12 Ecommerce Logo Examples That Promote Branding

An eCommerce logo is more than just an asset you need to put on your product labels or complete your web graphics. It represents your brand and serves as a visual summary of all you stand for. Due to its crucial role, logo designs require research, skill, and a lot of thinking. 

Just to show how critical business logos are, let’s look at some numbers related to company logo design. According to stats, more than six out of ten ventures pay up to $500 in fees for every new logo they commission. If you think this is steep, then you’re certainly not part of the 20% of small business owners who pay up to $1,000 per logo. In short, a great logo doesn’t come cheap. 

Custom logo designs can largely differ in prices, depending on who you hire for the job. In 1997, all eyes were on BBC when they paid $1.8 million for their logo – three letters in square boxes. However, this doesn’t mean you have to spend an arm and a leg to have a logo design that best represents your brand. 

Whether you’re looking for ideas for finance logos, fashion logos, or any other types of business symbols, take time to consider the best examples. By doing so, you’ll be more prepared as you brainstorm for the symbol that will serve as the face of your brand.


How Great Logo Designs Can Help Businesses

Some business newbies decide to search online for the best free logo maker website or free logo design software. It might be helpful if you’re still brainstorming for a logo and you want an illustration of your ideas. However, when you’re in the actual process of putting up your brand identity, you need to take your logo design more seriously.

What makes a logo so vital in business branding? Below are a few factors.



A logo creates the first impression. If a prospect doesn’t know much about your business, most of their perception about you will be based on your logo.



Your logo will appear not just on your website and products, but also on your social media profiles and posts, email letterheads, and other marketing materials.  


Brand Recall

The logo can help clients have a better recall of your brand. The look and feel of the logo can also help in positioning your brand against competitors.


Helpful eCommerce Logo Tips

There may be free logo design templates that you can download online, but it’s still best to conceptualize your own. Here are some helpful hints when brainstorming for your business logo ideas.

  • Consider Your Industry. Look at other players within the same industry. How do their logos look like? Try to be unique, but avoid going beyond what is deemed acceptable.
  • Conceptualize Your Palette. Are you going for a monochrome or vibrant logo? What hues best represent your brand?
  • Establish Your Branding. Even the top graphic designers will not be able to help you if you don’t know what your brand stands for. Take the time to set your brand identity before you have your logo designed. 
  • Plan Ahead. How will the logo look if you use it for fashion advertising or pharmaceutical packaging designs?


12 Best eCommerce Website Logos

Here are some of the best eCommerce website logos to inspire you as you create your own.


1. Umbra

business logo example

The logo of this home product retailer is creatively innovative. The monochrome symbol, a letter “U” inside a black box, also looks like a shopping bag.


2. Porter & York

business logo example

The logo for this online meat retailer looks simple and rustic. At first glance, the crossed knives at the center tell the viewer about the nature of the venture. 


3. Flash Tattoos

business logo example

The logo for this innovative jewelry-inspired temporary tattoos is simple but striking, much like the concept of the business. The logo looks sophisticated without looking too high-strung.


4. Barefoot Buttons

business logo example

The logo of this music pedal accessory aptly shows the nature of the business and also complements the name of the brand.


5. Sodashi

business logo example

If you’re looking for examples of eCommerce logo fonts, Sodashi offers a great example. It’s minimalist but distinct at the same time.


6. Zwift

business logo example

The logo for an app that “turns indoor training into a game” looks sporty and energetic. It’s simple enough to remember, just like the brand name.


7. The Good Batch

business logo example

This shop offers baked goods, cakes, ice cream sandwiches, cookies, and pastries. So, the logo looks like a big piece of cookie.


8. The Great Divide

business logo example

This logo shows an excellent display of graphic design basics. It’s clean, engaging, and dynamic. The venture offers US products to European clients, so a patriotic logo is fitting.


9. Nick Mayer

business logo example

Nick Mayer is a former marine biologist and artist popular for his nature artworks. The website logo is his signature, which also appears in each of his paintings.


10. Luxy

business logo example

Luxy offers premium clip-in hair extensions. So, the logo typography is soft, delicate, and feminine. At the same time, it also looks elegant and chic.


11. Sierra Designs

business logo example

Sierra Designs offers outdoor and camping gear, apparel, and accessories. Their teal logo, which shows a tree and a half curve, is sleek and simple.  


12. Uppercase

business logo example

This venture publishes creative books and magazines. Aptly, its logo is creative without trying too hard. The combination of the letter “U” and the arrow pointing up is a nice touch.


Creating Your eCommerce Logo

It may be cheap to make eCommerce logo online or to get free logo design templates. However, these free DIY options may come at a price in the long run. For one, if you don’t have enough training in graphic design, your logo can come out amateurish. Or worse, if you use a free template, your brand symbol could have a thousand other copies online. 

If you need a high-quality business logo that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, Design Doctor can help. Offering unlimited graphics at a flat monthly rate, they can create not just your logo but also other assets you need as you start your venture.

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