Everywhere to Find Online Graphic Design (Paid and Free)

Statistics show that there will be an increase in demand for graphic designers in the coming years. This is not surprising considering the number of small and medium businesses emerging around the globe. As the competition in different industries becomes tougher, business owners and managers try to win their market through online graphic design. 

Improving your visual tools could be achieved in multiple ways. You can hire freelancers, do it on your own, or use on-demand online graphic design services. Regardless of your chosen option, we have here the best sources so you can start working on your graphic designs. 


Freelance Online Graphic Designers

Hiring freelance graphic designers is one of the most popular choices for people on a budget. To date, freelancers are offering competitive packages that you can take advantage of.

However, you have to be careful because not all freelancers are the same. There are some who are unprofessional and would leave your project hanging. What we recommend is to hire freelancers from established platforms. This way, you can get yourself protected. Some of the best sources to find online graphic design freelancers are from the following: 



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For employers, Fiverr is a good venue to scout for online graphic designers. What’s amazing is that you can work with them for as low as $5. The platform is easy to use and straightforward as well. You can also filter your choices if you want to work with a Top-Rated Seller. These are the freelancers who already delivered over a hundred orders and with good standing with their clients. 

Just in case a freelancer is not responsive enough, you can cancel your order and get a refund. They also have a Resolution Center for any concerns. 



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Upwork is one of the most popular places to hire freelance online graphic designers. All you need to do is to sign up, write a job posting, and wait for offers. 

We recommend that you write a detailed job description. This could make the whole process of hiring faster and you can start working with the freelancer right away. The downside of using Upwork is their increasing fees. 



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With Behance, you can find hundreds of portfolios from different creative professionals. It’s easy to post a job here. Once you click ‘Post a Job’, you will choose your preferred plan and complete your billing address. Just add the company you are representing and start writing the job details. In just a few steps, your job posting will be live and you can readily accept offers accordingly. The only thing lacking in this platform is that they do not have phone support.   



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Another website where you can find freelance online graphic designers is DesignCrowd. You can enjoy a number of benefits when you use this source. For one, it offers affordable packages that are perfect if you are just starting up. You can also get free revisions and they offer money-back guarantees. 


DIY Online Graphic Design Websites 

If you have the time to create your own graphic designs, there are free websites where you can practice your creativity. These are easy to use and will require minimal technical skills. Some of the best ones are listed below. 



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Canva has hundreds of professional layouts that you can easily customize in seconds. It’s no wonder that millions of people enjoy this software. 

You can always upgrade to the pro version for $9.95 a month and be able to use all its functionalities. But in our opinion, even the basic or free version is already useful for both personal and professional use. In terms of editing actual photos, Canva is a bit far behind. Nevertheless, it is still a great tool. 



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Another online graphic design website that is popular in the market is Snappa. You don’t need to have a prior editing skill if you want to use it. The interface is intuitive and you can easily create amazing templates. 

What we love about Snappa is that they have a large photo library where you can choose and use royalty-free images. Take advantage of their Pro package for $10 per month. This is billed annually. 



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Most users love using Stencil as it has a lot of amazing quotes that you can easily customize. This is highly recommended if you plan to create graphic designs for your social media accounts. And if you are looking for an online graphic design tool that provides several free features, Stencil has got you covered. Resizing images can be a challenge but that’s a small disadvantage compared to what you can get from this. 


On-Demand Online Graphic Design Services  

For managers and business owners who are always busy yet would like to have professional graphic designs, we recommend using on-demand online graphic design services. We see this as a better option than hiring a freelancer or an in-house team. 

With these companies, they promise quality graphic designs for a fixed fee every month. You can easily sign in, start requesting for designs, and never have to worry about the cost



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The Penji team values quality over anything else and that is why they only hire the top 2% graphic designers in the industry. Before one can join the team, they need to undergo a series of tests that will validate if their skillset passes the standards. 

Ordering a design is a breeze too. Penji has developed a process where you can easily submit your requests, and download the raw files as quickly as possible. With them, you can eliminate multiple email threads that can sometimes cause confusion and delays. You can try their Pro package for only $399 per month and enjoy unlimited graphic designs. 

Penji ensures that your designs are submitted within 24 to 48 hours depending on the complexity of your requests. 



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With UnDullify, they target small and medium-sized companies that are yet to have their own in-house designer. Once you receive the final output and are satisfied with the work of your designer, you can choose them again in your next projects. 

If you get their starter package at $129 per month, expect a turnaround of three days. If this is too long for you, then you should get their higher-tiered packages where the turnaround time is just one business day.  



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ConceptDrop is also getting more popular nowadays as you can get the benefits of hiring an agency with the cost-efficiency of a freelancer. In just a few clicks, your request will be matched to the right designer. 

If you have ad hoc projects, they offer a one-time service for $150. The price may vary depending on the project type. If you have on-going design requirements such as social media posts or visuals for your website, they have plans starting at $5,000 and the credit is available for six months.   



If you want to invest in good designs and only have limited time on your hands, we recommend using the on-demand online graphic design services we shared above. Or you can check out Design Doctor that offers the best and most reasonable packages in the market. 

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