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10 Social Media Ecommerce Strategies to Boost Visitors 

Online shopping is growing at breakneck speeds because of its convenience and many incredible advantages. Indeed, the social media eCommerce industry is booming and is showing no signs of ever slowing down. Statistics predict that the global online shopping market size will reach 4 trillion in 2020. 

However, this rise in the number of online stores makes competition as fierce as ever. Business owners have to keep coming up with new ways to lure visitors into their stores. Here are ten social media eCommerce strategies to help get traffic and increase conversions. 


Capitalize on Great Graphic Design 

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In business, graphic design plays a crucial role, one that can’t be discounted because of the benefits it brings. A Hootsuite stat shows that advertisers on Instagram can reach a youth audience of 52.9 million. Because of this, it comes as no surprise that advertisers flock to these platforms. 

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Creating eye-catching social media posts helps you cut through all that noise. From your logo down to your social media posts, make sure that you use graphic design that gets noticed. Don’t settle for a mediocre design that doesn’t look professional. 


Publish Quality Content 

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Content marketing is part and parcel of every marketer’s strategy. A HubSpot study shows that 40% of them consider it as an essential part of their overall strategy. This only means that premium content does bring in traffic and sales. 

Your social media eCommerce plan of action should include quality content such as blog articles, videos, or infographics. Engaging content can make your viewers come back for more than just your products or services. Informative content can bring in the sales as it’s proven to have an influence on people’s purchasing decisions


Leverage Google and Facebook Ads 


Paying for advertising isn’t an alien concept in this day and age. Google and Facebook are two of the social media giants that allow you to widen your reach. Use their platforms to your brand’s advantage. 

Even if you’re on a limited budget, these social media platforms let you advertise. The beauty of these channels is that they allow you to customize your strategies to reach the exact audience. It is more cost-effective than traditional ways of advertising. 


Listen to Your Customers 

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The best part about creating social media eCommerce strategies is that you can “talk” to your customers. Social media gives you the power to communicate with your audience and understand them better. Knowing what their pain points are, their expectations, and feedback allows you to improve on your brand. 

In addition, platforms such as Google give you insightful analytics to help you create the best strategies possible. When you understand what your audience wants, what ads work, and other data, reaching prospects will become easy. 


Use the Best SEO Practices 


A Think with Google survey found that 49% of online shoppers use Google to discover or find a new item or product. Now, that’s all the more reason to invest in the best SEO practices to have your brand up there on top. When you rank in Google searches, you’re guaranteed to drive traffic to your eCommerce store. 


Consider Email Marketing 

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One of the most effective ways of connecting with your customers is through email marketing. It delivers the most return on investments for marketers. It also beats social media by 40% for generating new customers

Through email, you can target potential customers, keep in touch with existing ones, and reach out to those who abandoned carts. You can send them updates, entice them to sign up to your offers, or visit your eCommerce store. 


Launch a Referral Program 

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A referral program is one effective way to generate new leads. Consumers trust the opinions of people they know—their friends or their family. A study shows that recommendations from friends are the most credible forms of advertising

You can get people to refer their friends using social media or through an email newsletter. You can either offer them a discount or a freebie, whichever works for you. 


Run a Contest 

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Having been around for ages, contests have gained a makeover with social media. If you want to get the attention of potential customers, run one. It’s a great way to engage your audience, build your fan base, and gain valuable information from your customers. 

Make sure that you understand your customers and audience well to know which types of contests to throw. Create a buzz by advertising it and encouraging everybody to join in. 


Link Your Social Media Accounts to Your Store 

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Create accounts on social media platforms that your target market usually uses. Then link them all to your eCommerce store to help drive traffic and boost revenues. When people are on social media and see your post, it will be easy for them to visit your eCommerce store. 

You can link to your homepage, or you can have them directly be taken to a specific landing page. This can depend on any campaign you may have or what you want to show them. 


Don’t Forget Effective Call-to-Action Buttons 

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A clear CTA or call-to-action button is the key to a successful social media eCommerce strategy. A simple Visit Us can make a huge difference. Your prospects will know what to do next once you have gotten their undivided attention.

When they see the Buy Now tab, they’ll get the idea that shopping is easy and convenient with just one tap. Creating a good buyer experience, after all, is what every entrepreneur should aim for. 


Final Thoughts 

There are many more strategies you can use to boost your social media eCommerce store. You can always experiment and see what works best for your business. But all the strategies listed above could provide more impact when you include graphic design in them. 

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