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It’s Time to Stop DIY-ing Logos and Hire Logo Designers 

It’s quite common to see business owners getting their logos redesigned. It’s either they want a rebrand or admit to making a mistake in creating the first one. The most common reason for the latter is a poorly-designed logo, which was probably DIY-ed. One of the most important branding investments a business should make is their logo. It’s okay if you want to cut a few corners to save on your finances, but never with your logo. Read on to find out why it’s recommended to hire a logo designer.


Why You Shouldn’t Design Your Logo 

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Designing your logo yourself or getting someone who has a bit of artistic inclination to do it isn’t a good idea. Symantec Brand & Acquisition holds the record for the most expensive logo design ever, amounting to $1,280,000,000. This may be the reason most entrepreneurs or marketers hire a logo designer when it comes to logo design. 

But expensive doesn’t always equate to quality. While this logo is perfect for the brand, you may not be as fortunate to get that from a photo editing software. There are ways you can get quality design for less. We’ll explain later in the article, in the meantime, here are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t make your own logo: 


Unprofessional Outcome  

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From demeanor to appearance, looking professional is essential in the business world. Your logo is your brand’s face. A professional looking logo conveys trust, honor, pride, and many other virtues your company needs to succeed. A logo created by an amateur will look just like that—amateurish. 

The 2012 London Olympics logo generated some adverse interest because people think it looks like a kids’ competition entry


There’s More to a Logo than You Think 

Professional graphic designers undergo rigid training to become knowledgeable in their field. Designing a logo isn’t as simple as adding your brand colors to the font type that you think looks good. You may have a library of a thousand fonts, but graphic designers can create one that’s uniquely yours. 

Additionally, a pro understands color theory and the psychology behind the use of colors. Suffice it to say, they know more about designing a logo than your office staff who has an account with Canva. The Symantec logo is a perfect example of what a good logo should look like. It’s also one that can’t possibly come out from a logo template maker. 


You Might Send the Wrong Message 

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When you need plumbing services for your home, you go to the professionals. Why not do the same for your logo design? Nobody indeed knows your business more than you do, but an outsider can help you create your logo with a perspective other than yours. 

You invest your time, energy, and emotions in your business, and sometimes it gets hard to know what works and what doesn’t. A professional graphic designer will understand what colors or designs will resonate the most with your audience. This logo from SafePlace, which they no longer use because of its irony, conveys a message of being the opposite. 


Common Mistakes Amateur Logo Designers Make 

Since they’re amateurs, most of these logo designers have one thing in mind. That is to create a logo that would wow their clients. They wouldn’t have an idea of what goes into designing an effective logo or if the one they crafted can attract the right attention. 

Here are the most common mistakes you see from logos designed by amateurs: 


Lack of Originality 

Even if it’s unintentional, there are amateur logo designers that can take inspiration from an existing one and incorporate it on your logo. They may not be aware that 90% of their design looks similar to what they used as references. A professional logo designer knows what’s already out there and try to steer away from them. 



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Since a professional graphic designer knows what’s out there, they can design a logo for you that’s unique and one-of-a-kind. They understand the consequences of infringing on other designers’ copyrights. An amateur designer may create a good logo, but if it violates any law, it will cause more trouble than benefits. 

Gucci and Chanel were engaged in a nine-year legal battle over their logos. These brands are both well-known, so it’s safe to assume that professionals created these logos. However, big name or not, nobody wants to go to court to battle it out for a logo. 


Too Complicated Design 

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Only a few amateur logo designers will know that simplicity is the key to excellent logo design. Newbies in the logo design field may find it tempting to add as many elements to a logo as they can. The idea is to make the logo as visually appealing as possible. Therefore, they fall into the thinking that the more assets they add, the better looking the logo will get. 

The image above shows good examples of simple yet effective logos. People around the world recognize them easily. Plus, we can’t discount the fact of their worldwide business success. Logos like these weren’t made on a whim. Instead, they have stories behind them that involve careful and well-thought-out planning. 


Why Hire a Logo Designer? 

There are probably more reasons to hire a logo designer other than these. But the bottom line is, it’s any business’s best recourse to getting a great logo. A bit of good advice to follow is never to scrimp on what’s essential to your business. That includes a logo design. 

As mentioned earlier, good quality doesn’t mean you have to pay an arm and a leg to get it. An unlimited graphic design service such as Design Doctor is what you need. You can get unlimited design requests for your logo at a very affordable price. 

With a fixed monthly rate of as low as $349, you can submit logo design requests as much as you can. We also offer unlimited revisions to help you get the logo you’ve always wanted. We won’t stop until you get a logo that you can be happy with.

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