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Top Facebook Ads that Received Insane Levels of Engagement

One of the easiest ways to create top Facebook ads is by getting ideas from already successful posts. Remember, advertising in social media is more than just creating visuals. It’s also about placing the right caption and adding substantial design elements. And that’s what we are giving you right now. We have here some of the most successful Facebook ads in terms of engagement. Perhaps, these can serve as your inspiration for your brand’s next post. 


1. Create Studio 

top facebook ads example

Let’s begin with Create Studio’s Facebook ad. Their approach was straightforward, and their caption is easy to understand. At the onset, the brand already highlighted how they could help their clients – by Making Better Videos Faster. That alone will make you want to know more about their services. 

Apart from the call-to-action button, they also added links to their landing pages in the description. This is maximizing the allotted space and is a great way to increase conversion. And then, of course, the animated media helped a lot as well. 


2. Ad World Conference

top facebook ads example

It would be ironic if a Facebook advertisement from the Ad World Conference will not go above the standards, wouldn’t it? As you can see from their post, there is a sense of urgency that will make people book tickets right away. If they do not act on it immediately, they could miss the early bird rates. 

They also used upbeat music which gives the impression that the conference is nothing but fun! 

For those who are selling products or promoting events, this Facebook ad could serve as your inspiration.     


3. Toonly 

top facebook ads example

We included Toonly in our Top Facebook Ads list for a number of reasons. One, they have a headline that will make you pause and watch the entire video. Two, their description is on point as well. Three, they clearly provided what you can get from the tool. Simply put, everything you need is in this Facebook Ad.

As of this writing, this new ad has more than 20,000 likes. Also, they are proactive in responding to all comments. Thus, increasing engagement even further.

Animated videos are still a big hit among Facebook audiences regardless of the demographics. We suggest using the same approach as well.


4. Entrepreneur 

top facebook ads example

Entrepreneur has a different approach with their Facebook ad by just having a short caption. However, their headline and image say it all. Naturally, we are drawn to offers that are discounted, and that is why this ad is effective. 

From the comments section, you can already find leads as they have started to ask for more details. That’s proof of how effective the promotion is. 

While videos are still a big thing on Facebook right now, you do not have to use it all the time. Just look at what Entrepreneur did. Still images could work too. But make sure that it is clear, professionally-designed, and has the right specifications for Facebook.  


5. Kasamba

top facebook ads example

Kasamba, a psychic app, serves a highly-targeted niche. So instead of just promoting live psychic readings on their Facebook ad, they used a different approach. 

They asked a question first.   

This is effective if you want to start an engagement or to spark interest. And then they subtly directed the audience to their app. It’s simple yet strategic. 

They also showed how easy their app works, and it’s another great technique to lure more people into clicking the call-to-action button.


6. WP Engine 

top facebook ads example

WP Engine deserves a spot in our Top Facebook Ads list for its simplicity. You see, there are instances where you do not need to be highly creative with your advertisement. Take a look at what this company did. 

The description does not need to be lengthy as long as you can present your products and services well. 

In this specific example, if you are looking for a WordPress host, your criteria would naturally include high speed, tight security, scalability, and security. And just by looking at their description, you know that you can have it all. Smart move, isn’t it?    


7. Blaster Software / Speechelo 

top facebook ads example

Blaster Software did a great job of promoting another website, Speechelo. According to studies, using a real person for your Facebook advertisements are proven to be more effective. In addition, they used icons in their description, which makes it fun to read. And even at the beginning, they already called out their target audience by saying, “Attention Video Creators & Marketers”. 

It’s a good strategy considering that there are hundreds of Facebook ads in our feed. And we have to admit; we mostly scroll without even reading the full description of these ads.    


8.  Night Zookeeper 

top facebook ads example

For parents, seeing the Facebook ad from the Night Zookeeper is their answered prayer. Most of us would like to hone our kids’ imagination by letting them read and write more. And with Night Zookeeper’s ad, it seems that they can help parents achieve this. The ‘warning‘ sign at the beginning will stop you from scrolling as well. It’s tricky, but it works.  


9. Vyond 

top facebook ads example

If you are offering products and services about learning or education, providing statistics and facts could help you in a lot of ways. It leaves the impression that your company uses data in forming solutions. And this is important if you want to target decision-makers or business owners. Vyond is well-aware of that, and they used the approach in promoting their services. 


10. Automatic Script 

top facebook ads example

Automatic Script is a software that helps you create sales letters and emails quickly. They made sure that their services are clear by adding it to the image and the headline. Also, they made their Facebook ad even more interesting by highlighting their promo. 

You can use that strategy as well. If you have ongoing discounts and promos, make sure that people will see it first. It’s a surefire way to capture one’s attention. Plus, it generates sales even faster. 



 In a nutshell, top Facebook ads consist of the following elements, a good headline, an interesting description, a call-to-action, and a well-thought-out media such as images and videos. Speaking of images, the Design Doctor team can help you create visual aids that can win your target market.   

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