Where You Can Get Graphic Design Help With Just a Click

Do you want to know how you can get the best graphic design help online? How can you choose the best online graphic design services? Do you know that you can save a lot of time and money just by working with the right online graphic design services? If you want to know more, then scroll down and read the rest of this post. 


Graphic Design and Your Business 

We can’t emphasize this enough but your business will certainly need graphic designs. Think about your logo, brochure, pamphlets, merchandise, newsletters, and social media images. While you can do these on your own using free software and logo makers online, the output will unlikely look professional. This might not seem a big thing for you but it creates an impact on your market. A lousy graphic design sometimes implies that you are not serious in business dealings, or that you omit details. Either way, these will not sit well with your clients. 


Graphic Design Business Models

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There are different graphic design business models to choose from. But what we are going to share below are the commonly used today. This is so you can understand which graphic design help is perfect for your business. 


B2B and Project-Based Business Models  

These are the business models that most freelancers use. Now, while these might seem like the best choice as most freelancers have lower rates, there are some drawbacks as well. 

Let’s make things clear here, ok? There are reliable freelancers. But most freelancers that we’ve encountered have issues with compliance. Since they are usually a one-man-team, they tend to accept more projects than they could handle. This compromises the deadline and quality. 

And even if you found the ‘perfect’ freelancer, you can’t just call them up and ask for a design. What if they have other projects? Yours will be pushed back and you might need another one to work on your design. The problem here is that you might have an inconsistent output which we all know is not good for your branding


Fixed-Time Engagement 

This is a great model if you want a freelancer to work on as many projects as he or she can within the time that you both agreed upon. It’s good because you know how much you will pay every month. That means you can work on your budget properly. 

The downside is when you have an outpour of design requests. Since your freelancer is on such engagement, your project might be pushed back to another date or month if you consumed all the time. You also have to check the caveat of your agreement. Perhaps you can ask for additional hours but the rate will be higher.  


Hourly-Billing Engagement 

Another business model that graphic design companies and freelancers use is hourly-billing engagement. This protects both your company and the design services. You can ask for unlimited designs as long as you pay for the hours rendered. As for the designers, they know that every effort will be paid. But what could be the issue here? Since you do not have an idea of how long a project will be finished, the cost might surprise you. 

Trust must also be strongly established in this type of model. It’s hard to monitor the hourly activities or if they are actually doing the work unless you have an efficient tracker in place. 


Offline Design Agencies 

There are also offline design agencies but these are generally more expensive. Plus, you need to have a contract with them. This limits your options over time. 



If you want to get graphic design help for a fraction of the cost, then perhaps subscription-based services are the best for you. Here are a few benefits:


Unlimited Online Graphic Design 

Let’s take for example the process that the Design Doctor team uses. They offer unlimited online graphic services which you can definitely benefit from if you are running a business. As we’ve said, in today’s age, we always need graphic design projects. While posters, logos, and brochures aren’t regular tasks, think about your social media accounts. Whether you like it or not, you need new designs for your feed. 

According to Louise Myers, it’s recommended that you post once every day on Facebook. That means you need at least one graphic design for Facebook alone. How about your other social media platforms? By now you probably see the importance of graphic designers for your business, right?  


Going back to what the Design Doctor team does, they offer a flat monthly rate depending on the package you choose. If you are a budding business, then you can pick the Starter pack. And if you want to scale your business, then you can always choose the higher tier packages. 

Easy Process 

If you need graphic design help that is extremely easy, doing it online is one of the best solutions. 

  • You just need to submit your requirements. 
  • A designer will be assigned to you. 
  • The initial design will be sent for your feedback. 
  • Download when you are happy with the design. 

All projects will be managed in the cloud. There’s no need to have multiple email exchanges because you can readily download the finished design when you are satisfied. You don’t even have to worry about the consistency because your designer is under one team. 

Quick Turnaround 

And if your design requests are simple, you can expect a quick turnaround. Yet again, this depends on the complexity of the project. 

Remember the issues we raised if you used a different business model such as inconsistencies, delays, and budget? These are all addressed properly by a good graphic design team on a subscription model. 


Subscription Business Model, Why is It Effective? 

The subscription model is not just rampant in the online graphic industry. It’s being widely used by other niches as well. You have Netflix, GoDaddy, and Slack to name a few. It’s because you can maximize the service and can cut the subscription if you don’t need it. It takes away the burden of long and winding contracts that lock companies. 



There are a number of companies offering the same graphic design help. And you need to be careful with your choice. Not all graphic design teams can deliver quality output. And that is why it’s better to choose one that offers a free trial. This is so you can gauge if the style and even the entire process suit your working environment. 

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