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The Most Beautiful Website Landing Page Designs We’ve Seen

Did you know that almost one in every two marketers build a new landing page for each of their marketing campaigns? Yup, that’s how crucial a website landing page is for digital marketing. And if you’re not yet taking advantage of this tool to optimize your campaign, then you’re missing out on a lot. 

That said, it isn’t enough to merely make landing pages – you also have to make them beautiful. By using a stunning image, you hook your audience and subtly convince them to go down further the sales funnel. In short, applying landing page best practices is just half of the job; it’s also crucial to make the design easy on the eyes.


What Goes Into Making a Beautiful Website Landing Page

Generally, a website landing page isn’t much different from other visual assets such as ad design or web graphics.

It’s crucial to make sure that you use these essential elements correctly:

  • Lines. Whether you go for straight, curved, swirly, or dotted, the lines present in your design must coincide with your message. For instance, straight lines offer an air of stability while wavy lines provide a soft, feminine touch. 
  • Color. As color psychology tells us, various colors invoke certain feelings. Though you can stay loyal to your brand color palette, you can also explore seasonal colors to bring your campaigns to life.  
  • Typography. Your choice of typeface can greatly affect the voice and tone of your visuals. That said, be sure to pick one that’s consistent with the feel you’re going for.
  • Space. The right use of negative space is crucial to every design. If you use it correctly, it can draw the eyes to the elements that are of utmost importance. Moreover, it can allow the visual elements to “breathe.”
  • Layout. The layout brings everything together and arranges them in a way that brings the best out of every element. 

These elements must be designed in relation to one another to come up with a cohesive design that captivates your audience but also allows them to focus on your offer.


10 Beautiful Website Landing Page Examples

Here are ten of the most beautiful landing pages online you might want to take inspiration from.


1. Paint a Picture of the Desired Outcome

website landing page design

Sweet Escape’s clients are people who would like to have gorgeous pictures when they’re on holiday.  By using a candid photo of a family amid a stunning background, this landing page example shows prospects a beautiful picture of their desired outcome. In addition to that, the plain white background and minimal text also work to draw the eyes to the highlight.


2. Use Nature

website landing page design

Did you know that merely looking at photos of nature can lower your stress levels? With this landing page, no wonder Expert Vagabond is among the most well-read adventure travel blogs! Just looking at that landscape would make you want to escape and have an adventure for yourself. 


3. Amplify Your Brand Color

website landing page design

Hello Fresh’s brand color is lime green, just like its logo. Instead of going for a tamer tone, this landing page celebrates the color. As a result, the visual looks fresh and energetic and shocking enough to capture the audience’s attention.


4. Make Your Viewers Feel

website landing page design

Just look at how this photo was styled and composed. Who wouldn’t want to curl up on that couch, wrap oneself in that plush throw, and take in the fragrance of scent of those candles? Such is the power of imagery. And Pottery Barn clearly knows what it’s doing with this design.


5. Use Playful Illustrations

website landing page design

Postalgia is a service provider that lets clients send handwritten mail at scale. Aptly so, this landing page design uses simple, playful illustrations that get the message through, without distracting from the central element: the handwriting text.


6. Add a Touch of Luxury

website landing page design

Ritz Paris is known for being one of the most iconic hotels, not just in the City of Lights but throughout the whole world. In fact, its name is synonymous with luxury, and they made the most out of their landing page by showing just that. For instance, this dining area shows a beautiful palette of tiffany blue, tan, and blush along with intricate shapes. As a result, it projects that distinct French sophistication – elegance without trying too hard.


7. Complement Photos With Graphics

website landing page design

This design for Box of Style is one of those product landing page examples that complement photos with graphics. With an image that looks light and airy, the design used an opposite panel with a cream background and dark text. In addition to that, the headline typeface and navy click-to-action button both contributed to the graphic’s aesthetic that’s not only classy but interesting at the same time.


8. Go Dark

website landing page design

If you’re looking for an edgy landing page design inspiration, check out this design for DKNG Studios. The dark background highlights the illustration studio’s main service. Despite that, it doesn’t compete for attention against the white text and orange call-to-action button.


9. Give it a Burst of Energy

website landing page design

This is one of those dynamic designs you won’t get from a generic landing page builder. Since BloomsyBox offers subscription flower bouquets delivered weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, the design just had to reflect the brand’s energy and dynamism. Instead of showing an arranged bouquet, the visuals imply that the flowers are being prepared. As a result, the design gives an air of life and vitality.


10. Consider a Sunset Color Palette

website landing page design

This design for Chorus is one of the landing page examples with a beauty that anchors on a distinct color palette. That said, the warm peach and strawberry pink, along with the blue-gray hue, makes for a stunning look reminiscent of the sky during that tiny pocket of time before dusk.


Key Takeaways

As seen from the examples, a beautiful website landing page design can lure your audience in, provided that you’re making a good offer.

So, as you brainstorm for your design, take the time to think about what elements of your campaign would make for a beautiful image. Is it your stylized photos of your actual product? Or maybe the image of the desired outcome clients are seeking from your brand? 

Whatever that element is, discuss it with your on-demand design services provider to gear your landing page for success.  

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