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Use These Tips to Build a Strong Social Media Presence

Have you ever Googled a shop only to find that they don’t have a website, much less a Facebook page? Frustrating, isn’t it? In this day and age, it’s hard to imagine that more than a third of small businesses have no website. Statistics tell us that before buying, 55% of consumers will look at reviews and recommendations online. Almost half (47%) will visit the company website before making a purchase. These are adequate reasons for businesses, big or small, to have a social media presence. However, having an online presence wouldn’t be enough, it has to be strong. Here are some useful tips that you can follow:


Determine Your Social Media Goals and Objectives

To get off to a great start, identify the goals and objectives you want your brand to reach on social media. This will help you aim your focus on how you can achieve them. For example, Facebook will ask you for your goals and objectives when creating ads within their platform.


Know Which Platforms Your Audience Are In

Depending on who your target market is, you have to use the right platform to get your message across to the right people. Not everyone who’s on Twitter uses Instagram and vice versa. Make sure you’re on the one where your audience stays, otherwise you’re missing your mark. 

A 2019 survey found that 25% of US teens use Instagram more than any other social media platform. LinkedIn, on the other hand, was found to have 57% male users as compared to its 43% female population. 43% of US adults were surveyed to get news from Facebook. As you can see from these data, different users for different platforms.


Understand Your Target Market 


The above tip leads us to this next one. You need to know who your audience is to create a social media presence that they will be aware of. This is one of the most important tasks you need to do. How will you know which platform to use if you don’t know who your audience is? Get to know them thoroughly: what they do, what they like, what their pain points are, among many others. This will help you cater your social media presence based on the information you get from them.


Create Relevant Posts 

Understanding your target market allows you to know exactly what type of content to post. If your audience loves to watch videos, give it to them. If they want tutorials or how-to articles, indulge them. All these and other relevant content will make them engage with you and help spread the word. 

Also, it doesn’t always have to be about selling your wares. Social media is just that—a place where people gather to socialize. People will get bored if all you post about is selling your stuff. Give them something to come back to, and look forward to. Posts that they can get useful information from can go a long way.


Schedule Regular Posting


Wondering why we reiterated how important knowing who your audience is? Again, it comes to play in this next tip. When you know your audience, you’ll have a good idea when the best day and time is to schedule your posts.

Not everyone opens their social media accounts at the same time. But posting regularly gives you a wider window of opportunity that your posts will be seen. Should you post on a weekday when your target audience is at work or school? Or should you post on weekends when your audience spends the most time on social media?


Use Mind-Blowing Graphics 

The most frequently used type of content in marketing is stock photos, original graphics, and others. Additionally, 51% of B2B marketers know the value of visual assets in marketing. You can adapt this concept to your social media presence by using graphic design that blows your audience’s minds.

Design Doctor is an unlimited graphic design service that lets you get a steady supply of social media graphics. Working with us means never having to worry about where to get mind-blowing graphic design. You won’t even have to break the bank because our flat monthly rates are genuinely affordable.


Show Your Human Side

Don’t be shy in showing your softer side to your audience. People love it when you show them your human side. In a time when most consumers see businesses as faceless entities out to get their money, this is crucial. 

One of the best things you can do is to engage and communicate with your followers. Answer their questions on social media. This is also a good chance for you to dispel rumors or answer negative feedback. This is your outlet to let them know your side and crush any negativity that finds your way.


Take Advantage of Social Media Analytics 


Learn what works and what doesn’t by making full use of social media analytics. Facebook has an Insights feature that tells you about your page likes, engagement, shares, and many other data. These insights will tell you what to improve on or what to tweak to make your strategies more effective. This information will also give you a gauge of how far your reach has extended.

It’s always a good idea to use tools that will tell you how your strategy is doing. Find them and use them fully to your advantage. With millions of social media accounts out there, it will be challenging to get noticed by the right people. Use every available option to help you get a head’s up.


Why You Need Design Doctor 

Eye-catching visuals help get the attention of people on social media. When they see something good, they would want to share it on their timelines. Design Doctor will help you create graphics that will boost your social media presence.

For as low as $349 a month, you can have all the social media graphics that you’ll need. You’ll never run out of visuals to post. Building a strong social media presence has been made easy and straightforward.

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