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Never Say “I need a graphic designer” with This 

Seasoned business owners and marketers will tell you the many benefits of excellent graphic design. According to FinancesOnline, 49% of SMB owners believe that graphic design is vital in business. A good 18% of them say that they’re willing to spend up to $1,000 for a logo design. With this information, it’s clear to us how advantageous graphic design is for business. However, the more pressing question is, I need a graphic designer, where and how can I find one? If you think you need to find a graphic designer for each specific task, read on to see how easy it is.


Types of Graphic Design 

Before we go on further on how to get a graphic designer, let’s take a look at the different types of graphic design. 


Branding and Visual Identity 

This the graphic design involved in creating a personality for your brand. Logos, colors, and typography fall under this category. 


User Interface Design 

Your website design, UX/UI design, mobile app, or game interfaces are specialized graphic designs. It takes a different type of designer to do this kind of work. 


Marketing and Advertising 

These are the graphic design assets you need for all your marketing and advertising strategies. These are the design you need for posters, flyers, or social media graphics, among many others. 



The graphic design type that includes newsletters, brochures, books, and many others. You may think that I need a graphic designer for each of these, but you don’t. A good graphic designer can do all of these. 



If you have physical products to sell, you need a graphic designer for this task. This includes the actual product package design as well as mock-ups. 



These are what you’ll find on t-shirt designs, book covers, or infographics. What most people don’t know is that a graphic designer is different from an illustrator. These are separate types of skills which can be confusing for some. 

There are more types of graphic design, but these are the very basic. You shouldn’t think that I need a graphic designer for a specific type. There are ways you can get one that can do all of these. 


Ways to Get a Graphic Designer    

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We’ll show you how simple it is to find the best graphic designer for each graphic design type. But first, let’s see what your other options are: 



There is a multitude of platforms online where you can find a freelance graphic designer. The good thing about this is that these are global, meaning you can find one anywhere in the world. The rates vary, but it’s not uncommon to find one that will charge you an affordable price. 

The downside to this is that it takes a long time to find the one who will fit your needs. Vetting them could also be a headache. There isn’t any guarantee that they won’t suddenly disappear or leave the work unfinished. 



Agencies have a pool of graphic designers that have a wide variety of skill sets. You’ll never have to worry about finding a designer for your blog graphics. You also don’t have to find a web designer separately as they can provide you with those as well. 

It may seem that agencies are the way to go, but sadly, they aren’t cheap. The costs depend on several factors, such as location or complexity of the design. According to, expect to pay between $85 to $100 USD per hour. 


SaaS (Software as a Solution) 

The web offers a wealth of information, graphic design included. Many websites can provide you with quick and easy designs such as web or logos. Most of them offer their services for free or a minimal fee if you want to get more features. 

This would be the ideal place if you’re a startup or you have a limited budget. But other than the low cost, these websites offer not much functionality or originality. You’ll create designs using templates that many other businesses use. 


Why Design Doctor is the Best Choice

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Design Doctor is an unlimited graphic design service that can provide you with cost-effective designs. We understand that good design is a business essential. We also know that finding the most suitable graphic designer can be a challenge. 


No More Vetting 

The recruitment process for a freelance graphic designer can be tedious. Looking at portfolios after portfolios can take a massive chunk of your time. And there’s no guarantee that what you’re seeing is what you’ll get. 

There are tons of resumes to choose from but won’t assure you that you’ll get the right candidate. Resumes or CVs won’t be able to tell you how a freelancer works. It’s quite easy to get someone who’ll abandon the work, and that’s not the only risk. 

With Design Doctor, we’ll do the vetting for you. Our team of professional designers has passed a rigorous recruitment process. We guarantee that you’ll get high-quality work when you need them. 


Affordability and Accessibility 

Design Doctor works on a flat-monthly subscription rate of as low as $349—all the web designs or social media graphics you need for so much less. No more “I need a graphic designer” for this and a web designer for that. 

Our turnaround time is from 24 to 48 hours. You won’t have to wait long for your designs. Or worry about a freelancer prioritizing their other clients’ work. You’re guaranteed to get your work on time. 


Variety of Skill Sets 

Design Doctor has graphic designers with a wide array of skill sets to cater to your every design needs. From UX/UI designs to custom illustrations, we have them all. No need for you to look elsewhere. 

Our Professional and Enterprise plans offer graphic designs and custom illustrations to your heart’s content. Submit as many design requests as you can in a month, all for a fixed and affordable rate. 


Final Thoughts 

Design Doctor has made graphic design easy and simple for you. You don’t have to look around for the perfect graphic designer. We’ll provide you with unlimited designs that you can revise as much as you want. We’ll make sure that you’ll get graphic design that you’ll love.

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