Launch a Small Business at Home Starting with These 25 Ideas

There’s a rise in a work-from-home setting, whether it’s a telecommuting option or a home-based business. In 2017, the Global Analytics Workplace found that over 3.7 million people in the US worked from home. It’s a much better option for many professionals because it makes them more productive, and it offers more flexibility.

If you’re thinking about launching a small business at home, don’t hold it off until tomorrow, the next week, or month. Who knows, you might be better off having a small business and earn so much more than going to your regular desk job.

Here are 25 ideas for a small business at home to get you started.


1. Blogger


Blogging is one of the easiest small business ideas you can try at home. To start, you just need one website and start writing your thoughts. You may have competition for any topic, but you can differentiate your blog by picking a niche. That way, you can reach your target audience than competing with big names in the industry you plan to write.

Once you get traction, you need to start thinking about sprucing up your website with a good design that fits your personality and blog. You can also share your links on social media platforms. Remember to add keywords and appropriate hashtags for maximum visibility.


2. Freelancer

If you’re an all-around writer or designer, you can try this small business at home. It’s becoming a trend because you can quickly get a project online through different websites. 

You can show off your writing or designs through an online portfolio.

Here are the following freelance gigs you can do:

  • Proofreader
  • Editor
  • Writer
  • Graphic designer
  • Web designer
  • Logo designer


3. T-Shirt Designer

More and more customers flock to the internet to buy shirts online because of the variety of available designs. Here’s where you, a t-shirt designer, can come in. You can set up an online store or go for a service where you can receive commissions for your designs. Teespring is an example of that service.


4. Ebook Writer

Finding it difficult to publish your book the traditional way? Don’t fret! You can post your book through Amazon KDP, and you can sell your ebooks to thousands of Amazon users. 

Of course, you’ll need to have your ebook designed. You can create your ebook through the Amazon KDP editor or tap a graphic designer to do the work for you. That way, not only will people enjoy your book, but they will like your book’s design too.


5. Web Developer


You don’t have to work in an office to fulfill your dream of becoming a web developer. You can do it at home while still getting clients. As many businesses grow online, the demand for web developers goes up. To get clients, you need to become visible, so you need to get listed in some web developer directories or launch your website showing off your skills.

If web development is just a side business, you can post a listing of your skills on sites like Upwork or Fiverr to get some extra cash.


6. Online/Ecommerce Selling

Another popular small business idea at home is becoming an online seller. You’re no longer limited to social media to sell your items. You should have a well-designed website to get more customers clicking Add to Cart and buying your items.

To promote your items on social media, you can create advertisements and social media graphics or stories that’ll excite your customers to buy your products.


7. Event Planner

Another small business at home you can try is becoming an event or party planner. You can set up appointments with clients online.

To get more client inquiries, hire a graphic designer or Design Doctor to create a design for your website. You can even ask for other graphic designs, like flyers or deliverables, that you may need for your next event.


8. Wedding Planner

If you’re not into events generally, you can earn income as a wedding planner even at home. You can become in charge of creating wedding invitations, Save The Dates, and a wedding website aside from the usual management of vendors. Even if the industry is competitive, you won’t run out of clients because there are over 2.4 million weddings in the US annually.


9. Hair & Make-up Stylist

Don’t let your hair styling or make-up skills go to waste. You can start this small business at home either for full-time purposes or a gig. This small business can be great if you partner up with events or wedding planners. That way, you can get more gigs.

To get more clients, post your photos up on social media. That way, you can grow your following and find more clients who need your services.


10. Baker


Those who love to bake cookies or other pastries can try this small business idea at home. You can start small by reaching out to friends and colleagues about buying your food. Through word of mouth, you can get more customers!

As you grow your bakery business, you’d want to be seen by more people. So, you’ll need to set up a website and social media channels so you can reach more customers.


11. Photographer

You might have to get out of the house so you can capture subjects, but you can start your photography business at home.

Once you have a portfolio, you can upload that on your website. To up your credibility, you should also have a logo and a business card so clients can call you when they need your services. It’s best to partner with the event organizers or wedding planners. That way, you can add more shots to your portfolio.


12. Podcast Host

Nielsen finds that 50% of US homes listen to podcasts. Now that’s a significant number! It’s also something to consider if you want to start doing podcasts. Start your podcast by publishing it on your website. Make sure to have the right keywords so people would start listening to it.

If you’re starting, some podcast hosts have their set-up at home, which saves them money to rent an office. You need a microphone and some other equipment (audio-related and editing software) to make sure your podcasting efforts don’t go to waste.


13. Exercise Instructor/Personal Trainer

You don’t have to leave home to become an exercise instructor or personal trainer. Okay, maybe as a personal trainer, you might have to. But, you can start both of these and grow this small business at home.


14. Online Tutor

Put those educational skills to good use and set up an online tutoring service. All you need are the following:

  • Computer
  • Teaching material
  • Additional resources
  • Account to tutorial sites

You can become a full-time online tutor or make it your side gig to earn some extra cash during the weekends.


15. Online Course Instructor

Teaching can become rewarding for many people. That’s why some professionals turn to teach students or other professionals through UDemy or Skillshare. For them, it’s another way to earn income while at home.

To make your online course more engaging for students, it’s best to add a design to your presentation, so it looks appealing. Not only that, but you can also design the resources you give your students or subscribers. 


16. Interior Designer

You don’t have to rent an office so you can meet clients. To save on rental costs in the first few years, you can make your home as an example to clients to show as well. You may need to have a degree to become a legitimate interior designer. As an alternative, you can choose to become a decorator.


17. YouTuber

As an alternative to writing blogs, you can choose to become a vlogger on YouTube. 

YouTube says there are over 2 billion users on the platform, and users watch over 1 billion hours daily. Users need something new to stay on YouTube, and you might be the next star on the platform. Make sure that you follow community guidelines, and you’ll get revenue and more subscribers.


18. Gamer


If you want to turn your hobby into a full-time job, becoming a gamer is an idea that you can consider. You’ve got live streamers or players posting their Let’s Plays on their channels, and they earn money through ad revenue or merch. You can hop on that trend and become a full-fledged YouTube gamer.

Luckily, you’ve got different games to cover, and you can either stream them on your channel or do a review about it. Either way, you have an audience on YouTube or Twitch.

To get maximum exposure on your channel, it’s best to have custom graphics for your YouTube thumbnail. Not only that, but as we’ve mentioned earlier, you can also sell merch like shirts, dolls, or hats, among other things. Also, don’t forget a custom logo design that will get you recognized by your subscribers.


19. Consultant

Once you have enough expertise accumulated throughout your career, and you want to branch out, you can become a consultant for other companies. To get you started, launch a website that lists all your experiences and accomplishments. You can even add testimonials as social proof.


20. Public Speaker

If you have public speaking skills that could earn you a spot on Ted Talk or any other conference, you might need to start that small business at home. To get an audience, you might want to start small like with your local community. Promote through friends, family, and colleagues. Start from there and hopefully get more invitations as a guest speaker for events and conferences.

Tip: Have custom-made business card designs to hand out to people. That way, they can remember you for future seminars and events.


21. Airbnb Host

You can become an Airbnb host without leaving your home. Have your place rented out by tourists or backpackers.

Make sure to get high-quality photos of your unit, so it looks good on the website. You don’t have to make the apartment or flat into something aesthetically pleasing, so long as it’s clean and well-managed, you’re all set. But if you want to make it look pretty, you can add posters or add an inspirational or sweet typography art sticker on the wall for your renters to love.


22. Music Instructor

You can make music a full-time profession at home or a side business. Pick up your instrument and start teaching others through your website or on YouTube. You can teach music theory or the basics of playing a violin, guitar, or piano.

To get more students enrolling in your online class, you can post flyers or posters or have an advertisement printed or posted online. 


23. Travel Guide

If traveling is your passion and you want to earn cash as you see the sights, you can try becoming a tour or travel guide. You can start this idea right at home.

You can start small by posting on social media with hashtags. To up your credibility, you can launch a travel website and list the services you can do or publish tour packages that your clients may love.


24. Personal Shopper

For those who love fashion and shopping, this is the perfect small business idea for you. You may not need a degree for this, but according to Career Addict, you can get ahead by obtaining certification. To get started as a personal shopper online, you might need to use your network or launch a website to get noticed.


25. Do-It-Yourself Maker

You can launch a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) business in your home. There’s a wide range of DIY tasks you can share with followers like scrapbooking, decor, jewelry, and other crafts. You may sell your items, or become a guide for your niche DIY.

Tip: If you’re selling your crafts, don’t forget to add a business card or a flyer when shipping your items. That way, if your customer loves your item, they can buy from you or may even refer you.

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