2020 Graphic Design Services You Should be Considering 

Have you noticed how colorful and brilliant our everyday surroundings are? From our homes to the billboards we pass by, beautiful images and colors abound. And we have the graphic design industry to thank for it. For businesses, graphic design plays an undeniably significant role. Statistics show that 49% of small and medium businesses see graphic design as of utmost importance for success. If you still don’t know where to source good graphic designs, here are five graphic design services you should be considering this year. 


Unlimited Graphic Design Services 

As the name suggests, unlimited graphic design services let you submit as many visual design deliverables as you want. From logos, flyers, to social media graphics, most of these companies offer to create all the design needs you will want for a fixed monthly rate. They typically assign you to a graphic designer with whom you communicate via a dashboard. 



Different companies offer different price lists starting at $149 to $3,499. The deliverables also vary, so you need to check out their services to know which one would suit you the best. 


This type of service is ideal for companies that require a lot of designs but don’t have enough budget to do it. It is affordable, and with some companies offering unlimited revisions, you’re sure to get the design you want.


The only downside we can see from this type of service is the difficulty of having too many choices. The majority of entrepreneurs have little or no knowledge of design. When given designs on an unlimited scale, they may not be able to choose which ones are the best for their requirements. 


Graphic Design Agencies  

man working in an agency

Graphic design agencies provide services such as websites, brochures, billboards, infographics, and other design needs. They work with their clients to create graphic design strategies that help them achieve their business objectives and goals. 



Graphic design agencies get paid depending on several factors. It can depend on the complexity of the design, the expertise of the graphic designer, or the time it would take to complete the project. Generally, a graphic design agency can charge $74 to $350 per hour of work. 


Using the services of a graphic design agency can provide you with top-quality designs. You can have access to niche skills that can be hard to come by. Plus, they will give you expert knowledge, which means more value for your money. 


Many business owners shy away from using the services of a graphic design agency solely for monetary reasons—they can be expensive. 



work from home graphic designer

A freelance graphic designer is an independent contractor that provides design services to a company. They aren’t hired as employees, but rather, they will charge only for the work they’ve done for you. 



Freelance graphic designers can charge per hour or project. The per-hour rate can range from $65 and $150, while the per-project type can go anywhere from $150 to $450. These rates can still go higher depending on the graphic designer’s experience and the complexity of the work. 


This is a more cost-effective way of getting good graphic design. They don’t have to pay for a big office and other operating expenses, thus allowing them to lower their prices. 


Finding the right graphic designer can be a challenging task. You’d have to look at portfolios after portfolios and still get mediocre designs. They can also be unreliable, especially when they get sick or when there are factors that prevent them from working. 


In-House Designers 

full time employee designer

Having an in-house designer means you have access to graphic design at any time of the workday. They get paid a fixed rate each month and will continuously create graphic design for your brand



The average base pay of a graphic designer is $45,677, according to Glassdoor, depending on the experience and expertise. However, an in-house graphic designer can set you back up to $93,000 a year if he has no less than five years’ experience under his belt. 


An in-house graphic designer will understand what your business needs are more than any freelancer or design agency. They will know what your company values and philosophy are and will show in their work. 


Creative slumps are real, and with an in-house designer, you may have to face this dilemma. One of the biggest drawbacks of an in-house designer is when they run out of fresh ideas. 


Project Designers 

Project designers are those you find online that offer designing jobs for a minimum amount. It can also be a website platform that lets you hold contests. This is where you’ll award the project to the one who submitted the design that you like the most. 



For as little as $5 a logo up to $1,399 for a character or mascot design, the price varies depending on the project. 


With this type of service, you’ll get to choose the amount you’re willing to pay for a particular project. You don’t have to deal with hiring people or paying a monthly salary. If you’re on a tight budget, this is for you. 


Most of the time, what you pay for is what you’ll get. If you’re hoping to get professional-looking work, crowdsourcing isn’t the way to go. Furthermore, you may have to say goodbye to punctuality. If you need a design right away, you may have to look for other services to get what you need. 


Final Thoughts 

These graphic design services cater to a multitude of businesses. Your requirements will dictate what type you should go for. But the most cost-effective will be to get unlimited graphic design services such as Design Doctor. Our team of professional designers will give you high-quality design for a fraction of the cost of hiring agencies or in-house designers. 

There is no limit to how many deliverables you want as well as revisions. This way, you’re assured that you’ll get all the designs you need without the hassles of hiring or paying vast amounts of money.



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