Free DIY Graphic Design Resources All Designers Use 

Ask any successful marketer or entrepreneur, and they’ll tell you that great graphic design is an essential part of their business. For small businesses or startups, this could pose a problem in terms of budget. It’s because there’s a common misconception that graphic design can be costly. There may be some truth to it, but there are also ways you can work around this. You can have excellent graphic design in various ways, one of which is through the use of DIY graphic design tools. Join us as we take a closer look at some of the recommended free resources for graphic design. 


What are DIY Graphic Design Tools? 

Years ago, graphic designers can create amazing digital art only with the use of paid software or resources. But things have changed, and nowadays, from software to fonts and images, you can get them all for free. Graphic design has become accessible to anyone who wants to design but is on a limited budget. 


The Advantages 

The most significant advantage of these DIY graphic design tools is they’re free. Sure, some may require you to register, pay for a high definition copy, or lack certain features. But for non-designers wanting to try their hands on graphic designing, this is the way to go. 

The Disadvantages 

One of the biggest disadvantages of doing it yourself is the quality of the outcome. Much like DIY home improvements, it can be pretty summed up to be a hit-or-miss project. Professional graphic designers have the experience and knowledge that no free software or tool can replicate. 


Free DIY Graphic Design Tools 

The fact that free graphic design resources are flourishing only means that they work. If you’re looking for the best, here are some free tools that can help you DIY your designs: 



free design tool

Gimp is a free and open-source image editing software that you can download on your computer for a variety of operating systems. You can manipulate photos, create graphic design elements, or produce original artwork. The possibilities are as vast as your imagination. 



free design tool

Humaaans is a library of illustrated figures that are currently trending: you can find them almost everywhere. This is great for those who want graphic design but have no drawing skills. These flat but stylish figures can add swagger to your website, social media posts, or anywhere you want to use them. 


Google Fonts 

free design tool

Sometimes, free items don’t have the quality as those that you pay for. With Google fonts, you’re sure you’re getting top quality. It is an open-source directory that features an extensive library of fonts that you can use anyway and anywhere you want. 



free design tool

Wax is a video compositing and special effects software that is ideal for beginners or home video enthusiasts. It offers flexibility that even professional video editors can use it to create stunning videos. The software comes with preset effects and plugins to help you produce video content with simplicity and ease. 



free design tool

Canva lets you create a wide array of graphic design materials straight from your web browser. In addition, Canva is a powerful, versatile, and easy to use graphic design tool that needs no downloading. It has a drag-and-drop functionality that won the hearts of designers and non-designers alike. 



free design tool

Top graphic designers understand that to keep churning out great design, they need to keep up with the trends. DesignTAXI is a hub where you can get the latest news, updates, and directions for design. From film, graphic design to art, and fashion, you can find them here. 



free design tool

Paaatterns is a free collection of patterns that you can use for website backgrounds, business cards, and many others. Take a peek at their website, and you’ll instantly get a rush from the inspiration that abounds. What’s even better is that these patterns are editable for further customization. 


Gravit Designer 

free design tool

A full-featured, DIY graphic design tool, Gravit Designer works on all platforms. It provides you with 500MB of cloud storage for all your website, user interface, and many other graphic design works. You can use it on both desktop and website versions, and it supports multiple file formats. It allows you easy editing of your scalable vector graphics. 


Font Squirrel 

free design tool

Whatever business we’re in, we should always go for quality over quantity. Font Squirrel has some of the best fonts you can find, albeit a very modest library. It has a font identifier to help you find a specific font you fell in love with but don’t know the name of. 



free design tool

Unsplash is a free photo resource site that has a comprehensive collection of beautiful images that you can use for commercial or personal purposes. Content writers and graphic designers, professionals and newbies alike can appreciate the vast choices the site offers. All the photos are completely free and need no acknowledgment. 



free design tool

There probably isn’t a designer in the world who doesn’t use design inspirations. Behance is a great site to look at some of the most brilliant art, and graphic design works from both professionals and amateurs. If your mind goes into a blank and you need to wake up your creative juices, this is the place to go. 



free design tool

Videos are great ways to make your marketing strategies reach more prospects and customers. If you’re on a tight budget and you want to have access to free videos, Coverr has your back. They have an extensive stock of beautiful videos that require no attribution for business and personal use. 


Still Need More? 

If these free resources of DIY graphic design are still not enough for your needs, Design Doctor can help. We understand the need for great graphic design, especially for startups and small businesses. This is the reason we have unlimited graphic design services that are accessible and affordable.

For just $329 fixed price per month, you can have all the graphic design materials you need. We have a team of professional graphic designers that can create logos, website design, social media posts, and all your marketing content needs. All the DIY graphic design tools can surely help, but nothing can replace the work of a true artist.

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