How to Use Social Media for Ecommerce to Generate Sales

Are you managing an online business right now? If yes, do you have a social media eCommerce strategy to help you generate sales? Do you think it’s effective? Or would you like to improve it? 

Getting likes and having a lot of shares are good indications that your social media campaign is working. But that doesn’t mean it can generate sales. And this post will tell you how to do that. We have a list of companies that used social media design to their advantage. Perhaps, you can follow their lead and work on your social media profiles right now.  


Companies with Great Social Media Ecommerce Strategies  

The samples below used different techniques and approaches to their social media design. Feel free to find one that is fitting to your niche. 



LEGO social media design

Lego has a huge following on YouTube with 8.7 million subscribers as of this writing. They are pretty consistent in posting videos. At times they post two per day which is effective most especially for people who are looking for things to build using Lego. They also created shows for little boys and girls to enjoy. And as you watch each episode, you will be lured to get your own Lego set and build right away.  



Airbnb social media design ecommerce

Another company that deserves a spot on our list in Airbnb. Have you checked their Instagram feed lately? While their feed is property-focused, you still can get a lot of things from their Instagram account like the testimonials of their hosts, design tips, adventures, and even experiences. It’s a haven for travelers looking for new things to explore. Great job, Airbnb! 


General Electric 

GE social media design

We also love how General Electric manages its Twitter account, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. It’s proactive in sharing the initiative and it inspired more people and even large companies to follow their lead. 

Now, this is not directed to get sales. But since they are naturally showing their company values and culture, that will sit well with consumers. We bet that after all the global health concerns, General Electric will be back on its feet in no time. And as you scroll down through their feed, they also feature different people who can serve as inspirations.  



Oracle ecommerce design

If you are working on your social media eCommerce strategy, it is a must that you promote engaging and interactive content. This is where Oracle is good at. They hold interactive sessions where it fosters involvement from their followers. It’s a great social media technique as you can gain trust and in the long run, these people will turn to loyal clients. 



Missguided social media design

If you are looking for a social media design inspiration that will work for your clothing business, then Missguided is the perfect source. If you browse through their Instagram feed, it’s very organized and well-balanced. When we say balance, it means that it’s not filled with photos that obviously promote their products. You can find quotes that are relatable. And some of their photos are very real in the sense that you can see the ‘imperfections’ that most ladies hide such as stretch marks or cellulite. But the best part is that they make it look still beautiful. What a way to uplift every woman, don’t you think? 

If you will notice, most of the examples we provided are already big brands but they are still consistent in providing quality content and improving their social media design. This proves how important social media eCommerce is. You have to take it seriously if you want to make it big, or if you wish to stay on top. 


Tips to Generate Sales Using Social Media 

two men shaking hands

We’ve already listed real companies that benefited from social media. This shows that social media is indeed powerful. But right now, we want to be more in-depth. We will share with you tested strategies on how you can generate more sales using the social media platform. 


Find Where Your Audience Is  

First of all, you have to know where the bulk of your market is. Say for example you created an Instagram account and perfected each post. Do you think that is enough? Sad to say it will be useless if your audience mainly uses a different platform. It’s always best to conduct a study of your actual clients’ online behavior. That way, you know where to focus your social media eCommerce strategies and efforts. 


Use Micro-Influencers 

Remember the days when companies would hire big names and celebrities to promote their products? These days, macro-influencers rarely work anymore. Right now, you should work with micro-influencers. Ask them to try out your product and solicit their feedback. 

According to studies, 40% of Twitter users said that they made an actual purchase after seeing it from a Tweet directly from an influencer. 


Reach Out to Your Current Following 

One of the things you can maximize in social media is the hashtag. We already know that you must create one for your business. But that’s not what we want to point out here. What you can do is search your brand’s hashtag and look for real customers. Reach out to them and don’t forget to thank them. To keep the ball rolling, ask if they can post more and tag your brand. That way, their own circle will be aware of your products and services. Simply put, turn them into your brand ambassadors. 

Also, you can re-share their content and feature them in your feed. That’s a good strategy that most companies are doing right now. 

Let’s not forget about communities. We recommend that you build your community on social media. This is where you can really engage with your market, and at the same time get their ideas and opinions that are industry-related. 


Don’t Forget to Include Your Landing Page 

Make sure to strategically place your landing page or links into your posts. A good call-to-action can persuade your visitors to check out your online store.


Set Up Shopping Carts within the Platform 

If possible, take advantage of adding shopping cart features or ‘buy’ buttons on different social media eCommerce platforms. Some users are not fond of leaving the platform and that is why they try not to click a different link or a separate landing page. This could be the best solution to address the concern. Eventually, you will gain actual sales right then and there. 


Why Social Media Design Matters? 

Social media design is crucial, most especially for your eCommerce business. This boils down to our nature of being visual creatures. We tend to buy things based on what we see. 

Just think about when you visit physical stores. Wouldn’t it be a turn off to see a cluttered store wherein you couldn’t really find what you need? The same principles apply to eCommerce design for social media. It needs to show what your market is looking for, and at the same time, you have to add value. Thus, it’s not just about products but a perfect balance of useful content and persuasion tactics. 



In today’s age, eCommerce is not just about providing the best services and products. You must take into consideration your social media design. A strategic one can naturally gain followers and turn them into loyal clients. Now, if you want to have professional designs for your eCommerce business, then Design Doctor has some of the best packages perfect for startups. 

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