The Answer to Your “What to post on Facebook?” Question 

With 2.6 billion active users each month, it’s no wonder Facebook has been a popular advertising ground for businesses. In 2018, 80 million small businesses were using Facebook for Business pages. The platform is already established as an effective channel to grow your brand’s online presence. However, you need to maintain your page to keep it active and working for your business. One of the essential things you need to do is regular posting. This is easy if we’re talking about our personal Facebook accounts, but it’s a different story for businesses. You’ll always find yourself wondering, “what to post on Facebook?” 


Ask a Question 

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Building a strong connection with your target audience is crucial in business. Since Facebook is a great place to communicate with your customers and prospects, make sure your posts are engaging. Ask them a question that they can relate to. This example from Oreo asking for the best way to eat the chocolate cookies is good for creating interests. 

Think of creative questions that will get your fans excited and join in with their answers. You can even ask them what they want to see your brand do. You might also get information that can help you improve your service or an idea for a new product. 


Beautiful Product Photos 

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What can lure people into liking your posts better than your own products? Take crisp and clear images of your products and post them. Not only will they see how good your products are, but they’ll also be enticed to try them out. See how Coffee Project posted a video of their specialty cake in all its delicious glory. 

If you offer services, take a photo of where you do your business, such as a gym or a wellness spa. Make sure that the pictures are pleasing to the eyes to urge your followers to share them. If you run out of ideas on what to post on Facebook, beautiful images of your products are always a welcome treat. 


What’s Trending 

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To engage your fans and followers, post something that people are currently talking about. People will always have an opinion, and this is an excellent way to get them to comment, like, or share your post. This Facebook post from Daily Harvest tells about bringing home the shop to their customers’ homes. 

Staying home is a trending topic, so this gives their followers something to talk about. Also, they have shown how people can still enjoy their products even if they choose to stay at home. It’s also worth mentioning that the product image is taken so well that you can almost taste it. 


Pictures of Pets 

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Who doesn’t love to see pictures of dogs? A survey shows that people love posting pictures of their pets on social media. It’s probably why they opened an account in the first place. Whatever industry you’re in, you can always use pets in your Facebook posts, and nobody is sure to complain. 

In this example, BuzzFeed used a photo of two adorable dogs, which they featured in a blog article. Notice how many likes, shares, and comments it gathered. This is proof that posting pics of pets will get you engagement. 


Engaging Videos 

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Statistics show that adding videos in your marketing strategies is a smart business move. It shows that 85% of all internet users watched videos online on a given month. This makes it a must if you want to get noticed on Facebook. People love watching them and tells a better story than just blocks of texts. 

Gucci, along with many other brands, use videos on their Facebook posts. If you’re a startup or a small business, there are options available to you to get videos to use on Facebook. There are plenty of websites that offer free stock videos that you can use that won’t put a strain on your budget. 


Run a Contest or Giveaway 

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Get everyone’s attention by hosting a contest or a giveaway. This way, you can increase brand awareness, build connections, and help increase website traffic. Create social media graphics to announce your offer and include details on how they can join. 

Take inspiration from this Facebook post of Pillow King and see how they placed the word FREE alongside pics of their pillows. They cleverly showcased their products when they posted this giveaway. Not only does this grab the attention, but they also showed viewers what’s in store for them. 


Inspirational Posts 

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Posting valuable content can help you get noticed and increase engagement on your Facebook business page. Motivate your followers to do something that they love doing or inspire them to take action on their hobbies like this post from Shopify. It tells them that they can put their talents to good use when they sell on their platform. 

This is an excellent example as it inspires hobbyists to pursue their craft while advertising their platform. It does this without making their followers feel that they’re being sold to. Plus, the use of the beautiful image is very subtle yet genuinely encouraging. 


Use Great Graphic Design 

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This Facebook post from Slack shows how the platform can make your work life more comfortable. It uses colorful graphic design that’s eye-catching and appealing. For this, you will need the help of a professional graphic designer. This is to ensure that you get posts that are creative and effective in catching your exact audience’s attention. 

Design Doctor is an unlimited graphic design service that lets you submit design requests for a flat, monthly rate. For as low as $349, you’ll never have to wonder what to post on Facebook as you’ll get social media graphics as many as you want. Our professional graphic designers are knowledgeable in creating graphics specifically for Facebook. 


Final Thoughts 

Facebook is an indispensable tool for your brand’s marketing strategies. You’d be missing out a lot if you don’t leverage its broad reach and extreme popularity. These tips can help you know what to post on Facebook and be inspired to create more.

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