Why You Need to Hire a Marketing Designer for Your Business 

Graphic design is the creation of illustrations, digital images, typography, and other visuals needed to promote a brand. On the other hand, marketing is the process of analyzing data, evaluating numbers, and finding ways to improve sales with these data. Put them together, and you have a marketing design strategy that’s effective and compelling. Visuals are essential to business success, with over 50% of recall attributed to images and other design elements. Also, a study has proven that content with images gets 94.4% more views than those that don’t. This places a higher emphasis on using graphic design for marketing your brand. Let’s take a closer look at marketing design and see how a marketing designer can help thrust your business toward success. 


What is a Marketing Designer? 

A marketing designer is a person who helps you communicate your brand through engaging visuals. They are tasked to create, conceptualize, and design graphics necessary for marketing a business. However, marketing design isn’t all about painting a pretty face to your brand identity

A marketing designer is a builder of connections between you and your customers. They should know and understand your target audience to help your business achieve its goals and objectives. Their job is mainly to create a stunning impression and make them last for a long time. 


Why Do You Need One?  

It’s a scary scenario when a business owner thinks that creating their logo on a photo-editing software will do the trick. They are unaware of the many advantages of getting the services of a marketing designer. It’s understandable for some businesses to cut corners, but they need to accept that good graphic design is a substantial investment. 

One of the most important reasons for hiring a marketing designer is providing an excellent customer experience. Good design is a superb business decision. More than the monetary benefits, the tangible value of offering happiness and satisfaction to your customers is priceless. 

A marketing designer can create marketing materials that have a high potential of encouraging prospects to do business with you. They can work with your brand to develop designs that target your specific demographics. Your advertisements, branding identity, and marketing strategies will deliver your company’s message, values, and beliefs. Something that a non-designing person on your staff won’t be able to give justice to. 


Types of Design You Need for Marketing  

These are the types of design that a marketing designer can create for you: 


Blog Posts 

Design Doctor article

Publishing blog articles can help boost traffic, engagement, and of course, revenues for your business. Your website will see a 434% increase in your chances of a higher ranking on Google. And as already mentioned above, content with images gain more interest than those that don’t. A marketing designer will know what images will go well with the article as well as understand what looks suitable to your target audience. 



Cannes graph

Building awareness for your brand is at the top of the sales funnel. The ability of people to recognize and remember your brand is one of the top goals of many successful businesses. To achieve this, an infographic is a powerful tool that a marketing designer can create for you. 

An infographic is a graph, illustration, or chart or a combination of these created to illustrate how something works. It is a visual spectacle that’s sure to grab the attention, whether used as a standalone or included on a blog post. This infographic example from JW Marriott in Cannes is a perfect example.


Landing Pages 

airbnb web page

Landing pages are pages from your website where potential customers land after clicking on an ad. It usually includes a form where they can enter their contact information to get more details from a campaign you’re promoting. It is a great way to fill your email database as well as lead you to more prospects. 

Take a cue from the Airbnb landing page wherein it entices people to rent out their properties by showing how much they can earn in a month. Not only are graphics like these good for generating leads, but it is also an excellent way to boost traffic to your website



Positioning your brand as an authority in your field has its many advantages. Sharing your expertise via an eBook is a great way to do this. It can inform and educate your audience in an entertaining way, which can also build loyalty. Again, the key is compelling graphics that will keep them reading until the end. 



Billboards are still as relevant as they were before the age of digital arts came into play. Sadly, almost every business thinks so, too, thus, the abundance of billboards wherever we go. To make yourself stand out, an eye-catching billboard should be one of your brand’s top priorities. A good marketing designer will know how to create one that will do exactly what you want a billboard to do—to get attention. 


Print Materials 

Brochures, catalogs, business cards, newsletters, and many other print marketing materials are useful in spreading the word about your brand. Although most of these have evolved into their digital versions, you still need the proficiency of a marketing designer. To make these collaterals work for you, good design is essential. 


How Poor Graphic Design Can Affect a Business 

Poorly designed graphics can adversely affect your business in more ways than one. Financially, it can be expensive. Aesthetically, it can give your brand a bad reputation. On the contrary, great graphic design can improve user engagement, generate new leads, and provide a good buyer experience. 

Understanding the core beliefs of the brand as well as knowing how your target audience behaves helps you create the best marketing strategy. And with the help of a good marketing designer, you’re on your way toward success and increased revenues. 

Design Doctor offers an unlimited graphic design service that can help you create all the marketing design you need at an affordable price. For as low as $329 a month, you can submit as many design requests as you want, including all of the above and many more.

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