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What is the Hype Behind Unlimited Graphics?

“Why in the world would you need unlimited graphics?” 

We’ve heard sceptics say this all the time. Apparently, some people still find it hard to understand why there is a sudden influx of demand for these types of services. But with the stiff business competition, the real question should be, “Why are you still not getting unlimited design services right now?”  

We are here to shed some light on this issue and explain the hype behind unlimited graphics. 


Why Do You Need Unlimited Graphics?

If you are running a business right now and you don’t have either an online presence or offline marketing materials, then you are not maximizing your business’ full potential. Let’s put things into perspective, shall we? 

According to social media experts, you need to post at least once a day on Facebook. Or if you have an Instagram business account, two posts per day should keep you afloat. More or less, you have to prepare 90 high-quality and unique graphics every month. But that’s just a portion of your graphic design needs. You still have your website, your blogs, your newsletters, and a whole bunch of merchandise needing professional designs. 

Can you still handle it in between client meetings, emails, inventory checks, and market study? 

We don’t think so. And that is why as early as now, we are urging you to try the services of an unlimited graphic design team so that you can enjoy the following benefits.


Spend More Time on Things You Love 

We are not saying that you don’t love your business. But if you want to be fully successful and happy at the same time, you need to unload tasks and make time for yourself. Unfortunately, you cannot get a system that can automate graphic design. There’s no AI yet that can capture what your market needs and translate it into visuals. But by hiring a team that provides unlimited graphics, you just need to place your request and you can do whatever you please during your spare time. 


Your Own Professional Creative Team

A creative team is not easy to find. But when you outsource your graphic design needs to a pool of professionals who do that for a living, you are unlikely to run out of creative juices. Graphic design teams are usually composed of members with versatile skills. So whether you require web design, social media ads, or print materials, you can have these all in a shorter span of time. Having the right skill set and unique ideas coupled with theories and design trends can help your brand stand out.  

And speaking of design trends, a graphic design company is equipped to work on mobile responsive designs. If you are new to this concept, it means that your promotional materials, marketing tools, and collaterals will be optimized for mobile use. 

As of the moment, there are roughly 3.5 billion smartphone users globally. Most of these users do their online activities through their hand-held gadgets. Not optimizing your marketing tools for mobile phones will make you lose a huge percentage of your potential customers. 


Reach Your Objectives Faster 

Are you targeting improved brand recall? Would you like to generate leads? Or are you after closing sales? Whatever your objective is, a great graphic design team can help you. They know the right persuading techniques through visuals. So even if you are still on the top of your marketing funnel, unlimited graphic designs can speed up the entire process. This is because you always have the right materials that are ready to be published or distributed anytime. Just send your requests and expect your first draft within 24 to 48 hours. 

What’s more is that you get to enjoy unlimited revisions, use a reliable communication platform, and test the waters first as these graphic design services offer a 14-day free trial.


You Can Keep Track of Your Budget 

There are a handful of graphic design companies that work on a subscription model like Design Doctor. With that business model, you don’t have to limit your requests. And at the end of the month, you still know how much you need to pay. The subscription fee is fixed so there will be no surprises and no hidden fees.  

Take for example Design Doctor’s pricing. For $349 a month, you can have unlimited graphic design requests and unlimited revisions for one active project.   

This is something you cannot enjoy if you hire freelancers on a per-project basis. Chances are, they will charge high additional fees for requests not originally stated in the contract. However, we know that graphic design requests can come anytime. Sure there are designs that you can schedule ahead of time, but there are others which you need to complete right away. A graphic design team at your beck and call can cover these requirements for you.  


Hiring an In-House Graphic Design Team, Is It Better?  

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Some of you might probably ask, “So why not just hire a dedicated graphic designer or build a team within your office?”

That’s a good question, but here’s our answer. 

When you hire one graphic designer for all your requests, it is possible to have a creative burnout. At some point, your graphic designer will run out of ideas and this can lead to poor quality of output. Are you willing to risk it?  

As for building an in-house team, this works if you have hundreds or thousands of graphic requirements every month. Huge companies are good candidates for this. But the fact that these same corporations outsource their graphic designs too, that means that working with a third-party team is more beneficial. 

You need an outsider’s perspective if you want to have fresh and unique ideas. In addition, graphic design companies work with different industries. They are exposed to several techniques and practices which you can also leverage. They can propose innovative styles that can make your graphic designs better than the rest. 


Where to Use Unlimited Graphics 

We’ve briefly mentioned some of the materials where you need graphic designs. But the list doesn’t stop there. To highlight the importance of graphic designs, take a look at our list: 

  • Logo 
  • Tagline 
  • Social media posts
  • Business proposals 
  • Online advertisements  
  • E-books 
  • Websites 
  • Newsletters 
  • Packaging 
  • Posters 
  • White Paper 
  • Billboards 
  • Brochures 
  • Flyers 
  • Leaflets 

These things apparently require graphic design. Some are considered ‘seasonal’ requirements like billboards and posters. It will probably only take 48 hours to finish. But creating social media posts, completing an e-book, or finalizing white papers are some of the heavy workloads that you need to consider. Having an unlimited graphics team is your answered prayer.  


Industries that will Benefit From Unlimited Graphics 

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While most, if not all industries need graphic designers, there are sectors that will benefit more from companies offering unlimited graphics. 



With manufacturing companies, graphic designers have a huge role. This industry needs a designer’s expertise in creating packaging or even designing an actual product. These things can make or break a company. 



Graphic designers are needed by both traditional publishing companies and digital publishers. They need to work on different materials such as books, magazines, and newspapers. The graphic designer is responsible for doing layouts, choosing the right images, and ensuring that the fonts and typography are on point.


Web Design and Development Services  

These companies need graphic design services to help them create website layouts and to fulfill all the needed digital media. The images, icons, headers, footers, and forms will be designed by a graphic designer. 


Marketing and Advertising  Agencies

And lastly, we have the marketing and advertising agencies that have huge requirements for graphic designs. Graphic designers working for these industries will have to complete promotional materials for the agency’s clients. This includes posters, brochures, leaflets, and online advertising images, among many others.  



Getting an unlimited graphic design service is the most practical solution nowadays. You pay for a fixed price and you get to use quality graphic designs for your business. Think about the time you will save and the profit it will bring. 

Design Doctor has a team of graphic designers that can provide your company with unlimited designs at an affordable price. You might want to check their packages and see which one will work best for your budget.  

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