The REAL Cost of Graphic Design in 2020

Graphic design plays a considerable role in the way consumers or customers see businesses. Brand identity and packaging are essential as companies start their new venture. Marketing visuals drive value to businesses, as well. Social Media Examiner reports that over 80% of marketers need visuals for their social media platforms. In turn, many businesses think of hiring a graphic designer or an agency. Due to the growing graphic design industry, businesses have options to see which services would be a perfect fit for them. However, graphic design prices can keep a company in choosing the right service.

Graphic design prices differ depending on what type of service you want to use. Some offer flat rates per month, while some would go for an hourly rate. For startups and businesses, it’s advisable to go for a flat rate, free cancellation option. That way, all design assets are delivered on time.

In this article, we discuss different ways to avail graphic design services. We added the graphic design prices for your reference as well.


Freelance Graphic Designers

One of the most common ways to hire a graphic designer is to find a freelancer online. You wouldn’t have to put up an ad any longer on any directories or job search sites. Luckily, small businesses, influencers, startups, and even big brands can find one easily through different lists.

It’s a much easier option for companies to hire a freelance graphic designer. Since businesses hire freelancers, there are no long-term commitments. In some way, businesses are saving some money instead of hiring one.

Some freelancers work on a flexible schedule too. They can be available when you need them or do graphic design work during your non-working hours.

The go-to freelance graphic designer directories are:

Upwork posts hourly rates of freelancers on the site. So, if you’re looking to hire a graphic designer there, the rates range from $25.00 to $99.00. For Fiverr, you might get affordable graphic design prices starting at $5. Unfortunately, you’ll need an account on Working Not Working to get an idea of how much the costs would be for a freelancer. 

One of the main downsides of hiring a freelance graphic designer would be availability. There might be instances that freelancers have other projects other than yours. Perhaps, some freelancers could go MIA without notice. That’s why, if you’re still starting, it would be useful to avail of reliable services too.

Another downside to hiring a freelance graphic designer could be location, according to Just Creative. In turn, a language barrier is an issue as well. That’s why you need to communicate clearly with them and have open communication channels prepared.

According to IBIS World, freelancers make up 90% of the whole graphic design industry. So, you have many freelance options for your small business. You’re not limited to the directories we listed above.


Design Agency

Big brands like Nike, Google, and Microsoft use design agencies for a brand strategy, marketing campaigns, and other design assets or deliverables business needs. 

Design agencies have a dedicated team to ensure that every part of your design is intricate, from the color, size, and font. It’s very technical, but it provides that brand identity is present in every single part of the company.

Here are the five popular design agencies in the US:

You could choose to look for boutique design agencies. They might have a more affordable option for small businesses.

You might have to shell out more than usual if you want to tap a big design agency.

Upwork says that graphic design prices can escalate up to $300,000. Sure, you’ll have a dedicated team working on your brand, but maybe save up on it first and use it for other expenses for your startup or small business.

Also, you might expect some delay in getting your design assets as well. Since they might not be your only client, expect that they have more design deliverables in the queue.


In-House Graphic Designer

in-house graphic designer

It’s advisable to hire an in-house (full time) graphic designer IF you need designs all the time. It would especially remove overhead expenses from hiring too many freelancers. That way, the graphic designer can prioritize your designs, and they’re available anytime.

According to Brandon Gaille, if you’re a manufacturing company, you’re likely to hire a full-time graphic designer. It’s the industry that takes up 14% of the full-time numbers for the graphic design community.

Other than the freelance graphic design directories listed above, you may refer to Indeed, Monster, and even LinkedIn. These are reliable websites that can help you find an in-house graphic designer. You’ll need to create an ad. That way, you can find a prospective graphic designer for your business.

It would be costly to hire a full-time graphic designer, especially if you don’t ask for too many graphic design assets. According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary for graphic designers is $48,561. So, if you’re not in an industry where you need design assets almost every day, you might need to reconsider if a full-time graphic designer would work for you.


Do-it-Yourself Graphic Design Tools

Small businesses and startups may save up on costs on a DIY option. For those who want simple designs for social media posts or packaging purposes, DIY would be a safe option on a budget. 

DIY services offer templates for those without any design experience. It saves you time on creating any design from scratch. You can even customize your chosen template. You can upload custom fonts or logos for those services.

DIY is perfect when you’re making simple social media graphic designs or for content marketing purposes. That way, you’re able to practice your skills and experience first hand how to create graphic design that is consistent with your business.

Here are some of the known graphic design tools for non-designers:

Most of these graphic design tools offer a free version. Of course, the free version is limited. Some have download limits per month. It could be a deal-breaker, especially if you need more than 3 or 5 design assets a month. 

Another drawback for the non-graphic designer is, especially if you want to create a design from scratch, it can be time-consuming. There might be some issues with resizing a photo as you make one from scratch. If you want to create a design that has different dimensions (ex. Social media headers), you’ll have to start over.

Pricing is competitive for DIY Graphic Design tools.

You will save a few cents by using Easil with an Easil Plus subscription for only $7.50. On the other hand, Stencil has a flat rate of $9.00 for its Pro plan. If you believe Canva or Adobe Spark can help you with your designs, its Pro or Individual plan starts at $9.99. But if you don’t mind paying an extra penny, Snappa offers its Pro plan at $10.00.


Unlimited Graphic Design

For some, the idea of an unlimited graphic design can be foreign. But unlimited graphic design can ease up some burdens and worries, especially when you’re starting. Availing an unlimited graphic design service would help you focus more on your business.

The best thing about using an unlimited graphic design service? The price. For as low as $329, you can get all the design assets you need in just one month. Unlimited graphic design services like Design Doctor can provide you high-quality visual assets at an affordable rate.

An unlimited graphic design service isn’t also for those who are starting. For industries needing a quick turnaround on visuals, an unlimited graphic design service can reduce wait times on up to 24 to 48 hours.

Not only that, but you’ll also get unlimited revisions as well on the drafts. Plus, you can have quick and seamless communication with graphic designers. Make sure to specify any of the revisions you need for the design asset. That way, the graphic designer assigned to the project can turn over your design quickly.

People recommend using unlimited graphic design services if you have a lot of design deliverables. That way, you can get your value for money. In some cases, some unlimited graphic design services may have some delays or don’t offer some design assets.


Final Thoughts

It’s easier to find graphic designers, services, or tools to fulfill some design needs. Small businesses and startups can check out different graphic design prices that match their budget. As you may have read, graphic design prices may range from $5 to $300,000 depending on which service you avail.

If you do plan to choose an unlimited graphic design service, you should consider Design Doctor. You can get all the design deliverables you’ll need between 24 to 48 hours. Plus, you won’t have a problem with quality either. It’s excellent value for money and affordable for any kind of business.

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