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Checklist of Everything You Need in a Landing Page Design

If you look back at any product or service you bought online these past few weeks, there’s a big chance you decided with the help of an excellent landing page design.

Without a doubt, a landing page can make your break your marketing strategy. For instance, a solid email marketing plan or beautiful advertising design won’t do much if your landing page is dull, or worse, confusing. 

So, we’ve come up with a checklist of everything you’d want to include to make your visual asset as effective as possible.


9 Elements of a Landing Page Design

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Here are nine elements you need to take note of as you brainstorm for your landing page design.

1. Strong Headline

The headline is the first thing that captures your audience’s attention. In fact, you’ll always find a spot for it when you look at landing page design templates. 

So, how do you create a solid headline that takes your audience one step closer to opting in? The key lies in making the most impact with the least possible amount of words. 

You can also create a headline in the form of a question. For instance, a headline that says, “Double our email list,” is short, concise, and straight to the point.


2. A Tagline that Says it All

Because headlines are supposed to be short and sweet, they usually hook the audience but don’t do anything more than that. To explain the offer better, you’ll need a tagline that’s also concise but provides a bit more info. By providing this extra data, you’re making the audience feel that they’re making an informed decision when they opt-in.

Want a little landing page design inspiration exercise? Check your phone and take note of apps that you use on a normal basis. Then, using an incognito window, go to the website of these apps. Chances are, you’ll see their website landing page that bears their headline and tagline. Take note of how the best companies do it so that you can do the same for your own brand. 


3. Testimonial

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Many marketers consider testimonials to be a part of landing page design best practices. Not only does it make your brand look more reliable, but it also provides clients’ perspectives. In a way, testimonials cause a word-of-mouth effect on prospects. This example for Vertical Response shows how clients’ statements can do a lot to convince prospects to opt-in.


4. Powerful Image

If you look at the works of the top graphic designers, you’ll see that their masterpieces tell a unique story that stirs thoughts and emotions. 

As you brainstorm for landing page design ideas, think about the best pictures that would best illustrate the benefits of opting-in. Then, incorporate these images into your design. That said, it might not be the best idea to buy landing page design templates with generic photos not customized for your brand.


5. Relevant Video 

If a photo doesn’t cut it, consider using a video to make your visuals more compelling. Have you ever stopped scrolling through your social media feed by the mere sight of an exciting video? It happens to all of us, and it illustrates the power of the motion picture.

Stats say videos on landing pages can improve conversions by up to 86 percent. Because it’s more engaging than plain text, videos can hold your audience’s interest faster and sustain it for longer.


6. Irresistible Offer

Let’s say you’re selling a pen. Putting yourself in your customers’ shoes, what possible offer can you get to make that pen so irresistible? What proposition would make it impossible for you to say no?

Contemplate this and incorporate it on your landing page. For instance, an offer like “Master Facebook Ads in 40 Minutes” will be hard to resist for someone who would want to learn about the topic but don’t have a lot of time on their hands. But of course, make sure that you deliver on your promise.


7. Showcased Benefits

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If your product or service has several valuable benefits, don’t be shy to flaunt them! For instance, this example from tells the viewer about its benefits – great book selection, free app, and free podcasts. 

Just as with the best infographic examples, however, make sure to apply basic design principles to make the layout look clean and uncluttered.


8. Unique Selling Proposition

If your product or service is already in the market and you still haven’t set your unique selling proposition, don’t waste another minute! Defining your USP will let you market your brand better and allow your clients to see your exceptional value as a brand. 

As much as possible, let your USP show in your landing pages to reiterate your identity to your prospects further.


9. CTA Button that Elicits Action

If you’ve been brushing up on your digital marketing prowess, you know just how crucial a call-to-action is. Just like how a good packaging design encourages shoppers to add the product to their cart, the CTA gives the customer that extra nudge to opt-in.

As a matter of fact, stats tell us that emails with CTAs increased clicks by 371 percent and boosted sales by 1617 percent. That only goes to show how crucial this button is and how much it contributes to convincing your prospects to go further down the sales funnel. 


Landing Page Design Takeaways

Though each of these elements is crucial for creating an effective landing page design, there are certain exceptions.

For instance, it would be tricky to use a dramatic video and a photo that tells a compelling story on one landing page. Not only will it be too noisy but each will distract from the other, potentially doing more harm than good.

As you brainstorm for your visual asset, consider the elements that you need to move your brand story forward. Then, hire professional graphic design services to turn your ideas and concepts into reality.

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