5 Customer Favorite Graphic Design Services to Use

Graphic design is the art of creating assets that help businesses communicate beautifully. It takes a special kind of talent and skills to combine beauty and functionality. This may be the reason finding graphic design services are hard to come by. 

According to HubSpot statistics, 70% of companies invest in content marketing. This includes graphic design, such as infographics or illustrations. Getting a steady supply of these content is made easy with these five graphic design services that are crowd favorites.

Let’s get to know them all:


1. Design Doctor

graphic design service

We love what we’re doing, and we believe that we’re good at it. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that we take pride in being on top of this list. Design Doctor is a graphic design service provider to mostly startups and small businesses, and everything in between.

Officially launched in December 2018, Design Doctor now caters to more than a thousand companies worldwide. We are an on-demand graphic design service that offers unlimited designs and revisions. We were founded on the belief that graphic design shouldn’t be expensive and unattainable for those just starting.

Our pricing starts at $349 per month, the other plans are Professional and Enterprise, which cost $599 and $999, respectively. With these, you can send as many design requests as you can in a month. Our revisions are also unlimited without extra charge to you. This ensures that you only get the best designs, ones that you’ll be happy with. 

Hiring freelance graphic designers can be a tedious task. While hiring an in-house graphic designer can seem simple, it can cost you more. With Design Doctor, you won’t have to worry about vetting the designers. We saved you the hassles of the recruitment process and give you a cost-effective yet high-quality graphic design. 

Design Doctor’s subscription service is a month-to-month membership that you can cancel any time you want to. You won’t be locked in a contract, which means you can always opt-out when you no longer need our services. This is ideal for companies that have seasons of high and low workloads.  

Our clients love us for our team of professional designers that churn out high-quality graphic design, each and every time. Our turnaround time is within 24 to 48 hours. We know how important time is for businesses, so we made graphic design fast and affordable.


2. Penji

graphic design service 

Rebook, Pepboys, 1800-Flowers, and a thousand others have one thing in common. They all use Penji as their graphic design service. Also launched in 2017, Penji is very much community-driven. They offer their services to nonprofits for just one dollar, which is what makes them unique.

Like Design Doctor, Penji also offers unlimited graphic design services and revisions. They have three different plans, which consist of the Pro, Team, and Agency plans. They are priced at $369, $479, and $698, respectively.

Their plans include website and app designs and custom illustrations, and many others. They also offer a no-contract, cancel-anytime offer, which means easy opt-out whenever you want.


3. Lead Pixels

graphic design service

Created specifically for agencies, marketers, and other businesses, Lead Pixels also offers unlimited graphic design services. It has a very similar business model to both Design Doctor and Penji. Like them, Lead pixels also has a month-to-month, flat subscription fee.

According to their website, they will find the best graphic designer for your projects from the top 2% in the world. Their flexible pricing, fast turnaround times, and straightforward brand management are what their clients love about them.

Lead Pixels aims to provide graphic design services so you won’t have to search for suitable talents. They made procurement of graphic design easy and simple. All you have to do is submit your requests, and they’ll take care of the rest.


4. Design Pickle

graphic design service

Founded in 2015, Design Pickle had been born with the same concept as the first three on this list. They also saw the need for affordable graphic design services. Thus, they too, offer unlimited graphic design with unlimited revisions.

Design Pickle has three different plans to choose from. These are Graphic Design Essentials at $399 per month and the Graphic Design Pro at $995 a month. Their Custom Illustration plan is a separate plan that offers custom illustrations only, at $499 per month.

They also have the Single Request feature, where you can have one project designed for just $75. The design process is the same, but only good for one request. This is specially created for those still unsure if they need a full month subscription or not.


5. ManyPixels

graphic design service 

Believing that every business, great or small, should have access to affordable graphic design, ManyPixels was founded. Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, the company had been born out of the need for inexpensive yet high-quality graphic design.

Their fixed monthly subscription rate is at $399 for their Basic plan and the Premium, which is at $549 per month. Both these plans offer no contracts, and you can cancel any time you need to. They can provide you with logos, web and landing pages, and 2-3 second GIF animations.

Much like all the four graphic design services listed above, ManyPixels offer unlimited designs. Their services include unlimited revisions as well. According to their website, their turnaround time is 1 to 2 business days, which is basically the same as everyone else on this list.


Final Thoughts

As we can see from this list, all these graphic design services have similar business models. They all offer on-demand, unlimited graphic design, and revisions. Their pricing varies, as well as their plan offerings are. The question is, who should you go for?

Among the choices given above, Design Doctor tops them all. We are proud of our graphic design team and consider them as our secret sauce. And we go out of our way to make graphic design the best there is for your business. We believe that our people are what make us stand out.

Contact us today and see how we take your projects and make them our own.

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