Clothing Brand Logo Ideas for New and Rising Businesses 

One Harvard Business Review article says, “A great brand deserves a great logo and great graphic design and visuals.” When starting a new clothing business, entrepreneurs brainstorm for clothing brand logo ideas with these factors in mind. Since every clothing business differs, a logo must reflect its style and personality.

You want to make sure that your clothing logos stand out and make a good first impression. Other than that, thrive on making your logos recognizable like the top-ranked company logos such as Apple, Nike, Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, and Adidas. 

Luckily, we’ve compiled some insider tips on how to make your clothing brand logos stick out and why new businesses should have a strong logo from the get-go. 


Clothing Brand Logo Ideas and Tips

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When new ventures think of fashion logo ideas apt for their brand, they consider many things. Memorability, scalability, versatility, uniqueness, to name a few. The clothing industry is a billion-dollar industry with a projected market of 390 billion in 2025. 

So for new apparel business owners, choosing this path holds promising success. However, emerging in a cutthroat market is a tough one to start with. With that said, crafting a prominent clothing brand logo is the first step. Here are our tips and ideas:


Determine Your Audience

A company logo is your business’s first presentation. This is where you can flaunt your brand identity, which, in turn, reflects your brand image. And one way to make your logo recognizable to your target market is when it resonates with your audience. So it’s crucial to know your audience demographics and psychographics first to make your logo relevant. For instance, if your audience sits in society’s upper class, choosing cartoon-like icons won’t cut it. You have to make sure your logo screams elegance and affluence. 


Choose a Logo Type

Choose which type of logo you want for your business. These are the most common types of logos used across all industries. 

  • Logo symbols. These are the types of logo donning icons only. Typically, these logos rely on graphics instead of texts, which can be challenging for new businesses that haven’t gained traction in their niche. 
  • Wordmarks. These logos combine strong typography and symbolism. It dwells on a font-based logo that should be enough to convey your branding. 
  • Lettermarks. Similar to wordmarks, these logos are also text-based. However, this type only carries the initial letters of a brand. Think HP, H&M, CNN, KFC, and more. 
  • Mascots. As the name suggests, this type includes a chosen mascot fit for the company’s branding. Typically, these logos exude a playful, childlike, and fun demeanor, which may be suitable for kids’ clothing companies.
  • Emblems. When you think of emblem logo types, you can envision fonts embraced in crests, badges, or seals. Although not common in the clothing business, some examples include Warner Brothers, Starbucks, or UPS. 
  • Combination. There is no rigid rule when creating clothing brand logos. You may combine two or more of these various types. Just ensure that the outcome is clean and cohesive.


Flaunt Your Brand Personality

Clothing businesses vary. While some cater to avante-garde fashionistas, some also delve into the goth culture. The most vital element is to flaunt your brand’s fashion style through your logo. This is how you can attract attention from your audiences. Check out these classy logos that cater to a high-end market, Chanel, Dior, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga. They all have one thing in common in their logos — elegance. 


Choose a Relevant Typography

The typography you choose for your logo says a lot about your brand mission and principles. Therefore, select your typography wisely. Make sure that it creates synergy along with other logo elements like icons, abstract symbols, and more. 


Choose the Right Colors

Your company logo colors will also define who you are as a brand. And it’s crucial to stick to a maximum of three colors or less. That’s why you must choose your brand colors wisely to envoke particular emotions from your audience. Professional graphic designers are knowledgeable about color psychology, so if you’re hiring experts, you’ll be in good hands. 


K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) 

Last but not least is to keep your fashion brand logos simple. It should be there to emanate clarity on what your brand is about. The last thing you want your logo to do is to confuse your audience. Keep it uncluttered, clean, and professional. 


Why New Businesses Should Create a Strong Logo

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Starting a venture entails various planning for different business aspects. However, entrepreneurs shouldn’t take logo design lightly, and here are four reasons why: 


Conveys Brand Identity

Given that your clothing logo has outstanding graphic design, you can create an impressive impact in your field. As mentioned, new businesses convey their brand identity through their logos. That said, it’s crucial to gain footing early on in your journey. 


Establishes Brand Recall

Did you know that 94 percent of the world’s population recognizes the Coca-Cola logo? As a brand, this is what you want to achieve from your logo design. You want to be able to emerge from the thousands of clothing brand logos in the market. You want your customers to recognize your logos from a mile away. Establishing brand recall from the get-go is beneficial for your brand’s growth.


Exudes Professionalism

A company logo reflects the entire business’s reputation. It’s safe to say, a high-quality logo reflects professionalism, high-quality services, and products as well. 


Outperforms Competition

Brands can establish a stark contrast between their competitors with a carefully thought out logo. Your logo could be the element that makes customers choose your products over your competitors. Of course, that’s not to say it’s the only basis as your products are still your company’s limelight. However, consumers are compelled to support brands they recognize and trust. According to Invesp, 31 percent of customers think that trustworthiness is an essential brand attribute.


Hiring Professionals for Clothing Logos

Did you know that 67 percent of companies are willing to shell out $500 for their logos? When Steve Jobs was ousted at Apple, he created the company NeXT as a form of revenge, and he paid Paul Rand $100,000 for the logo design, excluding revisions and options. That goes to show how even prominent people are willing to spend that much for a logo design.

Hiring professionals for your clothing logos is beneficial for your company. However, new business owners skimp on logo design due to steep fees and costs. If you want affordable graphic design that banks on quality, reach out to Design Doctor. We create high-quality unlimited graphic designs and revisions at a flat monthly rate. We make sure that you stay consistent in your branding, and our professional graphic designers will work with you every step of the way. 

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