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Increase Your Followers by Using These Social Media Graphics 

With more than 3 billion users worldwide, social media has gained a reputation for being the best platform to advertise. The only problem is, how do you cut through all that noise? With human attention span becoming shorter than that of a goldfish, the struggle is real. In business, quality always wins over quantity. Your social media posts should be about providing quality content over dozens of posts each day. They have to capture your audience’s attention and keep them interested. Here are examples of social media graphics you can use to help increase your followers. 


Post Your Products or Services

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This is already a given. You’ll see every business doing this, which means it factors high on the predictability scale. However, you can create social media graphics that will show your products without it becoming boring. All it takes is a little creativity, like what Starbucks did. It posted a picture of their product while promoting a special offer. 


Use Videos 

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According to statistics, 85% of internet users watch videos on a monthly basis. Videos are also one of the most shared content types on Facebook. Another one is sharing a quiz, so why not hit two birds with one stone? Post a quiz in a video format like what Buzzfeed did.

Before clicking on the arrow button, you can already see how exciting the quiz is. This immerses viewers and gets them to engage with your page. And note the many likes, shares, and comments the post has garnered! 


Celebrate the Seasons 

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Take advantage of the seasons and holidays to post your social media graphics. During these times, people are on high alert for sales and promos. These Twitter posts of Sally Hansen celebrate summer, introducing colors that are perfect for days on the beach. The tweets show the new products and how they would look like when on your nails. 

Additionally, the holidays are the best ways to create promos, offers, sales, or contests. Christmas, Black Friday, or Valentines are fun holidays to post your social media graphics. Make sure that they’re catchy and well-designed so people will take notice. 


Be Motivational 

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One way to build engagement and increase your followers is by posting motivational messages. Whether it’s a quote or meme, sharing a few of this will make you seem more human to your audience. In this Facebook post of Dove, they shared a beautiful photo while asking their followers to tag someone close to them. 

Always make sure that you use appropriate fonts, colors, and images to make the post more meaningful. These elements, when done right, will give more impact and will speak your brand personality well. 


Collect User-Generated Content 

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Invite your followers to send you pictures of them using your products or services. This will engage them without you exerting too much effort. People would love to see themselves on business pages, which will get them to share your post. This example from GoPro was submitted by one of their followers. 

Doing this shows your authenticity that is a good way to endear yourselves to prospects. Plus, you can consider this as a referral form of marketing. When people post pictures of themselves using your products, it’s a different form of endorsement. 


Use Infographics 

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The fourth most used content type for marketing is infographics, says a HubSpot study. If you’re running out of social media graphics to post, here’s a good one. You can create an infographic about how your product works or the many different uses for it. The list is endless, and you can vary them to get your followers to engage and share. This Pepsi infographic shared on Twitter is an excellent example. 

You can also create infographics with the “how-to” theme that will provide useful info for your followers. You can show how to make something using your product, like a salsa recipe made from your tomato paste, and many more. Humans are visual learners, so posting an infographic that educates is a great way to gain trust among your followers. 


Promote Your Blog Posts 

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If you haven’t noticed yet, most of the examples on this list have more than one purpose. In this one, you’ll promote your blog articles and create an eye-catching social media post. Always include the image that goes with your blog post to keep it interesting and worth reading for your viewers. 

It helps to write a description that will give a summary of the article. Make it interesting, but never give anything away. Make your followers curious enough to get them to follow the link to your blog. This will help boost traffic to your website and offer more useful information to your viewers. 


Be Culturally Relevant 

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Oreo‘s Daily Twist campaign created a buzz when for 100 days, the cookie was given a different twist each day. The cookie had an Elvis look, rainbow-colored fillings, and many cute and quirky variations. There even was a cookie with red filling to simulate the Mars Rover running over it. 

These social media graphics from Oreo shows that adding creativity to your product photos can get you a long way. Instead of showcasing your product the usual way, try something different. This also proves the point that adding humor to your social media graphics can increase your followers. People love to share posts that they consider beautiful, funny, or unique. 


Design Doctor and Social Media Graphics 

Have you ever noticed that the most successful social media posts are created specifically for those brands? You will probably never see an established business posting something unoriginal. It’s perhaps because they want to avoid copyright infringement. But that could only be the hindsight. 

What these big-named brands know is that being unique is a crucial factor in doing business. You want to stand out from the crowd, thus your social media graphics should also be one-of-a-kind. This is when you need the help of an on-demand graphic design service such as Design Doctor. 

Design Doctor offers unlimited graphic design that you can use for all your social media platforms. For as low as $349 a month, you can have as many social media graphics designed for you. We combined high-quality design with affordable prices to help you make a glaring digital presence.

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