Top Graphic Designers to Follow on Instagram

Instagram has become an omnipotent channel for the creatives. Unquestionably, you can find the top graphic designers on this social network. With one billion people who use Instagram monthly, people in the creative space will always find a way to connect. Likewise, the best graphic designers curate their pieces for public display. Whether hobbyists showcase their art or creative agencies promote their services, there is room for growth for graphic designers on Instagram. In this article, we’ll show you 13 of our top graphic designer picks and their portfolio. But first, what makes Instagram an excellent avenue to promote graphic design?


Instagram is Built for Graphic Design


Instagram is indeed an excellent channel to find the most creative graphic designs. That’s not to say Facebook is any less effective. However, considering that Instagram is visuals-centric, it’s become an apt social network for up-and-coming and top graphic designers.

Another reason why creatives can express their arts and crafts on Instagram is due to search accessibility. Out of all social networks, Instagram is still a platform that cannot do without hashtags. It can be pretty easy for brands, organizations, influencers, and even graphic designers to establish an online presence through hashtags. Coca-Cola’s #ShareACoke, a marketing campaign that went viral, is one example. 

Last but not least, Instagram provides various media for different viewing preferences. While some would prefer to see static artwork, some would want moving frames. If graphic designers would want to promote their services in the future, they can entice audiences in many ways. Through the use of Stories Ads, Collection Ads, Carousel Ads, and even Video Ads, graphic design businesses could surge quickly.


13 Top Graphic Designers on Instagram


1. Maja Säfström

top graphic designer on instagram

At a glance, you can differentiate Maja Säfström’s style from all the others. This Stockholm-based author and illustrator has always been fond of drawing animals since she was a kid. It soon turned out to be the perfect dream when an American publisher encouraged her to create a book. Now, she’s been displaying her cute, fun, and simple illustrations on books, which are mostly about animals.


2. Steven Harrington

top graphic designer on instagram

Steven Harrington is inspired by California’s hugely diverse landscape, mystery, and a melting pot of cultures. And his style stems from this inspiration. He describes his artwork as having a “timeless quality.” Something that transcends beyond the canvas and colors, it communicates to the viewers as well. Overall, his vivid, playful, and contemporary edge make him one of the top graphic designers today.


3. Velvet Spectrum 

top graphic designer on instagram

Luke Choice spearheads this Oregon-based creative studio, Velvet Spectrum. They help businesses’ issues through the use of inspiring and innovative solutions. Their work covers anything from illustration, graphic design, 3D animation, and typography. Plus, they showcase visual storytelling, colors, and depth on every piece.


4. Timothy Goodman 

top graphic designer on instagram

Timothy Goodman is one of the top muralists today. He captures viewers with his funky murals and inspiring words. The awards under his belt also prove how adept he is with his craft. 


5. Jessica Hische

top graphic designer on instagram

Jessica Hische shares a studio in San Francisco with another great lettering artist Erik Marinovich. As a lettering artist herself, she’s inspired thousands through creative conferences and appearances. Her lettering style is diverse, playful, and eye-catching. If she’s not creating letterforms, she’s writing children’s books or manipulating beziers. 


6. Seb Lester

top graphic designer on instagram

Gaining inspiration from the Latin alphabet, this graphic designer has found his passion for calligraphy. Seb Lester is one of the most revered graphic designers who has worked with prominent companies worldwide. New York Times, Apple, Intel, Nike, NASA, H&M, Barclays, British Airways, to name a few. Amassing a following of over a million on Instagram, Seb is undoubtedly one of the top graphic designers worldwide.


7. Pentagram

top graphic designer on instagram

This design collective doesn’t need an introduction. Businesses, artists, graphic designers, and Instagram users have heard of Pentagram one way or another. Aside from being the largest design studio in the world, Pentagram also boasts its unique business structure. A structure that is different from other creative agencies. The designers behind Instagram believe that “great design cannot happen without passion.”


8. Rylsee

top graphic designer on instagram

Cyril Vouilloz is the creative genius behind Rylsee. His work in hand-drawn typography is unique and original. He adds an experimental angle and depth to each composition, which is what makes his pieces stand out. 


9. Jessica Walsh 

top graphic designer on instagram

Jessica Walsh is the half-owner of Sagmeister & Walsh Inc., a collective that she kickstarted with his partner Stefan Sagmeister. Aside from being a graphic designer, Walsh is also an art director, illustrator, and advocate for women creatives. She started Ladies, Wine & Design to empower women and non-binary creatives around the globe. Her style revolves around boldness, provocativeness, and emotion. 


10. Stefan Sagmeister

top graphic designer on instagram

Stefan Sagmeister, one of Sagmeister & Walsh Inc.’s founders, is a graphic designer, typographer, and storyteller based in New York. Stefan’s distinct style has made him one of the most interesting and compelling graphic designers today. People describe his work as unconventional and intriguing. Ultimately, he is one of the top artists on Instagram with over 400,000 followers. 


11. David Schwen

top graphic designer on instagram

David Schwen runs a New York-based design studio that works with small and big brands and agencies worldwide. He is also the Design Director of the world’s multinational beverage corporation PepsiCo. Boasting a 15-year experience in graphic design, he helps brands engage their audience through captivating designs. Lastly, he believes that “good design starts conversations.”


12. Gemma O’Brien

top graphic designer on instagram

Gemma O’Brien is an Australian creative who displays her art in various forms. You can see her typographic work through illustrations, digital art, calligraphy, and beautiful hand-painted murals. Her artwork shows bright colors and illustrative lettering. She has also gained a few awards, including PRINT Magazine’s New Visual Artists: 15 under 30.


13. Lauren Hom

top graphic designer on instagram

Lauren Hom is well-known for her playful lettering and colorful typography coupled with eccentric copywriting. She is passionate about creating beautiful art for clients. Some of them include Google, Starbucks, AT&T, TIME Magazine, YouTube, and more. She once created a project using 10 of Beyonce’s song lyrics to convey how she goes about her business. 


Wrap Up


If you’re new in the creative niche, take your graphic design to Instagram. Of course, your Instagram images reflect your work quality. So ensure that you use high-quality photos to catch user attention. Take inspiration from these top graphic designers on Instagram and share your craft with others in the same field.

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