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Email Design Inspiration for Every Major Holiday 

Many business owners tend to overlook the power of email when thinking about marketing strategies. This may be due to the massive amount of email we receive each day. Since most of the time, we usually delete these emails and just shrug them off as unimportant. However, statistics show that email marketing boasts a 4,200% ROI (Return On Investment) in 2019 alone. That’s $42 you earn for every $1 you spend. If you still haven’t used email in your marketing efforts, now’s the best time to do it. Here are a few email design inspiration examples as well as benefits for using them for marketing. 


Why Email Marketing is Effective 

A study by McKinsey & Company tells us that email marketing can reach your customers 40% better than Facebook or Twitter. In a previous study, the same company found out that email use has indeed declined. As the advent of faster communications in the form of instant messaging progressed, people emailed less. 

But with this somewhat contradictory information, businesses shouldn’t forego emails altogether. Instead, they should find ways to make the channel work in their favor. With more than 3.9 billion email users, we couldn’t agree more with this. 

Email has the most significant reach, more than any social media out there. After all, before you can even create an account with any of them, you have to have an email address. Also, email is more personal and highly customizable for you to do so. 

Business website,, asserts that the email data measurement tools are way better than social media analytics. You’ll know how many emails were opened, the recipients’ behavior (if they clicked on your link), and what they do when directed to your website. 

When a customer gives you their email address, it only shows that they expect to hear from you. This is quite unlike the likes or shares you get from social media. This shows that email opens a much more personal relationship between you and the customer. 


Benefits of Email Marketing 

If you’re still unconvinced, here are a few benefits of adding emails to your marketing operations: 


Emails are Portable 

Statistics show us that 81% of people check their emails on their smartphones. This means accessibility is never a problem with email marketing. Your email stays in your customers’ inbox until they are hopefully opened and read. 


Emails are Great in Building Relationships 

You can stay connected with your customers and help you build relationships with them. The more engaging your content is, the better they will respond. This will also help make them more loyal to you. 


Emails are Engaging 

A HubSpot survey found that about two-thirds of the respondents claim that they prefer emails with images in them. Another study shows that emails enjoy a 27% higher open rate when they include graphics in them. This is enough proof that graphic design should be a vital part of your email campaigns. 


Email Design Inspirations 

Of course, bombarding the people on your email list can put them off and turn them away. Additionally, empty content can make them ignore your emails. The key to a successful email marketing campaign is knowing when to send them and having meaningful content. According to, the holidays are the best time as this is when they’re most productive. 

Here are email design inspirations to encourage you to create your own for the most important holidays of the year: 



email design

This design email inspiration from Uber is from their Don’t Ghost Home Alone campaign. It encourages their customers to use their service to carpool. The email has a monochromatic green graphic against a black background. The email perfectly captures the Halloween spirit while the headline draws in the readers. 



email design

The Christmas season is the best time to send your customers or prospects an email. You can either greet them or tell them about an offer or sale that you’re having. The email from Starbucks has a lot going on, but the layout makes it easy to follow. They have a variety of offers that are made irresistible by the beautiful graphics and crisp images. 



email design

When we think of Valentine’s, we think about red hearts and red roses. This email design inspiration from Tiffany & Co. did the opposite of what we’re used to. It uses a very light color palette that’s elegant, charming, and enticing. The cute and perky graphics go well with the images of their products. 


Black Friday and Cyber Monday 

email design

Of all the times to send an email, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a must for every business. This is when people are ready to spend, spend, spend. Send them an email to announce the promos, discounts, or sales you’re having. This Dean & Deluca email kept it short and straightforward, which is easy on the eyes. 



email design

The Easter holiday is a great time to send your customers an email. You can take advantage of the high spirits, especially if your products fit in the theme perfectly. In Farmcrowdy‘s case, their business is geared towards the farm and the farmers. Their email design inspiration includes a Happy Easter greeting and a basket full of colorful Easter eggs. 


Why You Need Design Doctor  

As you can see from the above email design inspirations, it’s quite clear that graphic design played a significant role. For people to open your emails, you have to make them worth their efforts. The examples listed here use excellent graphic design to make recipients open and read them. 

You can do this, too, with the help of an unlimited graphic design service. Design Doctor can create email designs for every holiday there is. Our subscription business model lets you submit as many email design requests as you wish.

For as low as $349 a month, you’ll have access to high-quality graphic design. Our professional graphic designers are ready to take on any design task you’ll need. From email designs, logos, to social media graphics, we’ll take care of them for you.  

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