says a lot about its importance. As for you, there’s no need to spend too much. Work with the Design Doctor team and get a logo that can last for years. 

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