How to: Create Beautiful Marketing Graphics for Emails 

With the advent of faster methods to communicate such as Skype and Messenger, the lowly email is left in the dust. But, is email really an ineffective way to market your brand? A HubSpot survey shows that 59% of the respondents claim that marketing emails influence their purchase decisions. With 3.9 billion users worldwide, it’s surprising why some business owners would ignore this powerful marketing tool. Let’s take a look at how to take full advantage of emails to boost your marketing strategies. We’ll show you how you can use beautiful marketing graphics to make emails that your recipients will appreciate. 


Why Email is an Effective Marketing Tool 

Let’s dig deep into email marketing and the force behind its compelling powers. Many marketers focus on promoting brands on social media, Facebook, for one. It has 1.69 billion users worldwide as of 2020, the main reason many entrepreneurs favor it over others. 

However, a survey shows that emails are 40% better at converting leads when compared to Facebook and Twitter. And for good reasons. Emails are much more personal than social media. You can directly communicate with your customers this way, and they know it. 

You can use it in every step of a prospect’s journey, from welcoming them to leading them down the sales funnel. Emails are also a great way to reconnect with old leads and previous customers. Its reliability in reaching your customers is way better than social media where they can easily ignore or unfollow you. 

The fact that our inboxes keep getting jammed with hundreds of emails means one thing. Emails are still a useful tool in getting our attention. When used with great graphic design, you’re adding more to its appeal. 


Why Great Marketing Graphics is Essential 

Another survey tells us that 79% of businesses consider email marketing an essential part of their marketing strategies. This is what clogs our inboxes daily. For your business to stand out, you need to send eye-catching emails. 

Of course, the email subject line is what gets people to pay attention. But when they open the email and see nothing exciting in it, chances are, they’ll never read through your email. When your recipients associate your brand with consistent quality emails, they’ll look forward to getting them. 

Here are some tips to help you do it: 


Use a Strong Color Palette 

marketing graphics

Before their eyes set on the text content of your email, they’ll first see the colors. Make sure that you use a good color scheme that is consistent with your brand colors. But always learn to experiment to find which works best. If your brand color is green, don’t limit yourself to only green. 

This email newsletter from The Outline is a perfect example of great use of colors. It uses contrasting colors on the background, the images, and the fonts. It’s email marketing graphics like nothing we’ve seen before. 


Let Your Products Shine 

marketing graphics

The crisp and clear photographs in this email from Burberry will make you take a second look. The beautiful presentation makes this an email you’d want to look at all day. Make sure that you use high-resolution images to show how amazing your products are. 

When you use this style for your emails, you’re highlighting your products without overdoing it. It’s an excellent example of your products selling themselves. You can almost smell the perfume just by looking at the email. 


Keep It Simple and Straightforward 

marketing graphics

Think of sending emails as asking favors from your recipients. You’re asking them to read what you have to say. Don’t waste their time and efforts by sending them lengthy emails that will probably bore them. 

This is where you should apply the KISS principle, Keep It Short and Simple. This email marketing graphics from Munchery is one excellent example. Although the company has since closed, their email is worthy of mentioning. It uses a generous amount of white space that makes the email a pleasure to look at. 


Be Dynamic 

marketing graphics

This marketing graphics from Adidas uses a very dynamic approach in their email campaign. The design is trendy and rides on the influence of celebrities to persuade. For small businesses, you don’t have to worry about getting famous people to speak for your brand. 

This may not be financially possible, especially for startups, nevertheless, the design can help you pull it off. Having your models use your products makes for an energetic atmosphere within the email. Add to that the vibrant colors, typography, and intense poses, your email is sure to grab attention. 


Use the Right Layout 

marketing graphics

When creating emails that you want your recipients to read through, use the right layout. The most effective is the pyramid layout, where you place the most crucial information on top. The fundamental details then follow this until you get to the bottom with the full information. 

This email from Airbnb shows you how it’s done. The header draws the readers in and includes an image of an enticing travel location. You’ll then follow these with more details about the offer until you reach the end. This will lead them to the CTA button and get them to take action. 


Use Custom Illustrations 

marketing graphics

Using custom illustration for your email marketing graphics is a great way to personalize an email. You can use them to explain a point that would be more charismatic than a block of text. This email from Casper uses illustrations to teach you how to enjoy your travel while introducing their newest product. 


How to Have Great Marketing Graphics Every Time 

All the above examples use incredible marketing graphics, you’d think they’re something you can’t do for your brand. With Design Doctor, you can have access to affordable graphic design, such as the ones you see above. You can have all the marketing graphics you need for a flat monthly rate of as low as $349. 

From logos to custom illustrations, let our team of professional graphic designers handle them for you.

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