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5 Ways Unlimited Graphic Design Services Can Improve Workflow

Unlimited graphic design services are on the rise. Are you still DIYing graphic designs or paying expensive rates for graphic designers? It’s time you consider an unlimited graphic design service for your business assets and marketing materials. 


What are Unlimited Graphic Design Services?

In a nutshell, unlimited graphic design means clients get unlimited designs and revisions for a flat monthly fee. There are no contracts or additional fees. Subscribers will be automatically billed a fixed monthly rate. 

Clients can submit as many design requests as they want, and designers work on each project one at a time. Depending on the package you subscribe to, you can have up to three projects worked on at a time. The turnaround time for each project is usually 24 to 48 hours, depending on the complexity of each design. 

Unlimited graphic design services can be classified as cloud-based services. It works on a “pay-as-you-go” scheme wherein clients can unsubscribe anytime if they no longer need the service. 

Unlimited graphic design history dates back to how cloud computing started. When Amazon first released its cloud computing product called Elastic Compute Cloud in 2006, many followed suit. However, cloud-based services date back as early as 1996. 


The Need for Unlimited Graphic Design Services

Famous companies worldwide trust the expertise of these unlimited graphic design companies. Brands such as AWeber, Lyft, Express, King’s Hawaiian, and Reebok, to name a few. 

As digital transformation continues to encompass business today, more and more companies are succumbing to a digital-centric world. Companies are investing in graphic design now more than ever. This is because of the continuous need for logos, corporate identity, and promotional materials. Plus, companies are also competing for online presence now more than ever. 

Because graphic design tells a brand’s story and conveys the company’s message, it’s hard not to include this service in your business. According to Harvard Business Review, on-demand industries such as unlimited graphic design companies attract more than 22.4 million consumers. And spending also rises to almost $60 billion. 

Here are a few statistics from Adobe that shows graphic design is an integral part of any business:

  • Companies that are design-driven outperformed the S&P Index by 219 percent within 10 years
  • Businesses that encourage creativity enjoy higher market share by 1.5 times
  • 71 percent of companies create 10 times the number of assets today than before
  • Executive-level leaders or CEO of some Fortune 125 companies in 2014 encourage design 

In another PwC report, on-demand websites and apps’ market will have a value of around $335 billion by 2025. That goes to show how on-demand services like an unlimited graphic design will only continue to propagate.


5 Ways Unlimited Graphic Design Companies Improve Business Workflow


Does subscribing to unlimited graphic design work? Can it help companies in the long run given they have to pay a fixed monthly rate? The answer depends on the company’s needs. Businesses, regardless of industry, that have a stream of design projects will surely benefit unlimited designs for a fixed rate. Here’s how.


1. Enhance productivity 

Subscribing to unlimited graphic design accounts means having more time taking care of essential business tasks. Plus, this also means entrepreneurs don’t have to go through the tedious search for graphic designers. 

Secondly, the design process is also faster. Because unlimited graphic design takes pride in its promise of a 24 to 48-hour turnaround, you can have more designs done in a month. Although some packages only allow one design at a time, you no longer have to designate staff to projects.

Once you submit designs, one designer and one project team leader are assigned. This ensures that each project is monitored. You don’t have to follow up on the project regularly. All you have to do is wait when designs are submitted after 24 to 48 hours. 

For example, if you run a marketing agency that needs consistent designs, unlimited graphic design service is beneficial. You can work on the copywriting, the marketing strategies, while graphic designers handle the designs. 


2. No budget hindrance

ecommerce packaging

Another reason why more and more companies are subscribing to unlimited graphic design services is the cost. For at least $349 a month, you can get unlimited designs and revisions. 

Hiring in-house or freelance graphic designers means you’ll pay them by the hour or per project. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average graphic designer rate is $25 per hour. Given they have an eight-hour shift, you can multiply that by eight, and the daily rate totals to $200. Plus, in-house designers also get bonuses and benefits. Lastly, freelance graphic designers might require additional fees for revisions. 

Overall, paying a flat monthly rate means you’re saving money, especially if you have a continuous need for graphic designs. And because you have more budget for other aspects of the business, you’ll have a continuous flow of business processes. 

For example, you don’t have to stop other business departments like R&D or production due to insufficient budgets. With lesser overhead expenses, you can save money for the rainy days.


3. Great for versatile projects

Supposing you own a restaurant, promoting your business at the onset will need various design assets. For one, you’ll need a logo, website, billboard, menu, promotional items, and digital marketing assets. 

Having unlimited graphic design services as your aide means you’ll get the best designers for the job. Design Doctor, an unlimited graphic design company, only hires 2 percent of the best graphic designers. 

Because they have varied specialties, you can specifically request for designers with your preferred specialty. For instance, if you’re building a company website, you can request for a designer adept in website user interface designs. On the other hand, if you need illustrations on your merch items like t-shirt or mugs, you may also request for an illustrator. Having graphic designers with various skills improves the overall workflow as you no longer have to find designers with specialized skills one by one. 


4. Knowing branding consistency means fewer revisions


Whether you’re shaping corporate style, or creating marketing materials, hiring unlimited graphic design services translates to branding consistency. On the platform, clients can upload images or create brand guidelines and upload images to their library. 

Graphic designers can refer to brand guidelines for consistency. These professional graphic designers know how crucial brand colors, typography, logos, and messaging are. 

Why do you think Coca Cola includes the color red on their advertisements? If you check Apple’s website, you’ll see their sophisticated branding through the use of lines, minimalism, and black-and-white color combination. Any entrepreneur and marketer know consistency in branding across all channels increases brand recognition and credibility. 

Plus, when you have experts who know design principles and psychology, you’ll have an efficient design outcome. When the right branding is integrated into the designs, there will be fewer revisions, resulting in a flawless workflow.


5. Easy communication and project monitoring

Most graphic design companies that offer unlimited designs and revisions employ a user-friendly platform. This is where clients submit their design requests and communicate with graphic designers. 

With a bespoke platform, it’s easy to keep track of new and old design projects. Requesting for revisions is also easy as clients can comment on the design to let designers know what needs improvements.

For example, Design Doctor’s four-step process allows for seamless projects. The first step is to click on “Create a new project.” Then graphic designers are assigned. The draft is submitted after 24 to 48 hours, and clients can request for revisions. The last step is downloading the designs straight from the platform if clients are 100 percent satisfied. The platform keeps everyone in the loop as you can add up to five members as project collaborators.

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